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  1. Thank you all for keeping an eye on these servers. I was gonna pass on the Vita, but managed to get it done. Thank you!
  2. Unfortunately they actually removed the option to even buy the season pass from the in game store, so the shift codes wont help anymore. Thanks though
  3. Challenges will only show up this season once you are Light Level 1200+. You can find them on the director as yellow circles, hover over the vendors or activity to see the requirements.
  4. Thankfully I already bought the season pass, but I was trying to help out others who haven't got it. Hopefully they make everything free/ available in the last week or something
  5. There is a VIP pass in game available to purchase for credits and platinum. This pass unlocks all characters and customizations for the entire team for 24 hours. Does it also by any chance unlock all the operations? If someone has enough credits its worth a shot. It costs about 85,000 credits or 1250 platinum, and its under the bundles tab
  6. I got excited about the update, but I'm still having the same issue
  7. Nothing like finishing at the last minute. Phew.... 😅
  8. No, what was patched was duplicating a food buff by making a new character with one active. You can still swap characters and the characters will keep their buffs as long as they never complete a mission/ don't stand around town for 20 minutes waiting out the buff timer. So you can still buy the Cid buff from the potion shop with a fresh character, craft some items, and store them away for later. This way you will always have access to the buff.
  9. Just finished myself. Good luck to everyone who's still going for this at the eleventh hour
  10. Dylan Jobe was the President of the company Lightbox Interactive, which was responsible for making Starhawk and maintaining the Warhawk servers after Incognito seperated. Maybe try contacting him, as he was directly responsible for the servers at one point, and if he isn't involved now he might know who is. Twitter: @DylanJobe
  11. I'm guessing this is because of the large difference in time zones between countries. What is August 27 for America is actually June 22 for Australia. But like I told you already, as of last night the servers are up. So what are you waiting for?
  12. Has anyone contacted Ready at Dawn? They seemed like they would try to keep the servers up until the closure date they announced, they might not even know it's down.
  13. I've been thinking about starting this game, but I've read conflicting reports on how long the platinum trophy takes to actually achieve. Is the time to plat in 2016 signifigantly different than it was in 2014? Has the updates and expansions changed a lot/ made things easier? Also, will having a team of dedicated people boosting shorten the amount of time/ difficulty? I imagine this isn't a game that can be solo'd easily, so what is a good number of people to have in a party? Is there a limit to how many people you can play with, and will too many just slow down the process? Thanks, hopefully some of you can share their experience for some newcomers