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  1. Revenge tokens, i allmost took one with 9 kills left in a level, according to the messages will give you replennishing health (like during the game), but i got mixed messages concerning if you either start at the point where you died or at the start of the level itself. But i decided not too. I like to get 5 stars at every level, but now i'm in the 5th 'island' (took the lower route and i have to take the upper route as well) and it starting to get challenging for me, so i rather keep the tokens for the later levels if needed?
  2. I'm in the same boat as you, only 2 trophies left besides the auto complete of getting them all trophy and platinum and i'm doubting myself. I had a bit of trouble with the forelast boss and more so with the last boss (second phase, somehow i have trouble with throwing shuriken) in the campaign play. Maybe with enough practice (and a 'lucky' run now and then where i don't fumble), it feels somewhat doable, but also gives the sensation, so close yet so far. 16 challenges left, some trophies aren't meant for me
  3. 2 years ago i played 1 or 2 hours, but somehow it didn't catch me. But i gave it a try a 3 of weeks ago, started afresh and stuck with it past the point i stopped and wondering why i din't play it longer 2 years ago. I play on Hard (and enemy NPC not level scaling) and i did everything, but stopped doing side mission because of becoming overpowered, now i only do main missions and every ?-mark (needed for platinum). At level 30 i'm finally getting in gear with the suggested levels. Side missions do feel samey at the point, allthough some are fun to do. Judging by the trophy list, 1/3 of the map is probably free roaming / collectible grind, but maybe i'm wrong. The platinum is probably obtainable for most people (if you don't mind grinding). The game is huge, lots of little details, the fighting is ok, but you can do lot's of the ?-mark through guerilla style by running in, take the treasure or assasinate the captain and run away long enough until the enemies lose interest. I think i will buy the DLC when on sale,
  4. I succumbed to the januari sales and starting playing this weekend. 😬 Allthough the gameplay is a bit clunky in some aspects like the menu regarding the use of equipments and/or items, the map in general (is there a way to 'mark' an spot in the map so you can use the minimap with that extra marker? And what's with the minimap not configurable to rotate with the character?), some parts are spoken and lot of times it doesn't (yes i use the english spoken, the dialogs are corny, but it has the 80's action movie vibe 😍 ). But all are minor inconveniences, in general i'm having a blast! I suck at the rythm games part, in a way the fighting too can be considered a rythm game, but that's only a small part and not the core mechanism, but i think i dismissed the idea of getting a platinum with this one, it's probably outside my reach. Oh well first world problems 😅 When i'm done with it, i'll consider trying Yakuza 0
  5. They say a picture tells more then a thousand words. That said, the trophy icon is quite 'descriptive' 😀
  6. To each his own, but i found the game one of the pleasant surprises this year, maybe GotY for me . Especially the way they told the story and the humor of the troublesome relationship between father and son. I sucked at history classes, but i gobled the scandanavian lore up and i asked for seconds
  7. Alas, there's no demo download option (EU store), but i must admit i hadn't checked if any 😬
  8. Hi, I've read that this game is made by the same developpers behind the Yakuza games, i never played one, but i'm a big fan of Fist of the North star. Is this game worth the full price? Would you advice it because of gameplay? Is this a good introduction for Yakuza games (or maybe is it an advantage never played one, i've also read most of the mini-games are similair to Yakuza games)? I'm still doubting to buy it, 2 weeks before Red Dead Redemption. And if i ever buy it, should i buy it at full price or wait on a later moment when prices drop?
  9. Alienation, fun twin stick shooter, but none the less grinding if you want to plat Gauntlet, 4 classes, real grindy, fun with more players Diablo III, i'm a a hardcore player (1 live only), grinded all classes to level 60 in hardcore mode (for me hardcore mode is the only mode to play in Diablo) Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition , especially the online trophies, since the multiplayer isn't that good, the single player campaign was fun enough
  10. - Shooty Fruity, it's challenging doing scanning groceries and shooting fruit at the same time. Trophies are a b*tch though, some challenges are a real challenge (for me). - Thumper, music rythm game, very hard (for me) - Far Point, aim-controller is needed - Thethered, god-game, move isn't required, but pretty much needed - Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, an on-rails shooter, with a lot of jump-scares (thus depend if you (don't) like that kind of thing). Was a PSN-title Haven't played it (yet, but hear a lot of good about the games) - Super Hot - Rez - Firewall: Zero Hour - Moss If you don't have the free licencse (through PSN) of Star Blood Arena, don't buy that! A lot of people have trouble connecting to the servers, and you can't play the game offline (ok admitted if you succeed it can be a blast).