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  1. I have found 5-6 diamonds on my playthroughs. Feel free to add me. Psn: Stadsfiskalen
  2. Okey, thanks for the information guys. Im gonna play it without spending any money then Merry christmas!
  3. I saw that you could buy xp boost, coins and other things in the store. Does it help the to lower the time to plat this?
  4. Crossbuy if i bought ps3 version?
  5. Was it satisfying clicking a jar of mayo?
  6. And have they lowered the difficulty?
  7. You need to buy the full game.
  8. Probably
  9. Ok, some of the advice i got here was ridicilous. I used some other advice from another forum and i killed dark yojimbo easily. Thanks for a good advice. The method i used was similiar with yours. It was really easy that way
  10. I have grinded all spheres now for all chars. Mostly mana and speed spheres on the empty grids.I have used zanmato on all bosses and dark aeons. I have only dark yojimbo left now and i dont know what to do to kill him 5 times. I used zanmato 3 times with 500.000 gil every time and it worked the 3 first times. The fourth it was a failure and i tried to kill him normal. I called in my other aeons, magus sister and anima with full overdrive. But it wasnt good either. Animas overdive did like 150k damage only and magus sister the same i think. And they died soon after.My main chars have only 9999k life and even though i hit pretty hard, i always miss bacuase i dont have any luck. Then i tried use doublecast with ultima, but it only hit him for 30k. Am i screwed now or shall i reload the save and hope i get 5 zanmatos?
  11. Yeah i know the tonberry trick, i tried it and got few chars up to 99 in 10 minutes. But how long will the spheres farm take? 40 hours seems alot.
  12. I have played the game for 57 hours now and i have all trophies except "Sphere Master". I have all the triple ap weapons, with overdrive to ap ability on all characters. Do i need to grind this game now for like 40 hours?
  13. Its very easy. I would say a 4 of 10. I have soon all trophies and i have played it for 2 hours.
  14. You sir can go inside and stay there.