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  1. Any leveling of any character counts. Even past lvl 50. I played Cap for a while before I went on to another toon, and it keeps track of how many times you "level" even after max. Unless they changed something with the champion levels, but I doubt it.
  2. I think the greatest challenge is getting to the bosses, you will die any number of times doing that. The bosses themselves are pretty good challenge, but not crazy. In 4-2 wear the thief ring to get rid of the mantas agro. It's the only level with no shortcut to the boss, you will have an easier time this way.
  3. Like is a strong word. I enjoyed the story and I have a couple friends that play it with me, so it's enjoyable in that fashion. I'd more interested in how it is say 6 months. Putting it down after I finish the plat. I got my money's worth out of it, but it's no game of the year.
  4. That was my thoughts, trophies bring back some players
  5. Sometimes they are in a cave down a bit
  6. I cant even get the 5 hive trophy to pop, I know I have done more than 5 easily. Anyone else?
  7. Ace

    Has anyone found a good course and set up?
  8. 30 hours? That's crazy. The end credits were at least 12 of that đŸ˜‚ One tip I wanted to add, every time you leave a location empty, take resources to upgrade your zip lines to level 2. You need it for durability and sometimes you even create new cooler paths with online zip lines because you increased the range. Allowed me to deconstruct a few of my own zip lines, opening up band width. If you do this routinely, you wont have broken down zip lines by the end. Took me about 100 hours, but I was nowhere as efficient as I could have been. Game was so cool. Very unique experience.
  9. I just need the Raiden one in kombo enders, the long one
  10. The additional challenge tokens can help you further upgrade the gadgets.
  11. I trust that you'll get em Crowns

  12. 28?
  13. 6 days and nothing
  14. Looking for a boost partner for the two online trophies PSN Rothwilder
  15. All quiet in guild, only a couple on at a time. Hit any of us up if you log in