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  1. Good to see you are continuing to punish yourself with more asian absurdity. I was surprised not to see any of these new Cotton games that are spewing out faster than the weekly Rat on your profile yet. I'll get you to hold onto that Mel B gem for awhile longer, although I am sorely tempted, does this one require a bizarre combinations of fans, white noise from youtube and awkwardly placed rubber bands or do you actually have to wiggle around and perform some chair yoga for the plat ? Life Is Strange True Colours (PS5) - Complete for my PINK game. It is currently 69% 😉
  2. Thanks for running another event and donating to charity. I would like to signup both for the good cause and also because I don't think I have ever played a game with a rarity below 80%.
  3. Goodluck you have quite the backlog already and some great games in your wish list. I am sure you will have plenty of fun to come. My only comment might be to consider just playing the games and not worrying to much about the platinum. You will save many hours from doing stupid things and open up a lot more time for many other wonderful games you still are yet to discover. Happy gaming.
  4. Every trophy counts. Happy gaming Congrats to everyone great to see a new record. Well done
  5. Very enjoyable event as always, had a good day hunting and playing some new games. Thanks again for organising and looking forward to next year.
  6. I look forward to joining this event and helping to contribute to the total. There are so many lost warriors in the 100 Trophy Club but lovely to see their names. Hopefully I can join them again. Happy gaming.
  7. Indeed, thanks for bumping this thread I have been meaning to play this on the XsX with the new patch. I hope you enjoyed your time with it, there are so many games that really engage you if you let them. Happy gaming
  8. Thankyou for this, very helpful.
  9. Finally something to post 1 story completion, below. Scarlett Nexus (XsX) I am not entirely sure how many hours I spent with this gem, the profile says 49hrs, my console 330hrs (thanks to the constant running time with quick resume). My best guess is probably around 60hrs. There is alot that could be said about this game from the style that simply oozes out of the screen thru the vibrant colour that bleeds a bright red constantly reminding you the strong ties to Anime that the game does nothing to shy away from. The clever rendering of cutscenes in gameplay engine to seamlessly move between narrative to boss fight is a lovely touch that heightens the immersion and illustrates the toil Bandai put into crafting this labor of love. The two lead characters are both unique, flawed, hot as a wet dream, like take them in the back room and do the nasty nasty hot, misunderstood but noticeably lacking the oversaturated teen angst so common in today's Triple A to Indies desire to appeal to the anti conformist but totally conformed younger generation. But while this game has the trappings to draw many a degenerate with its flashing lights, constant stimulation and underlying arousal it demands an understanding of combat, flow, timing and enemy learning to navigate through the numerous dungeons that increase in hardness and length. Stamina conservation becomes an important tool in maintaining peak performance that would move beyond a mere button mashers rough calloused hands or a young somethings flick of the wrists premature shot. The feeling of linking the various combos and shifting mid thrust between powers of which there are many may be akin to a better balanced Control. Once mastered though the euphoric orgasm of dopamine transcends mere pushing buttons and pulling the nob around to one of total immersion and ultimate satisfaction. I imagine it is akin to the 1 second of pure joy many of the spam trophy hunters on here feel as they pop the 8th stack of the weekly Ratalaika. But unlike the quick pull and watery discharge of a spam plat this game continues to drive you into a promised land of hypersensitivity and mindfulness as you become one with the character. Not without its flaws to be expected the general length may be a tad long to get your mouth around but nothing great ever came in a small package. The story was a delightful diversion that increasingly sort depth not commonly found in the hack n slash genre leaving me both confused and knowing as only a great non mainstream JRPG can do. So should you play this game ? Well of course but the reality is it is a game that demands focus, precision, stamina, the ability to no when to push on and when to pull out and above all a superior high performing tool. With this in mind your enjoyment of this game will most likely be tied up in the place you choose to inhabit it, and for that there is only one place. The home it was built for, the Xbox Series X. Rating 10/10 Quotable Quote :" Bandai will bring you to your knees like the Sony censorship board and beg you to take everything that have to offer in a game that knows when to squeeze and just how hard to knock the top off " Link for Proof
  10. Yes I was doing the maths last night and I doubt I have enough years left going the fisher route. I will do some that way though, it is such a relaxing job
  11. If there is place for another I will signup. Let's see if I can find anything on the Pony Box over 1hr long.
  12. Thanks everyone for the info. It has given me a good place to start. Will definitely checkout the Firmament, looking forward to exploring this section of the game I have never touched. Thanks for this very helpful. I don't intend to cheese these trophies as want to experience this side of the game but sort of interested in whether you could quick synthesis the crafting like you can with normal crafting or whether it is sort of one at a time things.
  13. Could someone point me in the right direction of what I need to be doing here. I understand you need a Land/Hand character to lvl56. I will have a Alchemist and Fisher at this level and assume switching over to collectables will be the best way to lvl up and knock them out at same time. I am a bit confused with what I have read online. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance
  14. Looks great, good job. I look forward to moving to the "active" column in the next month
  15. Hello I would like to join, thanks for running List Chicory PS4 not started Crystar PS4 chapter 4ish Buried Stars PS4 not started Persona 5 Strikers PS4 not started Oninaki PS4 not started Root Film PS4 chapter 2 Ys IX Monstrum Nox PS4 chapter 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox Chapter 2 Scarlet Nexus XsX Phase 3 Judgement XsX not started