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  1. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who played the game until the end! The final boss took me several tries.
  2. @xMILLZEx do what I mentioned a few posts before. It helped me and some others get that last song.
  3. I do this method. I play all the games I want offline, then do the trick and sync them to my main account.
  4. I love seeing all this progress! Maybe some day I'll re-visit Mugen Souls Z. I'm only two trophies away from the platinum (A Decent Challenge... and The Ultimate Undisputed Descends!).
  5. @kreatur_84 they share the same trophy list
  6. Basically you need to reach 6 districts in one run. The 30 districts is cumulative across all runs. Thanks for discovering this little 'tip.'
  7. Played version 1.01. Game crashed on me twice. No save corruption. I used 10 saves (Vita).
  8. Farming Dream Fragments, large crystals, experience, and job points from Deitus is the way to go. I managed to kill 13 reincarnations. Abram had 1613 ATK and 1528 STR. I had 2 Bards and a Villager fighting with me. They each had about 3-4 other classes maxed out.
  9. Small Crystals - Beigenthal City Medium Crystals - Foresta Village Large Crystals - Hilburow City
  10. @det_gittes No need to spend actual cash. Buy the accessory that boosts JP from the DPR store. One will do. I tried equipping 2 but it didn't increase how much I earned after battles. There's a boss that once you can 1-shot him you can earn some easy JP, about 10 per 10-15 second battle.
  11. The only missables that I can see are the Guardian Forces because some of them can only be drawn from story related bosses. As long as you are aware of which bosses have GFs then you should be fine.
  12. @dawnofthedead34 Developed by GrabTheGames but will be ported by Ratalaika. And yes @NaseemJohn these threads are getting very old. They post on their Twitter and Facebook about upcoming games. They even have a weekly newsletter.
  13. Just search the title on your profile and you can easily see what platforms and regions you've played. Then have another tab open and search the same game and see which versions you don't have.
  14. Thanks for the awesome and kind giveaway! I choose Borderlands 3.
  15. This just happened to me. My save vanished when I reloaded the game. I just collected the last relic and was going to upload my save so I could easily get both ending choices without replaying the game again. Looks like I'll be replaying the game again.