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  1. Just use a specialist to take them out, but be prepared to move them away if they're about to die, especially with the big worm things
  2. A note on the trophy It will only pop for the host as stated above The guest will be able to see the chest but the game won't allow them to open it But the chest may only appear for the host when the guest leaves the game after being in the heart with host
  3. If you didn't know Just a yell to let the players that may click past 'Still same ol' ,,, she's open, You might get the old school,, 'SeRvErS NoT AvAil But hold, and it is open
  4. Took me a little while on that Select Police Station, then d-pad around and you'll notice the change on the map/radar
  5. I failed the first time, went straight back after finishing the level and it worked fine You don't want to see any jumbled letters flash on screen when near a car, indicating you hit them Others have had this problem and it seems the only solution is keep trying, or start a new game and try
  6. It's only the first few fires that can cause a problem over time If you don't feel quick enough in the first few .. R3 R3 Pull up early,,, touch the handbrake
  7. Yup After 2 years at 90%, finally finished all story Played breach 10 days ago, fine,,, once Haven't been able to log in since
  8. Mine popped after upgrading everything, with the last being the boots Remastered PS4
  9. I had easy money to buy/sell well before endgame Maybe buy a different boat of each If it hasn't worked in the last 14 months,,,, welll..........
  10. Yup, seems patched Tried over 20 times and nuthin Doesn't take too long to do it legit Just make sure you get all these: World Bosses Andras: Level 42 - Essenia province, Blessing Basin Terkasia: Level 42 - Essenia province, Blightwood Kestol: Level 46 - Westonia province, Tempest Reach Teriak: Level 46 - Westonia province, Frost Reach Dulagoras: Level 47 - Val Palrada province, Arachnaea Nyxarras: Level 56 - Val Elenium province, Sierra Canyon Huzrat the Tyrant: Level 57 - Val Elenium province, Wyrmgorge Kelthuzad Vulcan: Level 60 - Val Elenium province, Tor Exsul Regular BAMs Gluttonous Fangspawn: Level 54 - Val Elenium province, Sienna Canyon Trihorn Dracoloth: Level 54 - Val Elenium province, Sienna Canyon Vulcan Wastewalker: Level 55 - Val Elenium province, Wyrmgorge Bloodtalon Dracoloth: Level 55 - Val Elenium province, Wyrmgorge Vale Hunter Arachnen: Level 55 - Val Elenium province, Tor Exsul Magmar Teralith: Level 55 - Val Elenium province, Tor Exsul Sandlurker Lizard: Level 56 - Val Elenium province, Tor Exsul copied from xboxachievements.com
  11. Post game worked for me I thought I had em all on initial playthrough Went back through, JUST the main missions, none of the 'featuring muppet' Got mine on 'Corporate Warfare' I did remember dying and it must've dumbed me down
  12. Make sure no red icons on the map, if so, kill em Just go shoot up a storm and raise your 'wanted level' to full Kill the big idiot to reset it Check your map and go for the big red icon If it's not the swirly cyclone, then rinse, wash, and repeat
  13. Just do main quests, some will almost give a full level of xp Also add any equipment that adds a % of xp
  14. Turn around and go through the door I think that's the one where you have to talk to the guy on the small balcony with stairs either side The marker is a bit off
  15. Wait until the very end, after you don't transform into Quark anymore You'll come to an open area with all sorts of enemies Go to town on them with each weapon, then just fall down a gap and die Rinse and repeat I only had a few levels on a few guns and it took maybe 6 resets to fill them all I also died before turning the crank on the right to open the bridge