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  1. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

    1. TigressLion


      Not anymore...

  2. i love exo zombies just the only problem is, is that the easter eggs are so easy but awkward at the same time, Out break easter egg was so easy, Infection seems doing able, but carrier's seems like pain in the but...

  3. i hate the way on ' Wwe 2k15 ' if you play the story mode on ' Legendary ' you could be winning the full match but then they some how ko you with one finisher then pin and win the match.

    1. PREDRAG-K


      That's known as the 'John Cena mode'.

    2. SyG_Casper


      i wouldn't know that because john cena is a asshole who kiks out 24/7 and reverses everything move you do ;)

    3. WolfHunterPS


      I found legendary mode really easy tbh.