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  1. Hoping the 2nd year Unity URs won't be last. Probably going to go for You. I don't have 450 gems so I hope my luck will be gracious. ;__;
  2. hello guys! How've you been? I haven't been playing SIF much (mostly Puchiguru), but I thought I'd check in.
  3. Thank you! I'm glad you found them nice to look at. I hope you do as well. The area is absolutely stunning in person and pictures can't possibly do it justice. As for SIF, I got 3rd place as my best, a 4th, and a bunch of 5th/6th. Got a copy copy of Halloween Dia and a Christmas Maru from them (as notable pulls). Can't complain about that. However, my Mermaid Chika pulls were disastrous. I pulled 2 URs in 500 gems, but NO CHIKA. I got Punk Yohane and a second copy of Xmas V2 Ruby. Not awful mind you, but my rate-up luck as of late is so terrible. Now I need to save for another year. :^) Wonderful.... YES, you finally got a NESO. That's the first step into true merch hell, lmao. I have 6 normal-size nesos and 5 small ones, so now it's only a matter of time before you get as many as me.
  4. Alright, as I said I would, finally, here's the link for my write-up of my LL! Sunshine visit in Japan. Do note it's very long and has pictures with massive resolutions, so if it's slow to load, I'm really sorry. I hope the gallery is enjoyable if it loads either way!
  5. Congrats! These are some sick pulls, and the Pool Honk gain is especially incredible. Definitely jealous of the Wonderland You pull not that I already got two of them.
  6. Or screenshot them/write them down on a note and keep somewhere you'll remember. I did that when recently transferring to a new phone. Anyway, sorry for the disappearance after the Japan thing, I was extremely busy upon returning, and am nearly done with a compilation of stuff, so I hope I can get that out soon. >< Also, these free SR+ pulls and 10 gem step ups are ridiculous. Haven't been lucky on µ's, but had some fine results on the Aqours side. Pool Woob is a good Woob. (I can't complain about a free scorer)
  7. Alright, so I just got back from a trip to Japan. There's a lot of LL! and SIF stuff I thought you all might appreciate, so I'll try to post some pictures/albums tomorrow morning. Totally didn't spend a shit-ton of money on merch there.
  8. I agree! I would also say the same about Dia. I'm not sure she a single remotely bad UR, lol.
  9. Touchè, and I decided to, because why not? I ended up getting Riko, who while I would have preferred not to get, is actually pretty nice looking and has a very good skill to boot. Got the infamous all R pull to get this view. Also got 2 UR supports in a row from the BT support box, I should go play the lottery right now. :^)
  10. Also, WBNW 2nd Years Lim box is up.... Been saving for Mermaid Chika in December, but should I just go for this instead? I think it's a pretty awful idea but I kind of want to try anyway lol.
  11. Congrats on your one year! The days start to string together once you've been playing enough, lol. Also, extremely jealous of that Pure Bloom....I almost want the new SIS more than the titles. Time to open another 50 eggs before I get one.
  12. Yeah, her card has a lot of, uh, not-so-subtle lines. Her idolized version on the main screen has some flirty lines too, lol.
  13. Did some pretty nice stuff the last couple of days. Got my first egg title after a few dozen egg openings (and then got the Aqours one immediately after lol). Got a pretty ridiculous score on Innocent Bird (was expecting just over 800k max). Thanks again YaoiGod, otherwise this would have been such a chore. And, finally, I reached rank 350! Been approaching this for a long while, so it's nice to finally hit it. Rank 400 when.
  14. Thank you! I sent it. Though I'm pretty sure the card that matters for guest centers is your main team center. Innocent Bird is def one of my favorite LL songs ever too. That will probably be the song I grind for SSS once it releases on Hits lol
  15. LOL this is such a good card. I should get back on my JP just for this, ahaha. I also wanted to ask if anyone here has a 9/6 Cool CYaRon center for the event. Usually my friends list has me covered for guest centers, but I am at a loss this time, and I don't care to cycle through the 3 random guest centers over and over until I find one for temporary use.