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  1. When the camera was behind the hut was the worst. Never knew what I needed to change when that happened. Congrats though!
  2. Just keep practicing and you will get it eventually. I actually managed to get 3 today myself (4 total). I got two of them back to back! Blew my mind when I got my third and just went for another and got it as well.
  3. Its on the store right now:
  4. It showed up as free for me. I never owned the original, didn't buy it, didn't have plus at the time it was free. I'll take another free game lol.
  5. I was gonna by the DLC,, I thought this game was funny
  6. If your score is still not loading to the leaderboard back up your save to USB or Cloud and then delete it off your PS4 to start again. This worked for me.
  7. The first challenge I sent yesterday now has a 1 on it. This now gives me some hope. Just did a few more today and made sure to finish them with my alt and I will report back as well to see if this is indeed the case.
  8. What DLC pack are you missing? A couple of them were not included in the season pass.
  9. I don't have as many games as they do but I added my 445 backlogged games and the search is still fast an responsive.
  10. The majority of fish can only be found when you fish in the online course lobbies. So you need to be able to connect to PSN for that trophy. You however do not need to have PS+ to access the online lobbies. You only need PS+ if you intend to play rounds with other people. So internet connection needed need for plat, but PS+ is not needed.
  11. Did you actually follow the motion recorder tutorial or just quit so it shows as done? You have to actually follow the tutorial and do what it says.
  12. Are you sure you have 100%? a lot of the side levels / mini games have prize bubbles.
  13. Need 16 more plays, cheers! I played every level on the last two pages.
  14. It means EU accounts can not 100% anymore. As you can not download DLC from a NA account and play it on a EU account. Only NA can 100% now.
  15. P4P please Going through the last few pages right now.