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  1. It is what it is. Goodluck with your proposal.
  2. We don’t need another leaderboard a simple apology to the community for misleading, deceiving and lying to them would suffice in this particular case. Most trophy hunters would respect that and have no issues. After the hate that has been fuelled on here the last few weeks I find this incredibly ironic.
  3. I like your new profile picture. King of the Bronze. Keep up the great work :)

    1. ikemenzi


      I know, right. Thank you😀

  4. Congratulations this sounds like an exciting new direction. I must say having had the privilege of speaking to you a few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised by how well spoken, balanced and down to earth you were. It is great to actually hear and learn from someone you have followed for sometime. Personally I think you are a wonderful ambassador for PlayStation gamers. I am sure your passion for gaming will lead to an exciting and successful venture and I look forward to watching on. Goodluck to you and everyone involved.
  5. I didn't realise this thankyou. It is wonderful to hear good news stories.
  6. Well I know you know your shit games so I won't argue that point. Still the best thing is the gold trophy for finishing the first level. In out and fark off. The way it should be.
  7. Sorry I only just saw this, I gave my thoughts a few weeks ago on our podcast. Yes that was a shameless plug. But just incase podcasts haven't reached Tasmania yet ...... The game is a fun loop. You will have to go with me here but it is like the loop on 8 Seconds to Glory. Be it with Cars this time. 2 mini games then a reaction tester and that is each main event. Throw in some destruction events, a few time trials and a pretty basic car / gear levelling system and you have the game. It is maybe 6hrs if you mainline the upgrades, maybe 10 if you screw around a bit. The "grind" is all in the later part of the game Episode 3. Honestly it is nothing amazing but for mindless fun I really enjoyed it. Have fun.
  8. Sounds great. I already see some familiar names.
  9. Lol. Well to be honest he could write the same post in all three iterations of the game. They are all Spam. Long live the Spam.
  10. Most people that have platted this used a turbo controller. For the swimming events turbo controller will not help. The suggested stick movements are also not correct. Use the flat of your hand and small movements to move both sticks at same time.
  11. Congrats, amazing achievement seriously. I completely agree with you, most of the top “100” percent accounts are doing exactly what you say but some are not. MrTrofyHuntr is definitely not. Still I agree with you play whatever however. Your English is great, have fun
  12. You need to equip parts to give you a gear rating, if you have that much $ just buy A,B,C,D parts for all categories (2 don’t have set parts) and you will easily get 4500 and win final event. You can only buy 3 pieces of gear per episode.
  13. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to post our latest episode where we were lucky enough to be joined by the wonderful @eigen-space, creator of many wonderful community events here on Psnprofiles including the much loved Gaming By Numbers. If you were ever interested in learning more about Eigen feel free to give it a listen. She is an awesome human being and both myself and Mindi greatly enjoyed the conversation. Thanks. Push2Plat Episode 33 : Atelier Eigen : The Alchemist of Trophies Push2Plat Episode 33 : Atelier Eigen : The Alchemist of Trophies  - Youtube Push2Plat can be found on all good podcast providers. On Twitter @push2plat Email [email protected] Playstation 4 Community : Push2Plat Platinum Club Discord : (newly formed) This week we are joined by the wonderful Eigen-space, JRPG lover, guide writer, Atelier game connoisseur, community event organiser and all around awesome human being. Join us this week as we learn about the ever popular long running Atelier game series and gain some insight into JRPG guide writing. All the usual is present and accounted for, lots of games and some juicy Spam. Push2Plat your weekly trophy podcast. Game coverage includes Concrete Genie, Salt and Sanctuary, Tales of Xillia 2, The Sexy Brutale, Okami HD, Queens Quest 4, Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse : The Beginning, FFXIV Shadowbringers and many more.
  14. I imagine I am too late, but I doubt you would have read my response this time 😇 I would go with any dish in FFXV served up on Prompto ............ l♨️
  15. I noticed you missed a category for " game enjoyment "