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  1. And RIP 3 love gems for me. There's no way I can FC Binetsu Master...well at least I can pass it 3 times.
  2. Tempted too, but I don't want to sacrifice You. >< Maybe there will be some kind of compensation for those who don't do anything.
  3. Your BT is crazy good. Mine is awful lately, but I guess that's just RNG. It's probably been like 8 BT pulls since I last got a UR lol. Oh, and I have enough SS seals to idolize another UR. Cheer Honoka, Initial You, or Halloween Hanayo. Advice?
  4. Yeah I'm super satisfied. ^^ I was expecting nothing and just hoped I would get a copy of Birthstone Honk and got way more. Lucky you to get a pair. I really like that pair but who know if I'll ever get either. And now your pure team is stacked. A strong scorer, nice. Those are some nice results from just two pulls too.
  5. Well, I guess hoarding my gems paid off. Finally another UR, the first since April. I also got three copies of Birthstone Honk, bless you RNG ;___;
  6. That's one of a few reasons I don't care for the 25BT box. It ruins the suspense. Sure, there's no disappointment, but where's the fun in hoping for the UR?
  7. All those FCs! I can't even imagine FCing the Daily Masters. I struggle with some 11 star masters still, lol. Guess I just need to get gud.
  8. Damn it you guys, your luck is killing me.
  9. Yes! Congrats for the two URs! ^^ Especially the Umi, sometimes luck does come around.
  10. Nice, now you can use two Fairy Rins on your team. Speaking of RNG, I got 14 Rs in a row using my green tickets today. Followed by 3 SRs. No Birthstone Honoka sadly, but it was an interesting string of RNG.
  11. Ahh, guess I worded that wrong. It was more of a recommendation to you if you were thinking about going. And yes, she is! Get me an autograph too while you're there.
  12. Yeah I'd love to be able to go, but I'd need a $400 plane ticket and a place to stay. Don't think I'm going to make it. xdd I'm pretty sure Mimorin is going to be at BushiFest too, which is pretty awesome.
  13. Oh yeah, it's definitely ONLY the SM points. Event points are the same.
  14. I'm pretty sure Technical does make a difference. You can gain more, but you may also lose more. It's the first day, so MMR is going to wildly fluctuate and it won't be terribly noticeable. Plus, Technical is just more fun.
  15. I honestly wish they weren't breaking the muse/muse/Aqours pattern. At least until they are caught up a bit more. The fact there are still two single events is annoying and I wish they could just knock those out before alternating.