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  1. Hi, question .... The payment dlc contains infinite weapons for the dlc, for the game mode '' no way out '' ??? Saludos
  2. The penalty system is bullshit
  3. You can not use the glitch anymore ... It's more complicated for those who have the game in digital versión
  4. El trofeo más difícil es alcanzar el nivel 50. Usar el error de experiencia fácil no funciona si el juego está en versión digital. Es eterno, tal vez tome meses jugar todos los días.
  5. It says that it is not available to buy It will not be for my region ... I am from Mexico and says that it is not available to buy
  6. I have the first dlc, the + I do not go to the store to buy it and I have the last update of the game ... I do not know what to do I can not buy it in the store ... Not found
  7. Help. A few weeks ago I updated my game to version 1.10 where it says "added booster items and functionality to afterbirth +" but I do not get the Dlc in the store. How do I play? Or it still does not come out for ps4?
  8. The game is very good .. Only the online mode of competition I do not like penalize you for everything. You do not win if you do not qualify in the top places and you play well in the race. Gold trophies are very difficult
  9. For the '' asahel '' trophy do I have to finish the game in a speed run or can I get out of the game and continue another day? And put pause in the game is still passing the time?
  10. Also glitch in the trophy "Prophet" I did not hide in any barrel or closet and I did not skip the trophy.
  11. Ohh shit .... yes, I repeat a chapter. I have to play iagain in hard mode.
  12. Glitch ... Finish the game on hard difficulty and do not skip the trophy.
  13. Finish the game on hard difficulty and do not skip the trophy
  14. sad =(
  15. USING TRANSLATOR GOOGLE Someone knows and works the servers of this game. It's to be able to make the trophies online regards I do not think servers work