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  1. I wonder if changing your PSN ID has anything to do with this. I went through the entire process several times. Got an easy trophy, synced, and it still says I have zero. Even emailed customer service, but we all know how that goes 😕
  2. Okay thanks I will definitely try that when I get home 👍
  3. I am at before "the point of no return" and also, a hard save before finding the crown. I was never able to get to the campfire in Anemhaid, beforehand. Is there a way to get there? Thanks for the reply 😀
  4. Okay, so I first failed this after my hard save by not turning in the notes and found out I had two camps left . So I figured, reload. I did. Got the second to last last campfire, turned in my notes to de Courcillon. Got to Anemhaid, which is on the list. I see the last campfire in my sights. And boom. Fail. Every time. All the others are complete. Is there something I'm missing or is this just buggy? Thanks in advance for any help/advice 😁
  5. Anyway to do this without going back and playing the whole damn episode two, three, or even four times? For instance such as hunting/fishing to get a trophy or collectable you may have missed? Is there a save point I'm missing? Thanks in advance.
  6. Okay, so what I did was I played on easy and then played new game plus to sweep up any trophies I missed. I ended on the University when my final trophy popped. "Let's Hear Up" I saved the game and then I went to Chapters and I noticed the first 8 chapters from Hometown to the University are giving me the option of doing Survivor or Grounded. If I play each chapter through on Survivor or Grounded will it count towards their trophies or should I finish the complete game to get the rest of the chapters playable? Or will it just continue through the remaining chapters left on the higher difficulty I choose. 🤔 Thank you in advance:)
  7. Here were my stats at Red Rocket station by Sanctuary when the trophy popped. 6 people. 6 food. 9 water. 0 power. 60 defense. 5 tier 3 clinics. 7 beds (1 for you) inside 1 large and 1 medium size shack. 1 bell to call the settlers around you. 3 water pumps. 6 mutfruits. Build enough wooden crates until you are not allowed to build anything else. Go to another settlement and send 6 settlers that do not have names to Red Rocket. Assign 1 person for food. Assign the other 5 people to clinics. 1 for each clinic. After happiness goes up, sleep for 24 hours. Ring bell until settlers go back to their duties. Rinse and repeat. Do not run a supply line. Never leave the settlement while doing this. It will cause happiness could drop. Make a hard save if you get bored or have to do something. 3 hrs and 15 minutes. As I said before, easy peasy:)
  8. Are you saying Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball? haha. Love this movie:)

  9. Don't forget about those awesome indie titles
  10. Well said. I'm on my 2nd restart after doing about only 30 hours. Control schemes, difficulty levels, testing for glitches (not cheats). Accidently going South...lol 2nd restart began in which case i have about 100 hours in and just finished the main story. Still have factions to go start messing with. Exploring is what makes this fun. Even more so on higher difficulty. I'm in no rush. Amazing side quests with some of the companions. Got to love Valentine <~~~~give this guy his own DLC. He has the most interesting back story from the pre-war days through the institute days.
  11. Hello Derrick, and welcome. Haha
  12. Now, to be honest Getting a platinum while playing on very easy to easy mode for the sake of having it will not earn props from me. Unfortunately, there's no way to find out on here if the game was played anywhere between very easy and survivor...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yoshi


      I played on easy and honestly, I couldn't care less if I get "props" from you or not. :P

    3. DrewBadger68


      Haha:p Well, to be honest Dragon and not to sound like the crotchety old man I am. It seems people are way to concerned with trophy bragging rights instead of actually enjoying the game. 5 days. Really. I would pay to see them do that again except in a harder mode.

    4. DrewBadger68


      True, Dernop. Hardcore would have been end of me. It's bad enough playing on hard...

  13. Try putting some decorations everywhere that should increase it. Statues, flags, lamps etc...
  14. That is pretty true. I had to go back to the drive in a few times right after I left because I guess I got hit by a mole rat or something and I had to repair my turret. Then my generator took a dump..haha Right after I fixed that I was walking to the workstation and all of a sudden a guy popped out of sky and landed on his ass..and I had another settler...glitch or not. That was a funny to see that.