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  1. Anyone else agree with me here that Final Fantasy XV is looking beautiful, just the way it's looking is grabbing my eye. Sorry but I had to share some of these beautiful screenshots of the game. Anyone else got anything to say about this game? I think it's looking fab. Sorry if there is a topic about it all. And I did read the changes coming which I was pretty keen to see they were going to adress them, which I think is a great thing, topic is here if you want to read: https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/26630-big-changes-coming-to-final-fantasy-xv-following-feedback/?hl=%2Bfinal+%2Bfantasy+%2Bxv#entry589080
  2. First day back after 4 long weeks of waiting to get back into the gym, I'm happy to say I pushed it a little but not a lot as I've only just started walking again but man the feeling was great to be back. I did chest today, but this was taken before I was going to get a after shot as well but there was just too many people chilling in the room I was like nahhhh. Anyways just thought I'd update you all, it's good to be back into it!! What a top Wife this is beautiful, especially it's doing the same thing over the course of the last 2 years haha, it is keeper that progress shot thanks for sharing it. Does show you have come along way and all I can say is keep doing it man, it's the only way everyone has there moments when they get to the point were they think they are really not doing much or just not movitiated but then you hit that spark or something happens then you're straight back into it! keep it up brother! Fistbump - going to have to make this my signature soon I fistbump so much!
  3. First day going back to the gym today am a little excitied will post a picture in the gym thread tonight/today anyways I hope everyone is having a great time much love Jin :D

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    2. JinCombo


      Was such a good feeling to be back into it

    3. Burst


      lol what did you train? Or did you train a bit of everything?

    4. JinCombo


      Just chest today I'm going to do a bit of arms tomorrow :D

  4. I came from the master race, I use to be able to chat to all my friends on there easily before I sold it. It comes from what you are really going for to be honest, let's put it in real terms if you're going to hunt trophies and play many amounts of games your friends might not always buy the games you are because you are going for 100% they will get bored they might just get who knows let's say COD and they just mutliplayer that for the enjoyment of the game, but if you're going to play with them all the time and you enjoy playing games with them go for them man, I play with my friends all the time and I have made friends I wouldn't trade for the world through gaming, because after a long crappy day no better feeling then jumping on something with one of your good mates and destorying the crap out of it.
  5. Battlefield: Hardline. Nuf said.
  6. Well sounds like you have it all worked out and it's great to hear you are hitting your goals thats always a plus even though you may have been out by just a bit, that's still awesome, just keep it up brother, I don't have much to say here other then you should definitely hit us up with some progress shots. Have fun on your holiday though where abouts are you heading to? but goodluck with the 160! I think this calls for a fistbump.
  7. Wrong Owl. It is Jin I haven't been active but now I am here. Will it be the english man?
  8. Is a friendly humaniod.
  9. Dark Souls 2, the recent HD edition on the Xbox One. Do you consider yourself a finatic of something other then gaming or collecting trophies?
  10. That's great then dude, have you ever considered getting a weight belt to help keep your back straight that could be an option, it may help out. I seen your recent posts about creatine, seems to be helping out a little bit by the sounds of it. But that's great you are noticing improvements that's always the best feeling! Keep going man, really happy to hear. No problem brother, like I said just go one to three times a week and ease yourself into it and you'll start getting a routine together, it's hard to stop once you begin haha!
  11. Having a good chuckle
  12. Me up in the gym 3 weeks ago before I injured my leg, I thought I was looking pretty niffty in my jersey Don't mind the I'm in the zone face.
  13. Just go once or three times a week, ease back into it, once you're in a routine at the gym it is very hard to stop, well at least for me it is. No better feeling then going to the gym and then working out, for me going there is just my place it's something I do to relax keep my mind off everything and just love life, even the sore feeling doesn't get to me anymore if I'm sore it means I'm doing something good. Keeping progress of everything as well keeps me movtivated, seeing how far I've come makes me realise how much I have come and it gives me that motivation to keep going, I suggest you do that as well. But get back into it friend I'll even give you a solid welcome fistbump to the gym thread should keep us updated with how you are going! Welcome friend!
  14. Hey guys hope everyone is having a great night/day much love Jin. :D

  15. Update on me, My foot is progressing well getting better at a good rate, I have recently found out as well no breaks and no damage really just needs a really good rest and a bit of rub here and there, which I am really pleased about since that I'll have a good 2 more weeks they presume out I'm hoping then I'll be back at work and also that means the gym which I am excitied for. I am eating a ton since I've been off work and been at home really focused on my meals really like Darktooth suggested, I am currently in a boot at the moment which I am not to fond of but it is helping me walk a lot better then I was. Pretty happy at the moment and keen to get back into the gym, how is everyone else going? On another note recently I'm not sure if it got to other parts of the world we had a crisis where I live in Australia, due to winds and rain they tore a nice hole in our state really bad the state has declared it a nature disaster, not many lives were lost which is a positive but many homes were destoryed, here is a link if you would like to read about it. I personally did get hit as well with it the house isn't to bad but the left side is badly damaged from guttering falling off and slaming into the side of the house and tearing it up, power has also been restored now as well which is a plus. Link: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/sydney-storm-12-areas-declared-natural-disaster-zones-20150422-1mr4up.html I need someone to let me know if this link works for others outside of Australia. Anyways team I'll leave you with a good old thread fistbump since I love you all, have a good one everyone, keep progressing and achieving! Jin ps. I'm loving Mortal Kombat X!