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  1. Thank so much! I was having issues with some of these.
  2. You could play it on the US PS4 version or do the region swap trick on your Vita so you may play it on the Vita. Looks like Kemco has limited most of their games to the NA store.
  3. Usually RPG Insanity has extensive information about Kemco games.
  4. On sale again only this time it is $6.99 or $4.99 with PS+.
  5. @JakeRaines71171 Save and close out the game, reload and you should be in the area you were in. It should come up soon after you start/spawn. Go to the area and try searching. Do it for like 5 minutes, then load out to the main menu and start back up and search again. Made the 'random people' ones so much easier.
  6. Any info on a possible Vita release?
  7. I found this one more enjoyable and harder than the first one. The final two areas of the game are tricky - got to be careful and avoid or kill those enemies. I liked the weapons that did damage over time; perfect for boss fights! It was about 5-6 hours for me. Totally worth it!
  8. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, there is nothing that interests me. Better luck next time!
  9. Can I access this world on the Vita or must it be on PS4?
  10. Nice job on yet another stellar video guide!
  11. Any of the Neptunia series. Cosmic Star Heroine is a good one. Saturday Morning RPG is really enjoyable. I haven't played Persona 4 Golden but it's one of the top downloaded games and is constantly mentioned as being a very good game. Oreshika 2 is good but can be overwhelming and complicated. Kemco has a few RPGs that are fun and aren't too difficult.
  12. Almost identical to the first game except now you can choose three different classes/characters to play as and there are mini-bosses. I just started up the game (early access). I really enjoyed the first one!
  13. Whenever accounts could were able to be created on PS3, so 2006?
  14. Welcome! Sorry to hear about your injury. I'm jealous of your Skyrim and Kingdom Hearts III platinums!