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  1. Little shoutout thanks to the people that posted about Eiyuden Chronicles. I would have missed it completely otherwise and it is great. Good to see it on Gamepass and happy to throw the devs some $ on PS too. Thanks
  2. It is definitely something to seriously consider. I have both Series X and PS5 and moved a fair amount of my time over to Xbox in the last year. I really enjoy the system. I don’t fan boy to any one system as I am interested in getting the best experience I will enjoy on the games I want to play, which is basically all of them. Ultimately I agree with you the games are much the same between both and if exclusives matter you will buy both anyway. Judging by the number of plats you have you enjoy your gaming so go on treat yourself. Some things I have found Pros of the XsX - on a good 4K display LG C1 or equivalent there is a noticeable improvement over PS5 graphically - smart resume is very useful if you move between multiple games - the XsX rarely reverts to a black loading screen like PS5 sometimes does. Immersion breaking and surprisingly occurs more in mid to indie games but also triple A. (Yes I play the games often on both systems lol) - Gamepass. This can save you a lot of money even in the short term. The challenge will be where you want to play a certain game - if platinum or trophies matter over achievements - a first party “elite” controller that may not have the gimmicks of the duel sense but is more practical with wider array of options/setups and for me preferred in the long run - automatic save transfers from the cloud. This is huge if you have multiple systems and move between them. It is quicker and more streamlined than PlayStations approach - if you like replaying games it opens up a whole new stack Cons - different controller layout / feel - IT DOESN’T HAVE TROPHIES seems silly I know but I let that hold me back for awhile. If it is a concern you really have to judge how you play. If you tie the meta game into justifying time then it might be a waste buying the X as you won’t really use it. But if you can find a happy medium or are more interested in the games without the constraints of the meta game then it’s not an issue. - Time. If you figure out a way to get through everything on 1 let alone 2 systems please let me know 😂 Ultimately I’d recommend giving it a go. It is the only way you will really find out what sort of gamer you are. And heck you can still earn a shitload of platinums on PS and spend your fair share of time on the X if you want. Happy Gaming
  3. Good to hear, I didn't realize you had done P5. I am sure you will enjoy the new content in Royal there is some serious long and great story content in there. Looking forward to your thoughts on Strikers, I am still on the fence.
  4. APRIL UPDATE A better month for spending control with not many games that interest me coming out over the next few months. Probably a good thing as every time I turn on the consoles I am amazed at how many great games are awaiting attention. The Golden Sale is very good on PSN at the moment and I expect a few pickups in May but probably another slower month. I set a goal of spending 10k max this year on gaming and I feel like I am still coming in around target. If I avoid the temptation to upgrade any more equipment should be good. We shall see. Hope everyone is finding some fun games, there are plenty out there. IP - In Progress C - Completed 6/4 Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga $69 8/10 IP 7/4 Chrono Cross : The Radical Dreamers Edition $29.95 Not Started 7/4 Slipstream $13.45 7/10 IP 7/4 Destiny 2 : Legacy Collection $44.97 8/10 IP 10/4 Taqoban PS4/5 $7.55 C 4/10 10/4 Mages & Treasures PS4/5, Ravva and the Cyclops Curse $4.53, Takotan, Baseball 4 Player Coop, Baseball 3 Player Coop, Bunny Reversi, $19.84 Various Completed / IP 3/10 13/4 Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus $15.95 C 7/10 13/4 Wasteland 3 Expansion Pass $14.97 Not Started 13/4 Z Warp P4/5 $10.45 C 8/10 14/4 Road 96 $24.95 Not Started 14/4 Crash Bandicoot 4 : It’s About Time $40 IP 8/10 14/4 WWE2K 22 $79 Not Started 14/4 Moto GP21 $13 Not Started 18/4 Space 2 NA + EU P4 $3 C 1/10 19/4 Rainbow P4+5 EU + NA $9 C 1/10 19/4 Epic Chef $20 Not Started 21/4 Alienzix P4 EU + NA $8 C 1/10 23/4 Tiny Tina’s Wonderalnds Coiled Captors $14.95 Not Started 23/4 MotoGP 22 P4/5 $65 IP To early to rate 23/4 Metal Tales Overkill $20 IP 7/10 24/4 The Pigeon P P4+5 NA + EU $8 C 1/10 25/4 Brotherhood United $6.72 C 3/10 27/4 Red Death, Null Drifter P5 $7.54 C 6/10 28/4 The Five Convens $5.82 Not Started 28/4 Nioh + Nioh 2 The Complete Edition Remastered PS5 $45 Not Started 28/4 Can You Escape ? NA + EU P4+5 $22 C 1/10 28/4 The Caligula Effect : Overdose $24.48 Not Started 29/4 Tasomachi : Behind the Twilight $25.95 IP 8/10 29/4 Richy’s Nightmaresn EU + NA $14 C 1/10 29/4 Pity Pit / Many Faces P5 NA $14 C 1/10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total = $682.54(AUD) Year Total = $5,594.52 (AUD) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Game Played in April : Babylon's Fall / Far Cry 6 / A Memoir Blue Worst Game : Trophy (Xbox)
  5. Great choice, Sakuna is a real hidden gem. I have no idea why I bounced of it. Looking forward to spending some more time with it so thankyou. I am not sure exactly how these call outs go so I will just call you out @Sanevin if that is ok. Our profiles are actually pretty similar, we both have a stack of amazing games at 0% or there abouts. I was tempted to pick Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris, Fuga Melodies of Steel or Final Fantasy XIV from your profile as all are awesome games but I am going to settle on Persona 5 Royal for your callout. I hope you didn't hate it when you abandoned it and that you can find enjoyment in one of my fav PS4 games too.
  6. Yep I am sure it would be on sale soon. At least one positive for the graphics is that I can't tell any difference between the PS5 / PS4 version so it is kinda fun going back and doing the dailies on the PS4 version till I get the plat
  7. Yep I think most of the hate is just based on the graphics. If you like Nier and the paintbrush sort of artstyle you won't have a problem. I would probably hold off a little longer before starting they are making changes weekly now to the balancing and have some level design patches coming through in the next few weeks I believe. It is great to see they are really committing to working on it to improve it. Guess we shall see what happens down the track
  8. Lol, impressive it would have been a rough listen getting that far 😂 I am pretty sure this isn't the purpose of this thread but it does make a great catch-all for buying suggestions and anything that slips past me on the store so I appreciate it
  9. Update: Babylon's Fall PS5 100 + 61 - 29.43 = 131.57 (Had 3 bronze trophies before start - 4% completion) Hopefully I did that right, I wasn't sure I would get any points in this so nice to be off the mark. Really enjoyed this game and look forward to seeing what they can do to improve/save it over the coming months.
  10. UPDATE #3 Another one down and going to make a swap of Horror Tales : The Wine to The Pigeon P for last Common Game. +1 Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus Added Uncommon List Common List 1. Vegas Tales PS5 Platinum 7/4/2022 2. The Pigeon P (PS5 -EU) 3. Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus 13/4 4. Speed Truck Racing PS5 Platinum 19/3 5. Rogue Explorer PS5 (EU) Platinum 13/4 COMMON LIST POINTS 4 / 5 PTS UnCommon List 1. Babylon's Fall (PS5) 2. Assassins Creed Valhalla (PS5) 3. Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden (PS4) 4. Tales of Arise (PS5) 5. Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5 - EU) QUESTS STARTED 5th APRIL when joined event / 1st game completion (all requirements from this date) Quest Set 1 - January (trophies earned from January onwards count) Quest Set 1 Total = 24 / 24 PTS Quest Set 2 - March (trophies earned from March onwards count) Quest Set 2 Total = 10 / 22 PTS Total Points (as of 24/04) 38 PTS (last trophy updated to #68,504 24/04)
  11. Congrats to the winners, impressive scores. Also massive shoutout to the new OP strat in this league. I love it when spam finds a way ...... it always does.
  12. Update #2 2 more down, 2 to go on the common list. Have made one swap will come back to Root Film later. Common List 1. Vegas Tales PS5 Platinum 7/4/2022 2. Horror Tales : The Wine PS5 3. Root Film PS4 SWAP 13/4 for Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus 4. Speed Truck Racing PS5 Platinum 19/3 5. Rogue Explorer PS5 (EU) Platinum 13/4 COMMON LIST POINTS 3 / 5 PTS QUESTS STARTED 5th APRIL when joined event / 1st game completion (all requirements from this date) Quest Set 1 - January (trophies earned from January onwards count) Acquire 50 trophies of any rarity in no particular order (2 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 bronze trophies. Oh those pesky bronze (5 points) 30/50 Acquire 50 silver trophies. Second place is better than last. (7 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 gold trophies. One step closer to platinum. (10 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Quest Set 1 Total = 19 / 24 PTS Quest Set 2 - March (trophies earned from March onwards count) Acquire 75 trophies of any type/rarity in no particular order. Like last time but bigger. (3 points) 75/75 COMPLETE Acquire 50 common trophies. (2 points) 50/50 COMPLETE Acquire 50 uncommon trophies. (5 points) 11/50 Acquire 50 rare trophies. (7 points) 0/50 Trophy Hunting: Wordle Edition. Pick a five letter word and earn 50 trophies with names that start with one of those letters. (5 points) HORSE 50/50 COMPLETE Quest Set 2 Total = 10 / 22 PTS Total Points (as of 13/4) 32PTS (last trophy updated to #68,139 - Rouge Master 13/4)
  13. Sorry, I'm still alive a kicking, completely forgot to update. Will do so now List Chicory PS4 2% Crystar PS4 36% REPLACE with Bravely Default 2 (Switch) - Chapter 2 Buried Stars PS4 not started Persona 5 Strikers PS4 not started Oninaki PS4 not started Root Film PS4 chapter 2 Ys IX Monstrum Nox PS4 chapter 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox Chapter 2 Scarlet Nexus XsX Story Completion +1 27/8/2021 Judgement XsX Story Completion +1 5/10/2021 Off List Games (1/2 point) Horizon Forbidden West - Platinum 16/3/2022 I am a bit distracted with recent open world adventures at the moment so should have some more off listers soon. Still planning on moving through the remaining games on my list. Thanks again for the bump to remind me and for running this fun event as well
  14. MARCH UPDATE Another great month of games and some hardware too. I feel like I am starting to setup nicely now which seems about time as we are well into the gen of consoles. The expansions were a must and wonderful and the Switch a worth upgrade on the base model. Knockin up the list now I realized I have quite a few of these still to start. See what April brings. Hope everyone else is finding some gaming goodness too. Have included a P for Platinum C - completed (not going for plat) IP - In Progress and NS - Not Started and a Personal rating out of 10 1/3 Task Force Kampas PS5 $8.95 P 7/10 3/3 Scarlett Nexus PS4/5 + Season Pass $71.92 NS 3/3 Sonar Beat $3.75 NS 3/3 Gran Turismo 7 $124.95 IP 7/10 3/3 A Musical Story $20.65 IP 8/10 4/3 PS5 2TB Expansion SSD $500 10/10 5/3 Monark $84.95 NS 5/3 JETT : The Far Shore $29.91 NS 5/3 Speed Truck Racing $11.95 P 6/10 7/3 Babylon’s Fall P4/5 $99.95 IP to early to rate 9/3 Lost Judgment Ultimate Edition Xbox $50 IP 10/10 11/3 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla : Dawn of Ragnarok $59.95 IP 9/10 11/3 The Cruel King and the Great Hero $39.95 NS 11/3 Frightence $8.95 NS 12/3 Nintendo Switch OLED $539 10/10 😊 12/3 Triangle Strategy (Switch) $69 NS 13/3 0 Degrees P5 $3.77 IP 3/10 13/3 Racing ( 2 Player Co-op Challenge) $1.45 P 1/10 14/3 Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin P4/5 $99.95 IP to early to rate 15/3 Grand Theft Auto V (PS5) $14.99 NS 18/3 Xbox Bundle ( Kursk / The Wanderer Frankenstein’s Curse/ What Lies in the Multiverse / Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus) $70 - Not started 19/3 Persona 4 Ultimax $44.95 NS 19/3 Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator $44.95 NS 20/3 Xbox X/S 2TB Expansion $595 10/10 24/3 Ghostwire : Tokyo $89.95 9/10 IP 24/3 Far Cry 6 Season Pass $38.96 NS 24/3 Retro Pixel Racers $6.04 7/10 IP 25/3 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands : Next Level Edition $109/95 NS 25/3 Quick Mafs Advanced P4/5, A Memoir Blue, Bowling Story Jane + Pammy, The Pizza Delivery Boy / The Cow G $30 1/10 for all except Memoir Blue 8/10 IP 28/3 Rune Factory 4 Special $44.95 IP to early to rate -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total = $2,918.74(AUD) Year Total = $4,911.98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Game Played in Feb : Tokyo Ghostwire + Assassins Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok Worst Game : 0 Degrees