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  1. Couldn't agree more, the game is both really fun and challenging whether you're alone, with friends or randoms. This must be 20-30 really boring hours if you spend them all in that corner.
  2. Unless they changed it the store description of this game said nothing other than that it was a free platinum, the gameplay wasn't even mentioned. So unless didn't look at the description either it's unlikely.
  3. It depends too much on the perk levels of the human players. If they're all low perk levels then they'll almost lose by default. However the strength of the Zeds isn't affected by anything so if the human players have high perk levels they'll become less strong in comparison. I got the trophy for a human win legit on my first game. I joined as a level 20 Medic and just kept healing my team. The other players were all 15-20ish. When we got to the boss wave 4 of my team mates died really fast but I survived with a level 18 demolitionist. I just kept running away from the patriarch player, the demolitionist takes reduced damage from explosions and dealt decent damage to him. After kiting the boss around for a good 15 minutes we killed him.
  4. Stage 2 is not that hard if you know how it works. The 3 survival waves are done quickest with 3 people running around with Speedy G 3, Prize Fighter 3 and Enhanced Radar 2. The Siege hill can be done quickly with the M14 if you use Enhanced Radar. The boss wave can be done a lot faster solo than in a team, so have 2 people quit the game. The remaining player needs a China Lake with 8 shells, some grenades and an Indra's Eternity. Just weaken him and shoot him, you should have enough time if you did the other waves fast enough. Throw your Indra at the Hunter to quickly kill him, throwing it at the boss is pointless. This is the easiest method, but you will have to do it 3 times because 2 people end up leaving.
  5. Here is a video of people getting 3 stars on stage 8. It's still possible but it is stupidly hard. I do want the times adjusted though, I don't even mind trophies being extremely hard but if they have to be, don't hand them out for half the effort for 2 months and then make them a lot harder for everyone who didn't do it yet.
  6. He means it is impossible to clear the stage in under 15:50. And it kinda is, of course a trophy can be impossible instead of just challenging. Just set an unachievable time-limit for it.
  7. With 500 games in your list I am sure you've experienced something like this before.
  8. I don't think it's needed. Like people have said, 100% profiles are very overrated anyway because almost everyone who has a 100% profile actively avoids games that they can't 100%.
  9. I got that trophy as soon as it came out. It probably unlocked right away because I had already done it before the patch came out.
  10. I played the Uncharted 3 multiplayer for a very long time and even I didn't get 100%. I got 97%, but those random drop treasures kept me from completing it.
  11. Winning the Fanorona mini game in Assassin's Creed III was a real pain. It didn't take me too long but I really don't like it. I haven't gotten the journey trophies in The Last of Us yet but I also really don't like the concept. You just have to play their MP, presumably to get you hooked and have you buy microtransactions. 168 games in total, it is possible to fail a journey but it is very unlikely if you know at least a little bit what you are doing. Another one I didn't get yet but I also don't like is the 'Et Tu, Brute?' from Battlefield Bad Company 2, the trophy requires you to kill 5 enemy players with a knife that are in your friendlist. I don't like boosting trophies but there is no way you can do this without boosting. Or you just have to spam friend requests to enemy players. Anyways, it isn't hard it is just a pain to set everything up to get matched against your friends.
  12. I think it will. Furi has only a 1.7 and I agree this is harder and more frustrating.
  13. Thank you And although the guide might not be too tricky to create, the benefits from it are minimal. I could show you how I placed my blocks but the people reading the guide would not get the same blocks so they can't build the same tower. And not only do you have to know what the best place to place a block is, you also have to be able to see it and respond in time, something a guide can't teach you. The goal is usually pretty straight forward, it's just the execution that is hard.
  14. I think a guide for this game would simply be pointing out the obvious. The block spawns are random so you can't write a guide on how to pass certain levels other than puzzle levels, but one quick youtube search will get you those. I can't think of actual helpful tips that consist of other than, 'just do it'. Maybe some general gameplay tips on how to use spells but that would be it.
  15. Interesting, could you link to this video? My record is 81, and I can see myself getting 99. But getting 99 and getting 99 without losing a heart are very different things. I also feel like you need to have luck, at least to some extend. Skeletons and speeding blocks mess up your tower a lot more than some of the other black magic. I also find myself losing a lot to locked(unable to rotate) blue blocks with the non-flat side pointing downwards.