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  1. Does the difficulty affect any trophies?
  2. The logical normal way means you play them till they die of old age or some stupid accident that wasn't forced!! Like having someone try to cook that doesn't know how to at a grill, or cow plant. And not all placed in a room with no door to starve! If would use short lifespan this would seem to doable I think without cheesing the game.
  3. Logical way? Yeah right killing off 7 sims over and over is really a logical normal way to play a game! Might be cleaver but not logical! I know for a fact it is or was possible to use cheats I was talking to him in a party and he said used cheats did something to start up again without cheats and got trophies and so I was just trying to report a glitch in some way cause I didn't know any another way to report a glitch but no one wants to believe me! I've tried twitter but don't know the correct one. And if you knew someone that used cheats and got trophies, and if anyone else really cared if someone else used cheats to get trophies they would think the same thing just by looking at some of those! Who wouldn't? I only reported for 2 days like 3 in one day and maybe 2 in the next. Well, I'm done with this! And still, even if they didn't use cheats they still cheated the game by using no so normal logical ways & just clever ways to cheese the game! There really is fun in doing stuff like that.
  4. No one could get 10 trophies in 23 secs with 0-1sec-11 secs between some of them, and if it was the 1st legit trophy would likely have been the introvert trophy!.
  5. There is a new patch But I never had a save issue so I couldn't tell the difference also I wasn't able to start up the game yesterday!
  6. How is no even checking the links no would get 10 trophies in 23 seconds! Players can be clever enough and put it off just long enough to make it look that way!
  7. Yeah like these are legit {I REMOVED LINK} but at least he stopped! And yeah at 1st they do disable trophies but later they still get trophies somehow or maybe it was patched in 1.02 I hope but just not listed in notes or I hope it is patched soon! So if someone could cheat like the one above others could cheat and be more clever about it. Like others could cheat like 1 or 2 then few hrs later they cheat a few more or the next day they cheat a few more. so they don't look like the ones above! (i would need to see a stream of them getting all these trophies this fast for me not to think they aren't cheated) And now more will prob chat more now too! And I'm going try to keep reporting cheated trophies to whomever even works on the sims 4 and Sony till something is done to reset cheated trophies, or somehow mark trophies as cheated! And it isn't right to use cheats/glitches to get trophies even if they are in the game! And what cheats for other games are you even talking about! And I don't count unlocks that you have to work towards stuff like in RE5 or RE6 like the infinite ammo or other games with unlocks like that! And I had this game on the 13th around 11:05 pm and started it at around 11:35 pm! I just don't play it that long maybe 2-3hr a day maybe more maybe less cause I have other new games I wanted to try to play and maybe finish one I've been working on before the sims 4! And how can you not see the easiest one that was gotten on 11/14/2017 11 am! I just didn't stay up all night to keep playing or have others playing the game for me either! I know they can't be flagged for that but still stupid in my book it is no fun not earning the trophies themselves!
  8. It is when they are supposed to disable trophies! The game should even show a warning about using cheats would disable trophies, I haven't seen it cause I haven't cheated and before release, they said that cheats would disable trophies!
  9. Sorry about that I didn't know I'll stop! But this has to do more than just using in-game cheat or glitches, these cheats are supposed to disable trophies but they don't, and some are using a glitch and exploiting it to use cheats that shouldn't give anyone trophies, this isn't just one single "Things that are not flaggable " but 3 of them, and the game just came out so they haven't had a chance to patch or maybe don't' even know about it I don't even know where this gllich could be reported, what if they do patch this will others be flagged then? Unless they can prove they are legit! And how are glitches even allowed cause glitches aren't even meant to be in games they were missed by mistake and probably never reported or could never fix them, What are some examples that other glitches that are acceptable! These cheats are supposed to disable trophies but they don't, and how did anyone cheat in those listed game, and I know I didn't cheat in Uncharted 4! And nothing allows for exploits they weren't meant to be in games they missed them by mistake and/ or couldn't fix them cause they weren't reported! Maybe I should check Nier Automata players even if those are allowed but I won't! Cause I ended up buying a few cause I thought it was a joke but I can prove I still got 100% on everything but fishing! I had it at after 11 pm my time on the relese day and I still only have 3 trophies at 4% I know it doesn't help when I still play other games either but still! I know some trophies are cheated! (If this had a KB+M support patch I could play it longer)
  10. you can hide anything you want those won't' get counted in the rankings here anyways so have fun with that Yeah and I'll not likely get this one! anytime soon and might even be my last trophy if even keep playing that long (i've got other game I need to play!) and if they ever patch in KB+M support I really need that!
  11. and I guess you missed this one Impossible timestamps - If your timestamps are too close to each other, earned unrealistically before the release date of the game (Journalists and similar people get games typically a week or two early, any time before this period that isn't explainable can get flagged), or earned impossibly out of order.
  12. So what I'll still be reporting them! There is no way anyone kept a sim awake for 24hrs in only 10min of this game. and they will still be known as a cheater if you look at the time stamps of trophies to many were gotten too close together!
  13. Nope, that is everything wrong with that and I'm reporting anything I see that is wrong and they will be flagged! or be known cheaters anyways.
  14. They used in-game cheats that can be used and I don't know what cheats cause I didn't look up cheats cause I don't want to cheat! And NO these cheats are supposed to disable getting trophies but they somehow still able to get trophies! That is the glitch!
  15. Nope, they used cheats and got trophies!