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  1. Very nice you are on fire. I dropped 2k yesterday afternoon. The number of quick trophies is awesome. I’m going back to Xenoblade 3 today but I’m leaving this in your capable hands. Bring home the record Sir.
  2. This is great to see. I had a look at your profile and I reckon you could easily pull 2-3k trophies in half a day max. So many games available for you. Goodluck and I’m looking forward to seeing this record smashed. Long live the Spam
  3. This stinks of Jimmy Ryan, probably some stunt to claim Microsoft are harming the playstation gamers experience. There better be some compensation for the players. I would settle for a PS5, two of them if this thing stretches on
  4. Any luck hearing back ? How is the game ? Im quite tempted but I read about the camera / tank controls on the dpad. Does it play ok ?
  5. My advice would be to just set your profile to private for a few days, a week or however long it stretches. I do it a few times a year it is a nice head space cleaner and you might be surprised how little this rankings and random percentages really interest you as the time goes by. I would hazard a guess that your problem is not chasing the boards but rather balancing the games you want to play. You clearly enjoy the big games and it is easy to lose 100s of hours a year in them. Those sort of games are not about completion percentages or leaderboard places they are about the games and the enjoyment of losing yourself in their worlds. If you can make a mental shift from the arbitrary number placed on your account to seeing your profile as a personal challenge against yourself to play everything you want to the degree you want then you will find some great value in this site. If for no other reason it is the best way to track your library as that is definitely the biggest problem with a private profile, actually knowing what the fuck you have played and own. If you are in a position too you should also look into a Switch or Xbox. There is no better way to avoid or break trophy paralysis than splitting your time across systems where the metagame holds no real interest for you. Besides there are so many amazing RPGs and JRPGs out there you won't have time to worry about anything but playing the awesome games when you carve out time to game. I wish you luck, happy gaming it is a great hobby.
  6. I respect your opinion and I understand how little joy there must be living in NZ so I can sympathise the joy climbing the boards did bring. Taking this away is not fair but I do admire you for holding the course and not moving to Australia like so many of your fellow brethren. As for the games and climbing the boards I would advise you to play every game, you might be surprised how many interesting titles you are missing. And what else are you going to spend your money on over there, well except the obvious 🐑
  7. One of the most interesting stats available is on True Trophies filter leaderboard by True Trophy Score then Unique Games. It removes the stacks and gives you a true indication of ranking. Based on Rarity and only 1 stack of each game. I wouldn’t mind seeing that here of course I also wouldn’t mind a PS5 equivalent in performance to the Xbox Series X ……….
  8. Say what you will about Spam it definitely motivates the masses
  9. My fav event by one of my fav people on here. Please sign me up, thanks for organising again look forward to it every year 😀
  10. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the most played of this EZPZ category. Sony First Party - Horizon Zero Spam (especially 2nd one) - Spiderman - Miles Morales - Astro Spam Room
  11. This looks like a lot of fun and optimal timing as this service just launched in Australia. I’m sure I don’t need it but the “upgrade” for the rest of this year’s sub seems like it would be wrong not to. Thanks for running and also for the eligible games list
  12. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising 100 + 40(B) + 16(S) + 12(G) - 38.07 (rarity) = 153.71 + 50 (new game) = 179.93
  13. UPDATE #5 26/5/2022 - Changing Final Fantasy VII Remake from Uncommon List and replacing with Eiyuden Chronicle Rising PS5 - updated Common List Additionals - Completed Quest Set 2 50 Uncommon Trophies - Updated Quest 3 Completed All Trophy Requirments, not completed any DLC packs Common List 1. Vegas Tales PS5 Platinum 7/4/2022 2. The Pigeon P (PS5 -EU) 24/4/2022 3. Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus 13/4 4. Speed Truck Racing PS5 Platinum 19/3 5. Rogue Explorer PS5 (EU) Platinum 13/4 COMMON LIST POINTS 5 / 5 PTS UnCommon List 1. Babylon's Fall (PS5) 26/4/2022 2. Assassins Creed Valhalla (PS5) 3. Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden (PS4) 4. Tales of Arise (PS5) 5. Eiyuden Chronicles Rising (PS5) EU UNCOMMON LIST POINTS 1 / 5 PTS Common List ( Additionals ) +96 QUESTS STARTED 5th APRIL when joined event / 1st game completion (all requirements from this date) Quest Set 1 - January (trophies earned from January onwards count) Hide contents Acquire 50 trophies of any rarity in no particular order (2 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 bronze trophies. Oh those pesky bronze (5 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 silver trophies. Second place is better than last. (7 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 gold trophies. One step closer to platinum. (10 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Quest Set 1 Total = 24 / 24 PTS Quest Set 2 - March (trophies earned from March onwards count) Hide contents Acquire 75 trophies of any type/rarity in no particular order. Like last time but bigger. (3 points) 75/75 COMPLETE Acquire 50 common trophies. (2 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 uncommon trophies. (5 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 rare trophies. (7 points) 3/50 Trophy Hunting: Wordle Edition. Pick a five letter word and earn 50 trophies with names that start with one of those letters. (5 points) HORSE 50/50 COMPLETE Quest Set 2 Total = 15 / 22 PTS Quest Set 3 - May (trophies earned from May 1st onwards count) Acquire 100 trophies of any type/rarity in no particular order. The trophy collection grows again. (4 points) 100/100 COMPLETE Acquire 75 bronze trophies. (7 points) 75/75 COMPLETE Acquire 75 silver trophies. (9 points) 75/75 COMPLETE Acquire 75 gold trophies. (12 points) 75/75 COMPLETE Side Quest: Complete 5 DLC packs. (5 points) 0/5 Quest Set 3 Total = 32 / 37 PTS Total Points (as of 26/5 ) 172 PTS (last trophy updated to #70,425 1/05)
  14. Little shoutout thanks to the people that posted about Eiyuden Chronicles. I would have missed it completely otherwise and it is great. Good to see it on Gamepass and happy to throw the devs some $ on PS too. Thanks
  15. It is definitely something to seriously consider. I have both Series X and PS5 and moved a fair amount of my time over to Xbox in the last year. I really enjoy the system. I don’t fan boy to any one system as I am interested in getting the best experience I will enjoy on the games I want to play, which is basically all of them. Ultimately I agree with you the games are much the same between both and if exclusives matter you will buy both anyway. Judging by the number of plats you have you enjoy your gaming so go on treat yourself. Some things I have found Pros of the XsX - on a good 4K display LG C1 or equivalent there is a noticeable improvement over PS5 graphically - smart resume is very useful if you move between multiple games - the XsX rarely reverts to a black loading screen like PS5 sometimes does. Immersion breaking and surprisingly occurs more in mid to indie games but also triple A. (Yes I play the games often on both systems lol) - Gamepass. This can save you a lot of money even in the short term. The challenge will be where you want to play a certain game - if platinum or trophies matter over achievements - a first party “elite” controller that may not have the gimmicks of the duel sense but is more practical with wider array of options/setups and for me preferred in the long run - automatic save transfers from the cloud. This is huge if you have multiple systems and move between them. It is quicker and more streamlined than PlayStations approach - if you like replaying games it opens up a whole new stack Cons - different controller layout / feel - IT DOESN’T HAVE TROPHIES seems silly I know but I let that hold me back for awhile. If it is a concern you really have to judge how you play. If you tie the meta game into justifying time then it might be a waste buying the X as you won’t really use it. But if you can find a happy medium or are more interested in the games without the constraints of the meta game then it’s not an issue. - Time. If you figure out a way to get through everything on 1 let alone 2 systems please let me know 😂 Ultimately I’d recommend giving it a go. It is the only way you will really find out what sort of gamer you are. And heck you can still earn a shitload of platinums on PS and spend your fair share of time on the X if you want. Happy Gaming