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  1. Thank you! I had been running out the door thinking it had to do with the objective to follow the woman to Amanda's room. It was driving me mad.
  2. Does anyone know if this trophy has some special condition to unlock or if it might be glitched? I have all the trophies in the game but this one won't unlock for whatever reason.
  3. Those four points should get you the trophy. Mine unlocked after getting my fourth hidden area from following ukinspro's clock walkthrough
  4. I don't have the trophy yet but here are the three I've found so far, hope this helps someone: The inaccessible room in the abandoned offices, break the wall in the adjacent office Fast travel to the AWE Loading Bay control point. Turn around so that you are moving away from the loading bay doors and go down the hall in the shifted offices. Keep going past a set of double doors. Once you see the next set of double doors, look up towards the bright area and jump up there.but some Spawn at Fra Mauro AWE Entrance and head tot he observation deck. Move the junk and go down the elevator shaft on the left
  5. I got through this piece of hell recently. It's possible but I feel like it's heavily luck based when you get to the third round. I tended to watch the text bubble for visual cues and stopped mashing when the "t" appeared in red light. Took me less than an hour to get my two wins, but each time I won some kid was right on my heels.
  6. For anyone who has trouble with trophies not unlocking here is what helped me: Break 20 swords and collect all legendary swords - I unlocked both of these on my third playthrough after deciding that I would try it without closing the application. Collect all relics - This glitched on me and unlocked when I picked up 6 of the 7 relics in a random NG run. For what it's worth, I didn't pick up the flame. Complete NG+ - unlocked as soon as I started a new game, so that's cool.