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  1. The integration of the trophy guide with your trophy list so you can see what you have done / still to do is probably the most useful thing on this site. Could you please look at adding this feature to all regional stacks of the same game and not link it back to the one stack that is originally tied to the guide at the time of publishing. This is the most needed feature especially for games / trophy lists from non-english speaking regions. Many thanks, Cj
  2. I don't know anyone that has finished this game, what is it like ? Is it fun ? I am not worried about the platinum. Thanks
  3. Hello Darlings, You are looooooking fabulous. Is that Prada, Gucci...... oh behave that is not off the rack Wall-mart...... Outrageous tots. So like was in the salon talking with the girls over a glass of so so and we are just luvin the entrants this year..... so cute and all this social distancing so 2020. You know they won't even do the nails ohh had to ring a girlfriend and be like " 3rd world problems babe" Anyway as the bedazzled suit isn't coming out of the walkin this year..... oh the shoes ... snakeskin it is so this century..... it is tragic but yeah nah what can you do hon ? Any hoots like tots fabulous your hair that colour stunning is soooo you, you look like 19 that doctor is amazing. But look lovelies you ain't hear for chin wag lets get onto the men.... I mean songs darling .... clearly So North Macedonia hello, Croatia are u legal ?, Russia hold the ink dal, Cyprus those teeth ... grrr, Spain oh Blas oh my, I see you Czech Marky Mark u can be a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.....fierce. Any hoot I knocked out Persona 5 Royal so stamp my card, it is so like teenage drama like Dawson like Pacey like like Joey oh my hold the phone Mishima darling stunning the other 99hrs blah. Will call in this week with my vote until then, Beeeeehave
  4. Point taken. Happy Gaming.
  5. I have to admit I am dubious as to why some many ps3imports members are congregated here. Usually a public lynching follows. Please tell me you are not trying to recruit the great Ike for Premium Membership into your Digital Share house. That would be a shame
  6. Thankyou good Sir. I am not ashamed to admit I still do maths on my hand....... yep I am a simple man.
  7. He has the most trophies on PlayStation now of any gamer right ? I just assumed he broke PSNprofiles. What is even more staggering though Mr Viddy is he owns more games than both you and I combined. Now that is an achievement.
  8. 2 more completed for me thanks #CookWithMe : Persona 5 Royal Not what I expected and not the best JRPG I have played but it was fine. More of a visual novel with light gameplay than anything else. Story was good but the whole game had way to much bloat. In hindsight I shouldn't have played on Safety Mode it makes the little combat that is in the game trivial and meaningless. I think I would have probably preferred this game as a Visual novel. Still I am glad I played it but it is definitely not on the level of a Dragon Quest 11 and a far cry from the perfection attained by Final Fantasy 14 (technically a MMO but then Royal is technically a RPG) #Dance With Me : Persona 4 : Dancing All Night This completes all the Persona Dancing games for me. Having played this game 7 times across the stacks it has been a wonderful experience. The story is great and the rhythm game fun, fair and great selection of tunes. Sure it is easier than any other Japanese rhythm game but that doesn't hold it back. Minimal grind at the end too. A great series worth playing even if you have no interest in the Persona mainline games,
  9. Finally I am on the board, Persona 5 Royal (EU) I think these points are correct but please amend if I made a mistake. Not sure if I get the Lets Play Bonus so will just add it and see. As for the game well ....... I have played better JRPG. It was good but it is more of a visual novel with light gameplay. No Dragon Quest 11 or Final Fantasy XIV that is for sure. Persona 5 Royal base score 100 + 64 trophy points - 33.18 completion rarity - 0 completion x2 Lets Play Bonus = 261.64
  10. I would love to extend an invite if you did decide to do this and would like to share with our audience. Open invite if it interests.
  11. Still alive ....... high possibility I will get some points later this week ...... dependent on whether Persona 5 Royal does indeed have an ending...... I am still not convinced
  12. I think that is a great idea with DQB2. I look forward to reading your thoughts as you go. I made it to the second "world" if you like and sort of dropped off. It is a long game and grindy but I enjoyed it alot more than the first one.
  13. Congrats on the Taimumari : Complete Edition plat well played ...... spam always finds a way 😇
  14. This looks like alot of fun, I have some feminine tendencies (love shopping, shoes, gossip and can talk the leg off a chair) I have been told but alas I feel that I don't qualify here ): Have a wonderful time, Eigen's events are always the best.
  15. Congrats on your win and on your 1st Platinum League win. Great job 😀 Goodluck to all the finalists