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  1. Trillion: God of Destruction!
  2. To my knowledge it is still achievable but will take a long time to get, explaining the low percentage of platinum owners.
  3. @glurak400 Yes, yes it is.
  4. @Bumperklever the new timestamps won't overwrite the old ones. I did what you are wanting to do but with the Jak and Daxter collection.
  5. Is there a specific melee weapon and gun that is the most advantageous to use? I'm currently using a short blade and a blast gun with homing bullets.
  6. If bought on the Hong Kong store, is it the EU version or the NA version?
  7. I 'do' food deliveries in terms of I order food from them. We've used UberEats, GrubHub, Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Menu.Ge.
  8. What level? Trying buying a different lawn mower or replay levels to level up. The lightning bolt gives you more energy and the various green upgrades give you a shield or bomb. @glurak400
  9. If you die, do you restart tower mode from the 1st level? Or resume your current level?
  10. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1492-os-cavaleiros-do-zodíaco-batalha-do-santuário Over on the right it says Spanish Version but it's actually the Portuguese version.
  11. Then reach out to Sony or start a petition. I totally agree with you however, they are all making money off these easy and quick platinums so my bet is that they won't change anything. I played Paradox Soul to the end as well. Ok game, still a short game if you ignore trophies. I'm working on finishing Cybarian and I wasn't a fan of Metagal.
  12. This game looks adorable! The list is short which makes it look easy but I think it may be more than just an easy platinum. Some of the descriptions sound like it'll take more than just 15 minutes or an hour to get the trophy.