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  1. I didn't get the trophy in any of my 2 playthroughs even though I avoided sending the dog to the cave and used petting often. I dislike trophies like this, you don't have any critical choices or some info about how you're progressing to know if you're on track of unlocking the trophy or not.
  2. Yeah for me Getting Warmer is bugged. I've tried completing the gig on the newest patch, but I must've uncovered the icon a long time ago, because even loading old saves didn't help. No way in hell am I replaying a large part of the game just to get that one trophy.
  3. I'm pretty sure the bug still exists in the 1.03 version. I think I've used one of the keys twice on the same Trickster Door, because according to my calculations I'm missing one key. I'm still pretty early in the game so I can't verify if I'm screwed or not.
  4. The PC version is also censored, one of the reasons I'll be skipping the PS4 version.
  5. This trophy is very disappointing, I'm not planning to grind for around 100 hours or rubber band my controller just to get it. Kinda feels like Codemasters didn't want people to sell their (retail) copies too soon. The DLC trophies have been prepared poorly as well. They should include at least one trophy each for finishing all of the events from the DLC. At least the gold time trial from DLC2 has proven to be a challenge and it was fun to get it.
  6. It's pretty annoying how they're not releasing one collection and with a platinum trophy.
  7. Yeah it's a shame, I ended up skipping it, there's probably no way it's going to be fixed now through a patch.
  8. I've encountered a pretty major bug during the 12th quest. The conversation with Mortimer (the one next to the fireplace) can't continue if I've asked him all available questions. The screen just freezes after choosing "Pass" option. It continues normally if I don't ask additional questions. Anyone know what exactly can be causing this? I know I can continue the game by skipping this, but it's still bugging me.
  9. Sony really needs to enforce a rule for every single new game to have a platinum.
  10. All trophies being tied to the Ironman Mode is a bummer.
  11. The puzzles from the later levels were way too complex. Sometimes you had to make 15-20 perfect moves in a row to move forward to the next scene. If this wasn't an easy platinum (yes, I used hints more than I should ;)) I would've dropped the game. Hitman GO was much more enjoyable.
  12. This is definitely Ubisoft's decision, The Crew also didn't have any trophies for its two BIG expansions. I still played them, but I wasn't in any hurry to buy them at full price.
  13. Collect 10000 herbs - damn. I hope you'll be able to buy them in bulk from alchemists.
  14. A single hard mode playthrough is definitely enough in case someone else is thinking about it. You just have to remember about the research trophy. It's easy to miss because some enemies appear only in certain levels and you also have to research security instead of using every opportunity to rely on hacking. I'd also recommend making a backup save in the first level with the little sisters. I got lucky on hard with the perfect gathering, but I reckon it's ideally best to attempt it on easy.
  15. It's best to exit the bank and make a manual save each time you've leveled up. That way if you go bankrupt you can reload the save and resume on the same level (not one level lower).