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  1. Guess what I read about it was right: It's essentially a limited song pool token event without the token event song. Which I'm cool with. It can't possibly be worse than MedFest. The thing that does annoy me is that the Score Up boost for score tiering is once again, completely random, making going for score T1 a massive pain.
  2. Jeez, that Hanamaru's skill is great at high note count songs, and especially if she's skilled up to 3+. Ruby's is also pretty good, especially if you run all 9/6s. Though they don't seem quite as OP as some people were afraid of, but I guess we'll see.
  3. I'm going for 200,000 pts by the end of the event, so good luck keeping up. :^) MedFest is so boring so I have no idea why I'm doing this, but regardless, that's my target.
  4. Presumably they'll be new scorer-type skills, as the names Perfect-Score Up and Parameter Up imply. Though they probably only apply to the limited BD promos.
  5. Limited box URs? Bleh. I guess it'd be a bit less annoying if they weren't going to have these new skills, but even then, I hate the idea of cards restricted to one box. I was under the assumption that the BD promos were going to be either given out (maybe akin to how WW did the poster girl cards) or available if you bought the physical BDs. Nope...
  6. Wait, did I miss something regarding the BD promos? Are they OP for promos? How are they going to change the game?
  7. The advantage of scorers is that with a good enough team, you can scrape into score T1 and get that precious SS seal --> idolize more URs/SSRs. And high numbers are just fun to get. Even one decent scorer can push you pretty high up. And I agree. I actually failed Beat in Angel Master because of the ridiculous slide section near the end, and the stupid one at the very end. I doubt I will even bother trying for C combo on these because they're just insane. I haven't tried the easier ones that have been on JP forever, but I hope they're slightly more manageable.
  8. I think I got most of those as well, plus a ton more, lol (I think 12 new ones and a bunch of dupes that I got idolized). I actually only need one more smile Kotori to have all 3 attribute teams consisting of nothing but Kotori SR+. Hopefully that Koto/Eli medfest comes soon so I can knock that goal off of my bucket list.
  9. Refunds are in (at least for me), and it's so nice to see 470 gems sitting in your present box, lol. Did another 4 pulls and got 2 more of the new SSR and finally a UR, so I'm probably done. Still no scorer Birb, but I can't complain. Inb4 she does't even fit on my team orz
  10. Sorry to hear. :c I know how it feels to get dupe event SRs though. I believe I've gotten Setsubun Kotori from boxes 3(?) times so far. I guess it's a free S seal but that card follows me everywhere. I never needed duplicate copies because I think I T1d that event....smh RNG.
  11. Pretty decent scouts actually! Marine Kotori is one of my favorite SRs and the Mermaid one is nice too. How bad was it? I went 9 pulls with no URs if it makes you feel any better. Only one I got was from BTs. ><
  12. It'll be back up. I assume they're just going to fix the banner because Flower Bouquet, Ice Cream, and Tennis aren't even available on EN. Low key hoping they do refund because I ended up using 450 gems. lol
  13. Pretty nice roll! She's a decent scorer and is nice idolized, so for 30 gems, that's great. Oh and it seems like they took the solo box down because Tennis Kotori is on it....incoming refund.
  14. Dumped 170 gems into the Birb box and got a bunch of SRs+2SSR, and then RNG gifted me a UR from the BT box. Was hoping to get China Dress or Dancer, but any UR will do I guess. Maybe I'll get one of those two if I buy the UR pack. Good luck if you guys are scouting for her, especially @TheVader66
  15. I just want 5.0 for the new login calendar. It's so much better than the old one we have on WW.