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  1. Would also like to know this! I already changed mine not thinking about changes on the site!😩
  2. Absolute pain in the rear end this game! The night challenges were buggy as hell, I'd complete one course and move on to the next (there's only 3 by the way) and half way through that course i'd see all my progress was lost on the previous course! These courses were about 60 challenges each. Pissed off central! Happened on more than 1 occasion too!
  3. YESS!!!! This is the game! I must've been 6/7 when i played this, not understanding a single thing. Looks to involve a lot more than horse racing :L Thank you!
  4. Definitely won't be selling mine again It really has made me appreciate how good the console actually is, so many great games! Pity what has happened to it on the marketing side. Although i am super excited for the day Sony announce a new handheld (may be waiting a while for that day)
  5. I sold mine a few months ago and severely regretted it Looked them up on ebay and got another one (older version) with a 16gb card and 3 games for £85 It's in fantastic condition, dare i say it even better than the one i sold. Lesson learned, never sell my vita again Hope you find one soon!
  6. I need help with remembering a game! OK here it goes, I don't have a lot of information but i am trying to remember a game for years upon years ago! All I have to go on is this, in the game you raced horses on a chariot, it wasn't side scrolling it was upwards (top down) in my head it seemed sort of Roman times... and that, folks, is all i have! Believe it or not but this has been evading me for years, almost to the point of me wondering if i have made the game up entirely! If anyone at all can help I'll be eternally grateful
  7. Thank you very much
  8. Hello For this trophy I need to raise a dweller from lv1 to lv50, I have the 1-10 and 1-25 trophies. My question is does this need to happen in the vault? I have sent my dweller out into the wasteland and he has reached lv50, trophy has not popped. This is the same dweller i have used for the 1-10 and 1-25 trophies. Will this pop once he has returned to the vault? He's been in the wasteland for a few days so he'll not be back for a day or so (i'm not using 17 nuka cola to get him back) It would be rather annoying if reaching lv50 in the wasteland voids the trophy as i haven't a clue what other dwellers I have had from lv1 Thank you for your help and have a great day!
  9. Apologies if this has been posted before. I’m trying to plat this in one go! At which point can I hard save so I don’t have to replay the whole game again, and it’s not too early that I don’t have to replay quests unnecessary? I have read that you should save before you meet Benny at the Tops but it seems I could save later in the game. Also so does anyone have any tips for platting this in one go? Thanks
  10. Even if I turn mobile network off I still get the error code. (Vodafone in the UK) Searching the internet and other forums, nobody seems to have a fix, as I said I can still use the vita's WIFI functionality perfectly with no hiccups. My vita has been updated to the latest firmware, so I don't think the problem lies there. Looks like I'll just have to live with it Ahh well Thanks anyway
  11. Thanks for the replies, I understand that not every game is compatible with remote play on the ps3 but I can’t even get my vita to connect to the console. Any help with my issue is very much appreciated.
  12. Hi, I’m having issues connecting my vita to my ps3 to use remote play. I can register my vita to my ps3 and it will show in ‘registered devices’ but whenever I try to use remote play I get the error code c2-10962-8 either through private network or internet, both give same error code. I have removed the vita from registered devices and re-registered. I have also reset settings on my vita and started from scratch, to no avail. Anyone else have or had this problem that could help me out? Thanks.
  13. Just curious What is the largest amount of trophies you guys and gals have unlocked in one go? For example, playing Defence Grid 2 I unlocked 4 trophies simultaneously. The trophies only pop once a mission is finished, so there’s some help there as they sort of stack. Now, I know this isn’t a great amount but it got me thinking, how many have you popped in one go, and in what games? Adam
  14. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it doesn't work. Whenever i click on mobile network it is blank and nothing comes up, then if i leave it until the error comes up mobile network is gone altogether. The same with APN settings, nothing happens when i click on it either. Pretty stuck here =/ Thanks