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  1. I'm having the same problem too. Also had the same problem with the intro trophy... but it randomly popped while I was playing online matches Edit: Just got it. Load up some online matches, and the trophy just popped
  2. With how reliant people are on revenge gaining gear, this trophy is impossible. See a teammate low? Try to help, and the other guy gets revenge. Only way you can possibly do this is to kill steal your teammate and hope he is low.
  3. Sigh, guess I will never plat this game then. I have 56 percent of the trophies, and some of the rest I am looking at doing seem impossible. Like their own worse enemy, Genji is a flanker who exceeds at 1 on 1. How the hell am I supposed to kill 2 people with one deflect? No one is that dumb, to stick close enough and to keep firing at me. Plus they also need to be at low health. Then rapid discord, how the hell am I supposed to get 4 discord related take downs in 6 seconds? It requires me to see 4 enemies, then hope my team can take them down quickly, not to mention the travel time of the orb. Some of the 4 kills with ults might be possible with a Zarya on your team. I would boost them, but if the banning is true, then I won't bother since I really enjoy playing this game with friends and getting slapped with a ban for a platinum is not worth it.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Thanks for doing this. Is it possible for you to trade all the rings for me and a crystal sage rapier? It would really help me cut down this covenant grind I am doing and enjoy the game.