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  1. Does this game have a PS VR release date? Trophies look simple enough, count me in.
  2. Beat Saber with guns. The trophies to me seem to follow what Beat Saber did. So this could be quite challenging. What do you all think?
  3. This game has been on my radar since it was announced, glad it has finally made its way to PS4. Looks like a simple list with the exception to complete the game without dying, could be a challenge but possibly not too difficult. What do you all think?
  4. I would wait by top of the stairs by the curtain as close as I could get before the boss spawns, I found that if you wait a second after the boss spawns and then blind fire your insta kill weapon, it has more of a chance to kill the boss. Also don’t kill any of the bosses minions and if the boss walks past the start of the stairs, it will void the skip. Also after the boss is dead and the curtains close and all his minions are still alive, you’ve successfully done the round skip but don’t kill those minion enemies until you see the count down timer and kill them all when the count down timer is around 5 seconds left.
  5. I’ve only had hellburbia crash on me at round 20. The other two arenas did not crash, after my second attempt of hellburbia I was able to get through. I was doing the round skips best I could, probably managed to skip 4 or 5 rounds. I was playing solo with friends invite only. Insta kill shotgun from my old ps3 save days. I also made a point to not use the portals on that map because that’s when the game crashed on me before when I was going through a portal. Getting the game to not crash seems just about re attempts and getting lucky.
  6. Bravo Team for PSVR, was so hyped to play it at 9pm at launch night and was so let down of how bad of a game it was. Me and a buddy played that night and forced our selfs to just beat the game that night because we wanted to get it over with. Somehow ended up #3 #4 for fastest completion with only taking 3hrs. Bad game though.
  7. So all trophies auto pop with PS3 cross save?
  8. Just as the title says. Excited to finally play this.
  9. Sign me up for champion of the gods. I have every single god of war platinum 100%
  10. I just got the level 50 trophy last night after a 7 hr boosting session, I can confirm it’s still possible to get but boosting is a must and it’s incrediblely frustrating to get a lobby with the other 5 boosting partners you need cause the servers a very unstable. One player seemed to always get the “unreachable” message when trying to join the player lobby but as a tip for anyone trying to boost. Have the host set it up and the other 5 players join from the main main menu, not the MP menu but the main menu and all click join at the same time and you can get lucky and start a match. Only after about 7 and half years I finally got this game done.
  11. Starting today 3/29 Doom is having a Triple XP weekend in addition to the 4K update. Add me to play some PSN: UNLOADED https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.trueachievements.com/n32032/update-dooms-4k-update-coming-soon-to-xbox-one-x-with-triple-xp-weekend
  12. This is a surprise. I had no idea this game would be coming to PS4. I loved the first game, but the multiplayer is where this game shines and from the looks of it, online will be playable. Trophies seem challenging but not not too challenging. What do you all think?
  13. Everyone is reset to rank Zero
  14. I have been eagerly awaiting this game to drop on ps4. For a Free to Play it looks super fun! I'm thinking Titanfall but just Mech gameplay all day. Another Plus is that the trophies look way easy. The 100% shouldn't be a problem. Kind of disappointed it doesn't have a platinum because Xbox got 1000 gamer score for it. I had hopes it would get it platinum with these few trophies, something like a short list like Ether one even has a platinum. I'll be playing this in Friday!