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  1. Probably easy like all of the other Kemco games. They seem to average around 20-30 hours for platinum/100%.
  2. Dragon Fin Soup, only game on my profile that I can't platinum due to unobtainable trophies.
  3. DC Universe Online 100%, that's pretty damn impressive.
  4. I have some that would be NSFW but I'm not sure if I'd get banned posting them, lol.
  5. Pretty damn amazing that one guy made most of this game. Side scrolling Dark Souls type game, what's not to love? So many 80's references for kids of the 80's/90's. HONORABLE MENTIONS: I was pleasantly surprised by this game, it's a metroidvania type game with more focus on the RPG side though. It's like a napoleon dynamite RPG. Just a quality game overall, definitely worthy of a buy if you can find it on sale. I think there's an enhanced version out now.
  6. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Fortunately I just have a month or two to wait until the PS4 version drops then I can finally play it.
  7. Its nice to see but I know I'll never be on the top so that's pretty much where my interest ends.
  8. Castlevania Requiem
  9. 3rd super robot wars Z, sadly they're import only, would love some localized ones. I think I can get one with English subs from Playasia though.