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  1. 100 - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS4) I made my one hundredth platinum the game that started it all for me 19 years ago. Also my favourite game of all time, along with Jak 2 and 3. I've been practicing the speedrun for a while and ended up achieving my goal of coming in eighth place on the PSNProfiles leaderboards 🙂
  2. I agree completely. The best thing about trophies for me is when it encourages me to explore every little thing that the game has to offer. I finished the game last night and was so disappointed to see that I would go on to platinum the game in just an hour or two. Surely they could have put in a trophy for completing challenge mode or getting every weapon to max level or even all the gold bolts. Again, cool game but this trophy list isn't that much of a step up from Telltale trophy lists where you just have to finish the game.
  3. I got two wins in a row and then got kicked out of the third game from server issues. Feel like it may take a couple of years to get for me but could still be possible.
  4. Limbo (Vita) This took 5 years and 7 months because of that one crazy trophy. It's been a while since I've platted or 100%ed a difficult game so I'm happy about this! The game itself remains a masterpiece in atmosphere.
  5. Just going to leave this information regarding the "Cat Burglar" trophy here for anybody that needs it in the future. There is a lot of misinformation about this trophy out there including on this site's trophy guide. Not everyone has this issue but it's extremely frustrating when it happens to you. This trophy wasn't unlocking for me after feeding the cat and talking to Nozomi endlessly throughout the game. I understand that other people often have an issue with this trophy. I did a lot of reading online for tips about getting this trophy, however everyone seemed a little clueless about what actually triggers the cutscene you need to get this trophy. Turns out that on the day that you trigger the cutscene where Nozomi says that the cat is missing (the day after you show the phoenix mirror to Master Chen), there must be clear skies (it must not be raining or snowing) to get the cat spawned at the bottom of the stairs. This means that for getting this trophy you must not show the phoenix mirror to Master Chen on a day before it will rain or snow. To check that the weather will be ok the next day you can dial 177 on the phone to check the next day's weather. It may say that the day begins with clear skies and this is ok, you will have enough time to get to Nozomi before it snows or rains. To recap: if you are having trouble with this trophy then play the game up to when you find the phoenix mirror but before you show it to Master Chen. Then dial 177 on the phone to check tomorrow's weather. If you are told that there is a part of tomorrow that is "fine" then show the phoenix mirror to Master Chen and after the cutscene you will wake up the next day. If not wait until the next day and check the weather (repeat until you are told that the weather is "fine" tomorrow). Walk up to Nozomi at the time of day where the weather is fine, talk to her and the cat will spawn under the stairs as it should. Additionally, contrary to what almost everyone thinks and writes on trophy guides, you do not actually need to be feeding the cat regularly, in fact you do not need to feed it at all. However, you do need to talk to Nozomi a few times to trigger those cutscenes with her before you get to showing the phoenix mirror to Master Chen. Hope this saves endless hours of research for other people online in the future.
  6. Just finished for the first time. Seems like it would be a really fun game to go back and get trophies on!
  7. Looks like some great sales. I was pretty disappointed with the previous ones as they were mainly compromised of AAA games.
  8. From Jim Ryan's statements over the last few years he has seemed like a dinosaur from an older SIE. I hope that those statements are just his obligatory poor defense to justify decisions of others from within SIE of whom he doesn't agree with and that they do not actually represent his views. Fingers-crossed.
  9. I started to play a lot better when I began using the hold function. Maybe you're already doing that but I'll throw it out there just in case you're not yet. Good luck!
  10. Tuesday, July 10 France 2-3 Belgium Wednesday, July 11 England 2-1 Croatia
  11. Well done England! Friday 6 July Uruguay 2 - 1 France Brazil 2 - 1 Belgium Saturday 7 July England 3 - 1 Sweden Russia 1 - 3 Croatia
  12. Oh boy. I missed out on 2 days (4 games). 😅 Oh well, I'll put the remainder for the Round of 16 up anyway. Monday 2 July Brazil 1 - 2 Mexico Belgium 3 - 1 Japan Tuesday 3 July Sweden 2 - 3 Switzerland Columbia 1 - 2 England
  13. 26 June Denmark 1-3 France Australia 2-1 Peru Iceland 1-2 Croatia Argentina 2-1 Nigeria 27 June South Korea 1-2 Germany Mexico 2-0 Sweden Serbia 0-2 Brazil Switzerland 2-1 Costa Rica 28 June Senegal 0-2 Colombia Japan 2-2 Poland England 3-2 Belgium Panama 1-3 Tunisia
  14. 22 June Brazil 3-1 Costa Rica Nigeria 1-2 Iceland Serbia 0-2 Switzerland 23 June Belgium 3-0 Tunisia South Korea 0-2 Mexico Germany 3-1 Sweden 24 June England 3-1 Panama Japan 2-1 Senegal Poland 0-2 Colombia 25 June Uruguay 1-2 Russia Saudi Arabia 0-2 Egypt Spain 2-1 Morocco Iran 1-2 Portugal
  15. Unlucky for Morocco. They played so well!