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  1. Was announced but it never actually happened. All 3 sniper co-op trophies are still obtainable.
  2. Golf With Your Friends - Corrupted Forest [PS4] So they dropped a new paid course I was not expecting. Which is annoying as I had to spend $3 on it to get myself back to 100%. What's even more annoying is that it's actually only 9 holes. From a value to price ratio its a bad buy. The 9 holes might be a blessing in disguise for trophy hunting though as they are significantly harder then many of the other courses in the game and trying to do a 18 hole course under par with this level of difficulty would be a nightmare. 9 was already annoying enough requiring plenty of cheesy shots to get that par trophy so in that regard I am pleased its not 18. Still, wasn't particularly how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning. Total DLC Complete: 15 All DLC Complete:
  3. As someone else that has tried to love AC but hasn't and also likes Liberation more than most, try Rogue. It was in my opinion a more focused experience than the other main games and had an interesting twist in the plot compared to the typical Assassins = Good Guys, Templars = Bad Guys formula.
  4. You could always resub to plus on the old account just for a month and knock out as many old games as you can.
  5. All but one person in my house has covid right now.


    I was going to do some harder games leading up to my 300th plat but now with covid I think I will just play some easy games like Life is Strange 2. Hoping I will be feeling well enough to tackle LBP3 for my 300th.


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    2. MrHealthy


      @LukeTheGooner Oh ya, I am not worried about it all. I just suffer from chronic fatigue and pain when not sick so even cold level symptoms stacked on top make concentration too difficult for harder games.

      It was inevitable though.

    3. LukeTheGooner


      you may now need to change your username btw :)

    4. MidnightDragon


      Feel better soon!

  6. Did you do the cheats exploit or legit.
  7. Thanks for this. Been meaning to figure this out for some time.
  8. Stardew Valley is an okay deal here in Canada. Normally $20, but a point equivalent of $15. It also hasn't been on sale in years.
  9. Super Time Force Ultra I loved this games style. It's a fast paced and funny run and gun. The gimmick of only have 60 seconds to complete the level but being able to rewind time and have more then one version of you moving through the level is great. Having a huge cast of playable characters with very different play styles helps immensely in keeping the game feeling fresh for the duration. The main campaign is just long enough that it doesn't overstay it's welcome and remains fun throughout. The Helladeck on the other hand was awful. Visually boring, with levels either being brain dead or frustrating. I really had to sit down and force myself through all 50 of those levels. Would have preferred a boss rush or something over this. The Super hardcore mode was not really hard at all, it makes you think about what characters you are using more. And actively makes you rescue characters that die. But otherwise it is just as easy as the main difficulty. I played this on Vita and I will say with how often I was holding down square did cause my thumb to cramp up and hurt. Otherwise I can fully recommend this version. There are no performance issues that I can see compared to the PS4 version. The game also really popped on the OLED screen. The plat is also much easier then the rarity suggests. Worth a look if you want a cool run and gun, Tier 2: Tier 1:
  10. Trophy lists typical don't get uploaded to PSN until a couple days before the game releases. Being a week out it's still too early to say that they won't have trophies.
  11. LittleBigPlanet 3 - The Journey Home [PS4] Got it done. Even easier the second time round. I have now completed every single DLC trophy in the LBP series. Total DLC Complete: 14 All DLC Complete:
  12. Chivalry II [PS4 NA] I absolutely loved Chivalry 1 on PC back in the day. So I was really excited to give this a go when it launched this month on PS+. I was not disappointed. I have not had so much fun with a multiplayer game in ages. Spent a couple days off playing nothing but this with a grin on my face. That said, if you are attempting to plat this the game does have issues with crashing and possible save corruption right now. Recommend backing your save up to the cloud on a regular basis. As for the trophy list, its pretty straight forward, nothing too grindy or luck based. The majority can be done with bots if you want to speed it up, but it's certainly more boring that way. The only real trick one were getting a projectile kill from 100+ meters as most maps don't have many opportunities for this and you are basically shooting blind with how high up you need to aim. The block 100 projectiles was also annoying as the enemy team rarely had archers targeting me, and bots never use projectiles. The 25 wins on each of the original 4 mpas is also a bit of a slog but honestly not too bad, I semi afk'd it after I had all the other trophies. Tier 2: Tier 1:
  13. At least you haven't bought the same game twice like I have after forgetting you owned it. Because it's a PS2 game. We haven't had a new PS2 classic release since The King of Fighter release in June 2018 or January 2019 if you count the Ace Combat 5 release, but that was not for individual sale. PS2 games on PS5 seem to have some issues and we are likely to not see any further releases until that is resolved, if ever.
  14. Super Time Force Ultra (21% - 71%) Started this a few months ago now and finally got back to it. I have cleaned up all the misc trophies and completed the main story. I now just have to do Ultra hard mode and the hella-deck which to be honest is kind of boring and bland so I am putting it off. Chivalry 2 (0% - 95%) I absolutely loved Chivalry 1 on PC back in the day so was excited to try this out for free with plus this month. Needless to say I love it, spent a couple full days doing nothing but play this which I haven't done for any game in years. Trophy list is pretty straight forward and easy. Most of the trickier and grindy trophies can be done with bots in the practice mode. The two that gave me the most trouble were the projectile kill from 100 meters away and the block 100 projectiles. You basically need to find someone afk for the 100 meter kill and there are also very few spots where you are not firing blind to get it. The 100 blocks was tough simply because I vary rarely encountered enemy archers. Mostly they were on my team instead and bots never use projectiles. All I have left is a few map specific wins, which is admittedly a slog to do even with bots. But should still have this wrapped up soon. LittleBigPlanet 3 [PS3] (50% - 63%) LittleBigPlanet 3 [PS4] (26% - 36%) Finally had a chance to do the now local only two player stuff in the DLC on the PS3 stack with my sister. So I mopped up the remaining DLC trophies while I was at it. This motivated me to tackle the DLC on the PS4 stack as well, though I did not get the two player stuff done there yet. Hopefully tomorrow. New games started: 30 New games finished: 25 Backlogged games played: 11 Backlogged games finished: 6 Total games played: 41 Total games finished: 31 Games Finished:
  15. The PS5 versions trophies were glitched on release. Anytime you triggered multiple trophies at once only one of them would pop. For example if the last item you collected was a health node you would pop 100% health nodes trophy but not the 100% items trophy requiring a new playthrough to get that one. So stuff like the speedrun and 1 death trophy at the same time would not work either, you would need two more separate playthroughs for them. PS4 version was never glitched and sits at a more reasonable 9.90%