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  1. Got my physical copy in the mail! I tried to get the collector's edition but I wasn't fast enough. This was a game that I wanted on my shelf, so I went through the effort to get the Limited Run version. It's a shame that this is what it's come to for those of us who prefer to own physical media...
  2. Taking a break from a game is far from evidence. I'm sorry but I don't enjoy the gummi ship aspects of the games. Therefore I stalled on finishing them. I doubt I'm the only one too. To hell with it, if we basically are operating on the fact that evidence doesn't need to basically be concrete in the slightest and that taking a break from a game before coming back to finish it is now evidence of any kind then why bother? It's hardly worth fighting for if basically, it's guilty until proven innocent. There's no way I can prove diddly squat if basically ridiculous things such as taking a break from a game and coming back is basically considered evidence of cheating now. Real shame. I mean I could care less about being on the leaderboard, but it's just the disrespect of being accused on such shoddy evidence and then held as guilty before anything is proven that really gets to me. Whatever, you "win" or whatever. I can't prove what you say is false and you can't prove what I say is false, so it's just a stalemate. In a court of law that would mean by default, I am innocent, but this clearly doesn't operate that way. Suspicion is enough to convict here, and I guess that's what bugs me. Go ahead and leave it there, I could care less now if this is how this community operates then I don't really care enough to be on its leaderboards.
  3. I actually didn't know that. They must have slipped that change past me. Regardless, taking a break before getting the final trophies isn't a very good argument. Nor is taking two days between them to finish KH2 wouldn't you say? To be clear: I could care less about my leaderboard rank or if I appear on it at all. It's merely the principle that I'm annoyed by.
  4. I call it as I see it. There is no evidence of this new accusation, so when I see it, I call it out. I see no logical grounds of this accusation of now cheating in KH1 based upon what? Taking a break from the game? I have no idea why KH2's gummi trophies popped so oddly, but they did not pop in an order that was impossible, just they popped only seconds after each other for some odd reason. I can't really even guess as to why, but given the other circumstances I pointed out, I don't believe this is strong evidence of cheating.
  5. Also now your accusation of cheating on KH1 is completely bogus: Look at the trophies, I got them in the order in which is 100% possible. The timestamps on that are also 100% doable in the amount of time. We're talking days to months between trophies. Sorry but the basis of your accusation on that is simply hogwash. There is no evidence of what you're saying at all. Your argument is more or less because I took a break from the game and came back and finished it that somehow I cheated? That's nonsense. Perhaps you need to find something better to do with your time than accuse people of cheating?
  6. Two days is quite a bit of time. Also is it suspicious to simply take breaks from games? After managing to complete a game I felt confident enough to attempt the second game? Is that really that odd? Also I have the platinum for KH1 on the PS4 which you can CLEARLY see I got legit. Why would I cheat on a game where I was clearly capable of getting legit a second time? That doesn't add up to me. You also admitted yourself that the gummi ship missions are "pretty easy" for KH2, so again, why would I cheat to acquire those but not the rest of the game which has arguably harder achievements. Why would I cheat to acquire easy trophies but not hard ones? That simply makes no logical sense.
  7. Cynthia-Roses Kingdom Hearts II I have no idea why the trophies popped only seconds apart. I thought it was odd myself when two of the trophies didn't pop until I got the third one.<br /> <br /> Literally though, why would I use some kind of cheat when it's pretty obvious looking at my other trophies that I played legit? Why would I use a cheat to do something so simple instead of say... The trophy for clearing the game on critical? Or the trophy for reaching level 99 which are much more tedious? Or any of the other insanely tedious grinding trophies? It doesn't really make sense as to why I would do that for 2 trophies that are relatively easy to get.<br /> <br /> All that happened is literally the trophies refused to pop until I got that third trophy. I have no idea why, and given that this happened on the PS3 version of the game before it auto screenshotted, naturally I have no way to really prove it beyond explaining that it seems really illogical that I'd cheat for two trophies that are far easier to obtain than the other trophies I have in the game.
  8. Honestly, I would just make an improved version of the Switch. Make it so it uses conventional mobile hardware so it's easy to develop for, supports standardized SD cards, but most importantly push third parties to make games on it by actively helping them do so. Don't abandon it after the second year. The Vita has a lot of great features about it, and I honestly wished it did better, but sadly Sony clearly forgot about it very quickly which was its biggest flaw.
  9. Used to be all about Chrome until I discovered Vivaldi. It's basically Chrome on steroids with heavy customization and honestly my experience with it for the past 6 months has been it's faster and more reliable than Chrome was. For those who want a little more customization to their browsing experience, I recommend giving it a whirl. And since it uses Chromium as a base all the Google Chrome add-ons will work on it.
  10. Decided to buy premium membership. Will gladly support the site.

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  11. I'd love to see people call out micros far more. This is a trend that needs to continue. Stop allowing companies to nickel and dime you. For those claiming "but game development has gotten so expensive!" the companies making these claims seldom break down their numbers or give away their profit margins. They also are not telling us what the money for development is being spent on. For all we know there are tons of areas where they could save and they are likely making far more than they are letting on. The reality is, companies survived (and continue to survive) without micros, so the mantra of "they're needed to keep companies afloat" is likely total BS. I honestly trust fan reviews more than critic reviews anyways because as I've seen over the years, critics go with what gets clicks. The modern critic business is all about revenue now. Many critics will be contrarians just to get more clicks and many will just go with the status quo to also get clicks. We also see so many of them "afraid" to be blacklisted even though blacklisting literally just means you don't get free copies of games, invited to release parties, get special gifts, etc. You can still review the game and do so more objectively. The fact that game devs try to marry free games and all this light bribery to critics is part of why I simply don't bother with them anymore. Yes I get that review scores by fans can be padded, but honestly I trust people who paid money for a game and are regular consumers more than people being paid too much and given stuff for free to give more accurate reflections. Whether or not the people downvoting Star Wars Battlefront II are people who own the game or not is irrelevant to me in this scenario though, because this is more about protest than it is about review. The micro practices of this game are very well known and it NEEDS to have attention brought to it in every way possible to let other developers know if they attempt this... It will blow up in their face.
  12. I played through maybe over 50% of the game, I haven't gotten around to finishing it but here's my take: Yeah the snow can get old after a while, but it does have some unique charm to it. The game wasn't advertised as some major graphic powerhouse, so it's not like I am going to be upset that the engine wasn't use more "creatively" to demonstrate the full use of the engine (looking at you, Skyrim). So I can forgive it for its atmosphere. Gameplay wise... It's a JRPG. A turn based, active time battle JRPG. If you don't like those, you simply won't like the game. I love those so for me, it's fun. It definitely draws heavily from Chrono Trigger. That's perhaps ironically my biggest complaint. It doesn't really build off of the game it's "inspired" by... That much. Like it does some new tricks alright, but ultimately I feel they could have explored more in some areas and less in others. It's a solid attempt though and Tokyo RPG Factory definitely deserves to make more games. It's not the Chrono Trigger remake or follow up I wanted, but as a game I'd give it a solid 7.5/10. If you can get it on a sale, do so. However... $40 may be a bit steep for it...
  13. On a PSN forum you'll likely get more people who say PS4. I'm no different. The Exclusives are what keep me on PS4.
  14. Understandable. You'll want to get a Pi with an HDMI port then, and you should be all set.
  15. If you want the portability of the Switch and the power to play some PC games on the go as well, this is what I plan on getting soon: It's a bit more expensive, but it apparently can run Skyrim with mods even. Depends on your needs though. Raspberry Pi is an excellent device but do keep in mind it's limited to its much smaller community. Windows has more people developing and supporting emulators than Linux based devices, so naturally on a Windows based device you're going to get the best emulation around, however I have played with the Pi and it's pretty damn good for its price. Just some option.