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  1. Hello,


    How are you finding Port Royale 4 ? Does it run ok, would you recommend. Sorry for question not much info out on this. Thanks

  2. There is clearly something wrong with this sites tracking, I have been smashing the cheevos in Forza Horizon 4 and yet no points here ....... cmon
  3. So it is true huh. Regardless of what you find here I hope she is banned from future competitions on here and her name is removed from the Trophy Hunters League and other events records. Just another sad case of people trying to keep up by pretending. By all means be a team just be open about it. I think it is past time the rest of them were called out as well.
  4. Not at all, congrats on the win. I couldn’t catch you. Goodluck for the rest of the season. I saw you were playing Hotshot Racing, enjoy a lot of fun. Props on the ESO too
  5. The badges look awesome thanks so much @nyanchovy definitely adding my page. Thanks to everyone involved in organising event too,
  6. You know this site is going to implement a change one day, but unfortunately Profilers it won't be in this lifetime. Until then the more guides the better, regardless of if the game needs it or not. And more advertising too, I haven't seen 1 Xbox add on here in months. Edit : Could you signup Cheevo guides and Achievement Hunter please
  7. I see the scores are reflective of people already moving over towards the X, well except for a few outliers. Next season it is the achievement hunters league right
  8. Thanks for posting this, almost every review on this game echos your thoughts yet on Chameleongames Twitter it is flooded with praise. Sony even endorsed it. For $20 maybe but for basically full price they should be ashamed.
  9. Did Sony release a price yet, I can’t hear anything over the sound of the PS4Pro fan, hopefully PS5 comes bundled with a baseball bat so you can beat it back down onto the shelf when it takes off.
  10. Not at all, you have just been lost for a long time. I am sure you are starting to learn alot more about trophy hunters now with your podcast. The talk off air is always far more interesting and open than anything ever recorded. Hopefully they can help you to realise you have more to offer than a trophy card. Until then keep up the good work with your show. I look forward to the day when I tune in and you are truly happy you deserve it.
  11. This happens all the time with trophy hunters that focus only on trophies. It will end one of 2 ways. 1. You will end up gaining no enjoyment from gaming and will eventually quit completely. After a few weeks you will realise how much better your feel about everything, you might return but most likely not. (It may take years to get to this realisation and your quality of life/ mental health will probably deteriorate the longer it takes) 2. You won’t quit but you will join the growing number of hunters that just whinge about why trophies suck, how much better it was in my day all while never acknowledging how much time they wasted in a pursuit they have stopped if ever caring about long ago. (Please don’t become one of them) Every year I see more people go route 1, unfortunately many also take #2. To avoid either you need to find enjoyment in the game first. Then you will earn more trophies by just playing, be happier and most importantly be able to provide positivity to counterpoint the abundance of troubled people in trophy hunting. Years ago it bothered me watching this cycle repeat itself with people, now I just feel sad they couldn’t enjoy what is a fantastic hobby if you let it be as intended, playing the game not the trophies playing you. Goodluck and have fun, it is all that matters.
  12. Nothing wrong with that, even I have given up trying to keep up with myself. Be well. See ya next season from ............. afar
  13. You have to leave them be every year many hunters just disappear especially as you move up into the top 2 pages. If you treat the leaderboards as a reflection of someone’s gaming journey, more of a personal challenge and less of a ranking against others then they deserve to have their place as well. More important a question is what type of gamer you will be. If you play for the enjoyment of gaming you will fly up the boards and you will meet many wonderful people and enjoy your experience. If you merely play for the trophies you will eventually fall into the trap so many of those that left did. What is worse is you won’t even realise you never really enjoyed it till it is to late. A gamer has plenty to say, a gamer solely for trophies has nothing Goodluck
  14. Excellent news, I spent the breaking organising a Trophy Restraining Order for @blu3st4rdust305 so I may hopefully never be embarrassed, humiliated and destroyed again by the trophy slayer that reduced myself to an out of date can of spam in the corner.
  15. Yes please, I need to lift my effort if I am ever going to match the Spam like God status of @Redbeard-Rik 's numbers