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  1. I'm gonna play my Vita until there isn't anymore Vita games to play! As long as the store stays up and running, I'm a happy camper. Like mentioned before, indie developers and 'stacks' keep the Vita's library alive.
  2. Final Fantasy XV
  3. These games are pretty easy and decently fun RPGs. The stories aren't too interesting but they are simple RPGs to play.
  4. Would this track 'calories' accurately if I was playing on the Vita via Remote Play? 😋
  5. Update? Seems like an interesting game.
  6. There used to be a bunch of those type of games, that and skateboarding games. Maybe it was a 90's-00's thing? Not sure why the decrease in this genres.
  7. Are you playing on the Vita? If so, turn the Vita upside down! It worked better for me!
  8. I'm surprised this game and its stacks have such low platinum percentages, especially since there's a guide. The only trophies I would think are hard are the ending ones. Am I missing something here?
  9. Can't find anything online, only the PS3 retail version on eBay.
  10. Games Played: 104 Top Games: Mugen Souls Z (80 hours), Starblood Arena (61 hours), and Fernz Gate (32 hours) Hours of Gameplay: 972 (952 locally, 20 online, 43 in VR) Longest Gaming Streak: 7 consecutive hours Days Played in 2018: 45 days out of 365 days Prime Gaming Hours: Daytime Prime Gaming Day: Tuesday Trophies Earned: 2983 Trophy Breakdown: 76, 530, 1207, 1170
  11. Starblood Arena has only been out for like 2 years. Ultra Rare though. Might need to boost with another person for a few trophies as they are almost impossible to do naturally. And yes, the game fills the online lobbies with bots so no need to worry about a dead online community.
  12. Nothing on sale for the Vita? How DARE they? Nothing interests me. Those Holiday Sales were awesome though.
  13. @cmdr_komo So what's the verdict?
  14. Just get one now. Plenty of games to choose from, just don't expect much in the future unless you know/like Japanese games. Doubt a newer handheld system from Sony is in the works.