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  1. Yes it's published by Kemco but it's developed by Rideon, and they made Marenian Tavern Story. This game is very similar to that one, and IMO one of the best Kemco published games. The trophy lists look pretty similar as well so I expect this to be involved if its anything like Marenian Tavern Story (50+ hour platinum).
  2. NIER, I keep hoping for a PS4 remaster.
  3. Pretty cool game, loved the SBM transitions for the super attacks. Typical dungeon crawler if you're into those games, no missables or anything so you can enjoy at your own pace.
  4. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom I picked this game up when it was on sale like a year ago but I have yet to start it. Edit: Baranov_925 - Farcry Primal
  5. .

    I'd still play games, but I'd just finish the game and move on. These days I feel like most of my time is devoted to post game trophy hunting (doesn't help my main genre is RPGs), it's a lot of busy work and I fall behind from new releases, I'm usually stuck playing games that have been out for months or years already.
  6. Devious Dungeon 2
  7. Direct sequel to Asdivine Dios, adds an extra layer to the events in Dios. Good game, very easy platinum. It's the easiest Asdivine in the series which isn't saying too much, but you could plat it in a day if you really wanted to.
  8. I was playing another game and I got a notification about 30 minutes ago that a patch was installed for this. I was stuck on a bug which prevented me from getting platinum, which I should have had 2 months ago. They finally fixed the boiling caverns fire gem glitch which let me immediately finish my platinum!
  9. Darkest Dungeon
  10. Remnant: From the Ashes What a fantastic game. The gameplay is extremely smooth and I didn't really encounter any issues with the latest patch. My only gripe is that the randomness of the worlds can make getting the last few trophies a bit of an annoyance. I had to do 4.5 playthroughs to get everything done. I definitely recommend if you like shooters or souls games, or if you played Immortal Unchained.
  11. Soul Sacrifice, I've picked from you a couple of times I think... I hope I haven't picked that one before, lol.. but yeah I should get that one, looks like a fun game.
  12. Like a 2/10 difficulty since there's no in-game rewards shop, and around 20-25 hours to platinum.