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  1. @TheVader66 Grats on your pulls! Luckily she's a scorer, so that's a nice plus. I'd love to get another copy of Pool Maki myself, since I've had one for ages....but I'm at 780 gems for V-Day You, so I can't let up now, even for step-up. :^) And glad you could get the promo too! Even though she can't make my team, I love the card.
  2. JP is getting 10 free 10+1 pulls, given from the 16th through the 30th, 5 from each Aqours and μ's! Basically 500 free loveca, which is absolutely insane. Good time to be on JP! :^)
  3. Welp, not sure anyone saw this coming. I have a pipe dream that EN will also implement this on her birthday too, but I really should lower my expectations, lol.
  4. Those pack tickets; Satoshi becoming a whale. The luck is strong with this thread lately! Congrats for your LimUR Vader, especially with a green ticket...that would probably have given me a heart attack lol
  5. The big problem with the hack is that it's been made very visible by certain notable people who play the game, so plenty of people know where to find it/how to use it.
  6. Yeah, it sucks that the score rankings are so infested with hackers. If you try to click on some of their score details, the app might crash, lol. Still waiting on a fix for that.... Anyway. HOLY SHIT, I GOT HER!! I was starting to doubt whether or not I should have just saved for a different box....but damn, now I can NEVER let go of this JP account, lol. I guess 450 gems isn't that bad of a deal. :^) Now to kill off cards to idolize her.
  7. I haven't played Bandori since shortly after its release on JP, so I'm enjoying getting back into it. Also glad it's another token event on SIF. I probably couldn't bare playing both Bandori and an event like MedFest. >< Also, I know it's more than likely a dumb question because I 100% KNOW that scouting for limited URs is a pretty bad idea; but should I go for BokuHika Kotori on my JP? I have 600+ gems if that's at all helpful. Don't care about saving for anything else, really. Otherwise, I'd probably wait for Kotori's birthday UR, unless EN started to get them as well.
  8. I'm passing as well. Not really wanting any cards from the sets included...more gems for Valentines You, I guess.
  9. I feel the same. I REALLY don't care for it. I've been holding off on S2 for a long time, so I guess I wouldn't understand the importance, but eh. I think there are far better songs, but I digress.
  10. It's ok dude, I have her too. Even though she's not that great, I will not axe her. It would go against everything I stand for.
  11. Even worse is that she's a TIMER healer. Ew.
  12. Yeah, but you could have just gotten a 1 SR pull. I'll gladly take your SSR seal. :^)
  13. Congrats on the pull dude, patience pays off! :^)
  14. Yeah, it's unfortunate they ever went this route...only a matter of time before there's one that beats out Pool Honoka. :^)
  15. Ah yes, been waiting for dead-eyes Umi to make a return. xp Glad to see so many solid events lately. I DO NOT miss medleys at all. Some of you probably have seen them already, but the new lim. URs for the 5th anniversary on JP are quite nice. Finally we get BokuHika cards. :^) Guess I picked a decent time to start messing around on my JP again.