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  1. Ys Origin - My third playthrough, need six total (ugh). Thankfully each run is only a few hours.
  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  3. Rune Factory Oceans
  4. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines
  5. Eternal Ring - Going through the forest killing lizardmen. Going to go back to World of Final Fantasy after, then I'll probably load up Secret of Mana.
  6. Of Orcs and Men
  7. #110 - Lost Sphear Pretty fun game, I'd recommend it if you've played I am Setsuna or maybe even Chrono Trigger.
  8. Tales of Xillia
  9. Cashed out $30 so far.
  10. #109 - Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Took a long time, I think 150-200 hours, can't be too sure because there was a lot of idle time (the in game clock says 260 hours). I enjoyed the game a lot but there are some annoying grinds in it.
  11. Love - Side quest related trophies that encourage exploration. Hate - Multiple playthroughs, especially in long RPGs.
  12. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment - Last few trophies before platinum, probably 10-15 hours left. Lost Sphear - Around level 25, don't really want to spoil anything but probably halfway through.