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  1. Good Work! Nice to know this is a fairly simple and quick set of trophies.
  2. I couldn’t say I’ve had this issue but I did play the game initially on ps4 pro. The game itself is just not optimized well. I think playing on ps4/pro would possibly fix the crash. Not sure if it matters, but I was on the first gen ps Vr as well. I also played fully in online co-op with a friend. I couldn’t help but laugh at the game when it would get to a climatic point and cuts to a loading screen that says “Bravo Team” 😂
  3. Can Anyone confirm by disconnecting their ps3 from the internet that is in no way at all possible to get piviots?
  4. Looks like a simple enough list, reminds me of the first game. Could be a little time consuming, especially according to the devs post about 500hrs lol.
  5. https://ign.com/videos/outriders-new-horizon-and-worldslayer-trailer Interesting.. would like some new Dlc trophies. Maybe the expansion will add some .
  6. Was curious, does the anniversary edition new included mods affect trophies? I wonder if they would be to some advantage. I know that in games like fallout 4, the use of mods blocked trophies. But with this release of Skyrim anniversary however, it’s a direct content release with a price tag.
  7. First time ever on PS! Excellent
  8. So the game technically releases early today for those who pre ordered the more expensive editions, can anyone confirm that playing solo disables trophy progression? If so this is madness. https://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-39995-back-4-blood-solo-campaign-progression-to-be-addressed-by-turtle-rock-studios.html
  9. No Multiplayer Trophies, like Crysis 2 remastered before it. Excellent.
  10. PlayStation Asia is getting Castlevania Requiem free. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/09/ps_plus_members_in_asia_receive_free_bonus_ps4_game_for_october
  11. Destiny 2 and rainbow six siege both backwards trophy auto pop from ps5 back to ps4.
  12. Yes it’s possible. I however had two saves from completed main game and then a second new game plus save that wasn’t 100% complete but I only needed to import the new game plus save to the ps5 and it still popped all my previous main game trophies before the new game plus. I also did legends mode on PS4, Imported my new game plus save only and it popped all trophies except the 5 shades trophies in legends. The 5 shades trophy is the only trophy that won’t auto pop from saves or server data. Not hard to earn again though.
  13. After doing Max Payne 3 New York Minute hardcore, makes every other game difficultly with checkpoints less intimidating lol.
  14. 1st attempt failure in Ch. 7 Brazil after a Molotov. 2nd Attempt, success. 21:14 Time on the clock left to spare. Decided to Help my friend get his done PSN: Killin_Revolver 1st attempt Game Froze Chapter 5 at the end on the Docks. 2nd attempt shot Passos as he walked in front of my shots near the end of chapter 4-2. 3rd Attempt, success. 31:53 Time on the clock left to spare. 5 attempts total for 2 complete New York Minute hardcore runs.
  15. I recently beat NYMH on my second attempt. I did not encounter any freezes or glitches. I feel like this Chapter 13 specific glitch may be a problem with the disc version. I was playing the digital version with golden guns as well. Has anyone encountered this with the digital version? I never did.