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  1. Hey! Good to see you too! I've still never used my mic more than I did when we were playing that game. Japan is okay. The earthquake and tsunami last year was a pretty harrowing experience (especially since we're only a bit south of Tohoku), but things are looking a bit better now. I'm looking around for another job in Tokyo, so we'll see what happens! That would be awesome, but I feel bad to just take advantage of the situation without being able to help you with anything (you already have the plat, right?). I'll add you though, and if you ever just feel like playing sometime maybe we can do Team Battle or Endless lobbies. Cool. Feel free to add me if you'd like. I'm not on as often as I'd like to be since real life gets in the way and being that I'm in Japan, time zones may be an issue, but just shoot me a message if you're up for it! I haven't gotten to play a single co-op game since I got the collection, so I'm pretty curious about it.
  2. That's my goal as well. Looking at your trophy card, it's amazing to see someone with Star Ocean completed. I passed over that game purely because I didn't think I could do all of that without going insane. I'd done all the battle trophies on Star Ocean 3 back when it came out, and I have no desire to go through that mess again. Is the story as bad as they say? Anyway, if I can ever finish Super Street Fighter IV (wish I'd never bought this); I'll pretty much have everything the way I want it for now. After that, it'll just be finding the odd game here and there to play. I don't have many other titles I'm really looking forward to, so my future 100%'s will be limited to Ni no Kuni, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Castlevania: The Dragon Returns (Lords of Shadow 2), and The Last Guardian. So Aexus, I think we may need to get together on finishing up Peace Walker, since that's all either of us have left on that particular collection.
  3. Seriously, I have slightly shaky wrists from breaking them as a child and it seems like very few people have even cared enough to get through it all. Is this gonna' be possible? I don't like leaving games unfinished on my trophy list if I can help it...