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  1. The additional challenge tokens can help you further upgrade the gadgets.
  2. I trust that you'll get em Crowns

  3. 28?
  4. 6 days and nothing
  5. Looking for a boost partner for the two online trophies PSN Rothwilder
  6. All quiet in guild, only a couple on at a time. Hit any of us up if you log in
  7. Are we using mics at least and talking? PSN: Rothwilder I just want some people to play and chat with and of course hunt trophies
  8. The new modes are what's worth it. Love extraction
  9. Been about every other week lately
  10. So now we need 100% in every game?
  11. There is an easier way. Recruit a rook, then take over a police carriage. Then make sure the rook is in the passenger seat. Keep toggling between L1 and circle to go back to the roof of the carriage, then drive again. This will get you the 20
  12. Yes, just sequence 1 to 9
  13. That is because there are six associates. One is in the other sequence late in the game.
  14. Did anyone ever get a fix for this?
  15. It could be the developers tested it and got the trophies