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  1. Interesting question. I think it really comes down to the type of relationship you have with your partner. I mean I think most people accept the look but don't touch rule. Of course as the 1st episode of Season 5 of Black Mirror shows us the line between looking and touching is blurring. Combine this with the rapid advancement in the Japanese Adult Simulation Machine market and the growing interest in VR technology and well it is not surprising things are about to explode. Who is to say cheating will only be limited to anime characters or other humanoids. I mean experimentation with a horse in RDR2, octopus in any VN or even a fence post in Farm Together. Exciting possibilities for sure. Perhaps the only real answer is to embrace the open relationship because how can you ever be sure just what your partner is doing in the "gaming" room.
  2. Lol, ahh what a wonderful experience I am sure πŸ˜‡ I see that you are just taking games as we complete them off our profile which is great. Mine will be easy 100% sticks out like a sore thumb. Will be interesting to see what fits where as we go. R u enjoying Dragons Quest 11
  3. Thanks for organising, I would like to go again. I have changed my list as below. UR - The Sinking City 2.58% VR - Monster Jam Steel Titans (7.89%), Nascar Heat 3 (8.54%) Rare - Samurai Shodown (15.45%), Super Neptunia RPG (14.43%), Dragon Star Varnir (14.05%) Common / Uncommon - Assassin's Creed Odyssey, RiverBond, Windstorm Ari's Arrival, Daedalus, Kingdom Hearts 3
  4. Goodluck on your journey and have fun. It looks like a great list of games you already have. Maybe you might consider some more indie titles, I think there are some real gems there if they interest you. I noticed you have played a few Skylanders, the recent game Effie reminds me alot of Skylanders, slightly more mature and without the physical toys but worth a look. Starlink is fun and would recommend Lego Dimensions, depending on if you can still get the character packs or whatever now. As for the Ratalaika Games, well they are what you make of them. I would disregard most of what you read on here about them. Most people play them and enjoy ragging on them later, a strange practice but whatever brings them joy. I am The Hero, Devious Dungeon and Squareboy vs Bullies are quite fun. I think you should definitely look at Nier Automata. I am not sure if you are avoiding JRPG but if they somewhat interest you Ni No Kuni 2 base game is fantastic. If you are looking for different sorts of suggestions would recommend looking up the lists of some of the players on the leaderboards I find alot of interesting things via Ikemenzi, Yoda, stream_force and Ferry. All good people. Have fun
  5. Could I lock in the following list please 0 - Assassins Creed Odyssey 1 - Creepy Road NA 2 - Super Neptunia RPG 3 - Windstorm Ari Arrival 4 - Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dream (EU) 5 - Days Gone 6 - Monster Jam Titans 7 - Trovers Saves the Universe 8 - Zero Time Dilemma (PS4) 9 - Zero Escape The Nonary Games (PS4) Thanks
  6. This looks like alot of fun, thanks for organising @eigen-space. I would like to join as well.
  7. Apologies as well. Work, life blah blah. I will have something up on the weekend.
  8. Seems like a mixed bag so far one positive, one less so. You did better than me @KayoAye I tend to move on very quickly when I can't connect with something or find it without merit. I must ask though what time period do you think would be necessary for a complete society remake ? @AmarisSkye your book sounds fascinating. I am not big on Sci Fi but the Chinese cultural revolution is a fascinating topic. It is one of those things I don't think you could believe actually happened but it did. I find China fascinating I have travelled there a few times for work in the capacity of music. They equal parts embrace the western form and also shun it. Either way you see it though I will never understand the political desire to destroy significant cultural landmarks to empower their own ideology. Of course it is constantly replayed across the world so it must just be my ignorance. This is perhaps not the best update but considering the magnitude of the book one could never sum it up in a paragraph. Instead I will go with the last section I have just read which left me feeling equal parts angry and in awe. It was a sexual encounter in nature but it struck with such anger, indifference and resignation. This book continues to surprise me. It is skirting close now to academic "high art" egocentrism which I usually detest but I think it has me enthralled. I can perhaps see more of myself in it than I would like to acknowledge. I do like the choice it presents though to see society in one of 2 ways, which way you fall would be totally of your life situation and position. Interesting and divisive .......... This is a must read book. It will give you conviction in your life path but also shine a light on the other side I feel. I think there is alot of truth here it just depends on how far we are prepare to go to accept it and how deep we want to look at ourselves. My next book will be an ebook : The Console Wars
  9. No english backpackers for a month 4 u πŸ˜‡
  10. Dry July ? Buy a studio, imagine the fucked up shit we could make
  11. Just don’t drink for a week, pays for itself.
  12. The Bunker, Shapeshifting Detective Her Story probably the best but it is only on PC/Mac or mobile
  13. perhaps add some ribbons they are the shiny distraction of the moment......
  14. Lol, yah know ya want it too
  15. Sounds like a good idea. Could we get a participation award for just starting a game. #Ike4Number1