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  1. Honestly, if they did a Vita 2... I would kind of want the concept of the Switch Lite, but better specs. And of course... REAL SUPPORT.
  2. Hahaha, you're funny. Life is far too cruel unfortunately.
  3. I mean I don't own a PS5 yet because I do not have the mafia connections necessary to get one, but I still intend to get the PS5 version when it comes out just because I prefer to play the newer version of cross-platform games. But I am glad that the game will not suffer the fate of not being played at launch just because it would be locked behind new hardware that people don't have yet.
  4. A game that I got on the Vita a while back that sparked my interest in owning one was Corpse Party: Blood Drive. However, I managed to snag the Everafter Edition for $15 brand new from a GameStop forever ago. Now the same edition goes for like $100 on Amazon. I think you can still get Virtue's Last Reward for about $20 on Amazon, and that's a good game if you're interested in physical only. But yeah, it's pretty much as everyone said, the best games are really high in price physical-wise ($35-150) since they didn't sell too many copies thus making the supply lowish. So you'll be forced to pay more than they originally sold for, or you'll be forced to pay the digital prices (which rarely go down). It's a good little system, but sadly because it was overlooked it's expensive to collect for now.
  5. At this point, I hold little faith in a quality Sonic title, so I won't hold my breath.
  6. The trophy "Map Room" in Minecraft... Is literally exhausting, time-consuming, and not even worth it haha! Took hours of work for a silver. I know your pain... It's literally what's locking me out of the platinum...
  7. Well, Microsoft is learning the hard way that announcing no exclusive games for the next 2 years will hurt sales. People don't like buying expensive new machines unless they need them to play new games, and the Xbox Series S/X isn't currently a "necessary" upgrade. The PS5 is if you want to play some of the new games coming out. As much as people hate the practice... It works. I agree they are a serious competitor for sure. The Switch has gotten some love from me, but I do think they are constantly struggling with that "second console" situation they've been in for so long. A lot of people I know buy a Nintendo console for those Nintendo exclusives, but play most of their content elsewhere and it's a bind that Nintendo has been in for a while now, but it has kept them afloat, so it's a viable strategy for now.
  8. It's crazy to think so much time has passed. Literally, I feel like I was just at the store checking out the slim for the first time... Literally I got one to replace my PS1 originally because I had a few PS1 games I wanted to revisit.
  9. Finally! My 50th Platinum! Ultra Despair Girls! So proud. :))))

  10. Did all of this and the weirdest part... The trophy popped... Hours later... After the Vita was turned off for hours. Very odd. Yeah this game set is VERY glitchy. GoW2 on Vita also tends to not pop trophies at all if you hit the Playstation button at any time during gameplay.
  11. I'm a chunk of the way through Boogiepop and Others, but my favorite anime of all time is Boogiepop Phantom, back when it released in 2000.
  12. Literally finished the game in 3.5 hours on east with Dairy Bastard costume and the trophy isn't popping. What the hell? Any advice? PSVita Slim user here. It's the last trophy I need for the platinum.
  13. Oh man, I remember online passes... What a terrible idea. It's crazy to think that they thought this would be the norm...
  14. Yikes... Delayed for nearly 4 years... That's not a good sign. Sounds like it's in development hell, and to make matters worse there wasn't much buzz about the game to begin with. I have a feeling this game will be scrapped or worked into something else down the road. I mean by late 2023, the PS5 will be 3 years old and interest in this type of game may have waned by then. To make matters worse, this is a multiplayer-focused game so if it doesn't find an audience on day one... It's more or less dead on arrival. When a game was supposed to come out in 2018 and it doesn't release until 2023... That usually doesn't end well. Very few games can survive the hype build-up for that long... Here's hoping it works out for them, but I'd advise people to wait for the reviews when the game finally does release...
  15. Wow, this is a pleasant surprise!