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  1. Just incase you are not familiar with the Xbox system it is very easy to earn enough points to get Ultimate Gamepass / Gold per month at 35k pts for 3 months. I haven't had to pay for it for 6 months and don't expect that to change in the future. It would be wonderful for Sony to offer something similar. I would be more than happy to forgo their Psplus games and pay a nominal amount for the online service. Perhaps with all their innovation they might offer something for gamers that use it as a second system to keep them interested
  2. Unlucky man that is some Grade A bullshit but you have to expect it from that dude.
  3. Ahha I have a few hours yet to get a point then ....... damn you evil S X Box
  4. Thanks @Stedde for hosting this fun event. Great to see a fun new event so well supported. Keep up the great work. Congrats everyone good to see the trophy spammers didn't run away with it. Happy to do my small part in flying the Spam Hunter flag high.
  5. But we are having fun right so let em talk 😂
  6. I still love gaming and trophies, maybe more than ever. Having spoken to both these dudes although I don't profess to know them I just wish them the best in their journey. Whether they love trophies or not doesn't interest me in the least. Now if they can make me laugh or say something then I am interested. Happy gaming
  7. Congrats @Ichiban-Hybrid and @GTA_Darren for a wonderful season and solid finishes respectively. Thanks @ShogunCroCop for a great job running another season.
  8. My favourite PS4 moment is actually an accumulation from 2015 to present day. It is not game based but rather game driven I suppose. It is the many wonderful people I have meet, spoken with and come to know for better, worse or indifferent in game, in chats or in real life from all around the world. It has been amazing to laugh, learn and share. The last 6 years of PS4 and trophy hunting have been fantastic and to land where I have now with a group of amazing people I have meet through a common passion of gaming but have established friendships that run far deeper than game chatter is something I will value for a long time to come. As my shoutout I want to thank both of you. Having had the privilege of speaking with you both I can attest you are awesome humans that bring so much honesty and joy to gaming. Your podcast, the community you have built and your continual effort to produce awesome content while rolling with the challenges of life is something I truly respect. I never miss an episode and am always left in a wonderful state of mind after listening. I look forward to another 100 episodes and then 100 more to follow. Keep up the amazing work you are bringing joy to many people, more than you will ever probably know. All the best, Cj
  9. Great job Sir, I can imagine it was not fun going through my profile. I appreciate it
  10. Excellent news @StressEater I knew getting this was unavoidable an now your guide will be the facilitator. A wonderful thing
  11. Nonsense, I took a look at the silver league and they aren’t all that. Goodluck in the finals
  12. Nice so now not only can you bore the living shit out of all your party mates but you can also hold someone from Sony HQ hostage to your incessant ramble and vague sexual propositions of others mothers.
  13. @Krazy_99 has had a great season and I am sure he will bring it home. Looking forward to bringing my gutter style of gaming to the silver league next season.
  14. This looks like a great idea, I would like to help earn some trophies too. Thanks for organising @Stedde