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  1. Push2Plat Episode 28 : The Long & The Short of It With Cj & Mindi and special guest ResidentDarrell This week we are joined by returning guest @ResidentDarrell, host of PG Spoilers, the Proven Gamer Networks Flagship Podcast to discuss our latest gaming adventures. We tackle the age old debate of Long & Short games, how we approach them and the life practicalities that define them. Throw in the new releases, what we have been playing, the occasional laugh and a slice of Spam. P2P your weekly Trophy Podcast. Game coverage includes Control, Blood Wave, 11:11 Memories Retold, Legend of the Skyfish, The Dark Pictures Anthology : Man of Medan, Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville plus plenty more. To have your say join us on Twitter @push2plat email us at [email protected] or jump in to our Playstation 4 Community Push2Plat Platinum Club for all our weekly plat shoutouts.
  2. That all seems logical. It sounds like there has been plenty of thought gone into it. Personally I thought the AU board had sort of died away but there is obviously still a little life left there. Keep up the good work.
  3. Trust is relatively if you can’t prove he did it you have to entertain he didn’t. If he did by all means off with his head. Anyway I will respect the decision either way. It is what it is.
  4. If he only has 1 more flag left then this is an even more important decision. If there is any grey here I don't see how you can not lift this. He is the #1 player in Australia by a margin with a basically unblemished record. I think he has more than earned some level of trust on this one.
  5. I only have the digital version sorry.
  6. I would agree with this. If you can't definitively prove that he cheated then I think the flag should be lifted. Whether he is a team account or not is irrelevant according to this site. I don't believe you can definitively prove that either. This is an important decision that could affect a player that clearly cares about his trophies. It is good to see you are treating it fairly. Best of luck with your decision.
  7. The digital PS4 version on the JP store has an English option to play the game in. The game actually quite good.
  8. I would like to join up and help hunt some trophies. I might make it to the 100 club if I can add to the tally of my old profile name - Cjshai. No problems if not. Thanks for organising
  9. Ironically we are back where we started I will be #1 in AU 4 a day. Gotta love trophy hunters. One must laugh.
  10. Anytime, maybe I can twist your arm for an invite to your show
  11. I would recommend it. I usually read the first hour or so of most the the translated VNs I play and then make a decision. I am around 2hrs into this one and have been enjoying it. There is alot going on at the start but you soon realise it is more of a narrative than choice based so it makes the reading more rewarding not concerning yourself with alternate paths. The music is also quite good.
  12. You are correct it has been in the NA store since launch. Unless you are based in Japan it is probably the cheaper option.
  13. The site already allows you to search your profile via platform and alphabetically. The stacks are listed one after the other. You can see what you have done, or what is on your profile. If you are concerned about missing a game stack then just follow someone like World #2 Ikemenzi he never misses anything.
  14. Oh this is really tough can I pick a couple Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the White Witch Remastered Loved Ni No Kuni 2 want more WRC8 - love a rally game
  15. Definitely stick with it, and if you need a break from them just set your duty finder to japanese only games. I did that for awhile, I was pretty sure I caused a bit of hate but hey it was in Japanese so I couldn't read it