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  1. I honestly wish they weren't breaking the muse/muse/Aqours pattern. At least until they are caught up a bit more. The fact there are still two single events is annoying and I wish they could just knock those out before alternating.
  2. VIP for Anisong Matsuri. Those tickets were available early for Anime Expo VIP members, so they were gone very fast.
  3. I'm pretty sure they are staying. I think if you were able to get a VIP pass, you could actually meet them, but those sold out stupid fast. I'm actually kinda disappointed that the Chika/You set is the Cyber one. I never liked the μ's Cyber set, and while the art is quite nice, I still don't care for the theme all too much for Aqours.. You especially is in kind of a weird position in the idolized. Why couldn't they have been the Angel pair?
  4. Nah, I never sacrificed Hanayo. Nico, Maki, and initial Umi didn't make the cut so they had to go. I believe the concert is June 30th in the evening. I'd get a ticket soon, because last time I checked, there weren't a whole lot left. You'll also need some kind of pass, like a pre show pass to get in. I believe this is the first time? I know Live Viewings have been a thing for a while, but I don't think they've had any live performances outside of Japan until now. Pretty cool.
  5. Those 2 are pretty constant, but it can vary a lot otherwise. For μ's I want to say Umi but I like Hanayo as well, so it's a toss-up there. For Aqours, probably Yohane, but again, I really don't know. Man, I wish I could go to AX, but I live way too far away. I'd kill to go to the Anisong Matsuri concert because Aqours is performing live.
  6. Yep, Honoka is probably 2nd for me. As for Eli, she isn't terribly high, somewhere in the low middle probably.
  7. I remember seeing that pull pop up on /r/SIF a few months ago. Was in disbelief to say the least... Dream URs? Hmm, well, I already have my true dream UR and that's Coptori. I'd love to have Wedding and/or Ice Cream Honk, but I guess I could live without them. While the Aqours cards have fantastic art, I don't really care for the themes for the You or Chika URs (best girls), so I also hope to see URs of them in themes I like. Oh, and bonus points to that promo Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari Honoka as well but I won't ever get that orz
  8. Wow, still pretty nice luck for 5 months! I'm currently waiting for mine to get BT luck is particular trash at the moment, and I can only dream of a 2 UR pull. Maybe someday...
  9. 15 URs in 5 months? How much did you spend? :^) Unless you have a new level of luck that is...
  10. When rate is up a lie. But man, that's some rough luck. Rate up is usually pretty kind to me, but I've read some crazy posts about people missing so, so often...
  11. I've seen this before, and had a good laugh at it. The Maki/Riko one is especially funny because it's so true. Though I don't really think Kotori and You are very similar, the only similarities are that they make the outfits and are long time friend of the MC. Quite amusing nonetheless.
  12. For me at least, there's more pressure outside of events, even if it's one or two gems. I've lost track of all the songs I've only FCd in events because of this... The dreaded 1SR pull...well, it'll eventually look up. It always does. RNG is a strange, cruel maiden. It's certainly not out of the question. I have no idea what Alter has planned for Aqours, but if the Hanayo/Rin pair is an indicator of things to come, Dia may very well be a pair to her.
  13. This is me and Nico Puri, I've FCd it 3 times this event but not outside of it...and thank you! I've not had great luck this year, and I would love to get Honk, so we'll see what happens. So, new UR on JP is Ice Cream Honoka and I REALLY want it orz. EN why must you be so far behind. >< Well, I have about 380 gems right now, guess I'll keep hoarding. Also, @FallenElysion, I'm not sure how into Yohane you are, but Alter just announced a figure based on her Halloween UR! Now that will be a crazy sculpt...
  14. Yeah man, Puwa Puwa-O is my jam. On another note, I got 4 scouting tickets today from Gold rewards! ^^ Puts me at 22 at the moment. xdd Challenge Fests, the event that keeps on giving. Might have to spend a few and try to get the Birthstone Kotori SR when it has rate-up soon. If not then, maybe for the Honk SSR next event.
  15. 5 SRs with 25 BTs...ouch. Meanwhile Vader got 2 URs with 10. Luck is such a strange thing...