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  1. Another user on PlaystationTrophies commented and said that they had no issue with the trophy but had not yet installed the DLC. I had not started the DLC, but DID have it installed. I could see the locked blueprints. So I'm thinking that's the catch. If you have it installed, you need to complete Danger Rising to get them all unlocked. If you haven't installed it yet, it pops as per normal.
  2. "Fully Stocked" needs every Supply Drop Blueprint - and now that "Danger Rising" DLC has been released, this gives you an additional six blueprints to unlock. Basically play the DLC as you would, complete all of the submarines plus the final mission, and all Blueprints get unlocked and "Fully Stocked" will pop. I completed all other main game trophies yesterday - and that one didn't pop - so worked my way through the "Danger Rising" DLC and at the end of the final mission, "Fully Stocked" and the Platinum popped too.
  3. Sorry, I googled and that came up with the old thread. Thanks for the update.
  4. Resurrecting this old topic... is this happening again? I did a manual update and saw and saw my first three JC4 trophies appear. Ive earned at least one since but no auto update yet - that was about 28 hours ago. I’ve noticed this only recently for me - used to be always auto-updating.
  5. Heres what they sent me. MTU was the only thing I needed to change. I shared these on the PlayStation Trophies site and others have reported it *didn’t* work for them. Hopefully helps you out - I’ve been able to platinum the game after experiencing the issue, including the online trophies. I have, however, avoided the Callout Inbox. Whenever I selected that, it would freeze again.
  6. This is an odd one as it only impacts some people. I've just been able to get the Plat for JC3 today. I had the freezing issue a few weeks ago, contacted Square Enix support and they advised to change some network settings - worked for me, but others still have the issue. Since that initial freezing issue for me (which started with the Callout trophy attempts), I've had no issues (except the odd crash).
  7. Will look at the PS4 again... couldn't see it but I missed it on the Vita so probably just me With trophies hidden, should they no longer appear on my psnprofiles list? Or am I misunderstanding what this list is meant to do?
  8. Righto - learn something new every day. Just figured out how to do this on my Vita - can I do this on my PS4 too? Had a peek and couldn't see anything there? Hard on Vita as I only have 1 32GB memory card... PS4 could do that, but so far haven't tried many of the PS4 PS+ games... got a few that I've purchased I'm still working on.
  9. Exactly this reason... with PS Plus I've tried a number of games that sound and look OK, but then lose interest or find it's not for me. Happy if they can't be "deleted", but the ability to hide it from our public profiles would be great.