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  1. Congrats @Boooda good season. Well done @blu3st4rdust305 you are dominating this event another well played season and final. It is a shame you weren't around a few years ago I think you would have enjoyed it, the competitions are much fairer and more friendly now but I feel you would have proven an fierce competitor back then when it was really going off. @ShogunCroCop and helpers, thanks for organising another fun season, and yes I think it is past time I retired. All the best in future seasons and happy gaming.
  2. Gameplay : Dreams Prize Bubble Guide & Persona 5 Royal Confidants Guide Walkthrough : Buried Stars & Tales of Graces F Niche : Children of Morta & Subnautica DLC : Kingdom Come Deliverance - A Woman's Lot & Fell Seal : Arbiter's Mark Formatting : Divinity Original Sin 2 Trophy Guide & Divinity Original Sin 2 Tactician & Honour Mode Walkthrough Imported : Million Arthur : Arcana Blood & Project Diva Future Tone DX Original Content : Children of Morta & Tokyo Dark Remembrance GOTY : Children of Morta
  3. Just to clarify for Mission 2 3000pts is it the base trophy points like 1300 for the plat or is it with the rarity multiplier in the opening post. Thanks
  4. Week 1 Complete : 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim Thanks
  5. I am told I have appalling taste and I am a proud Bro-ey. Keep up the great work Sir. Thanks for the lines, rhymes, laughs and guides. I tip my digital hat to you.
  6. Lol. Ahh this game was great but you are right there is a few frustrating things in there ............. damn crystal defense. Please mark me down for 13 Sentinels : Aegis Rim for mission 1. Currently at 45% Thanks
  7. How do I get more Bronze trophy ?

    1. ikemenzi


      Playing a lot of games :)

  8. Just incase you are not familiar with the Xbox system it is very easy to earn enough points to get Ultimate Gamepass / Gold per month at 35k pts for 3 months. I haven't had to pay for it for 6 months and don't expect that to change in the future. It would be wonderful for Sony to offer something similar. I would be more than happy to forgo their Psplus games and pay a nominal amount for the online service. Perhaps with all their innovation they might offer something for gamers that use it as a second system to keep them interested
  9. Unlucky man that is some Grade A bullshit but you have to expect it from that dude.
  10. Ahha I have a few hours yet to get a point then ....... damn you evil S X Box
  11. Thanks @Stedde for hosting this fun event. Great to see a fun new event so well supported. Keep up the great work. Congrats everyone good to see the trophy spammers didn't run away with it. Happy to do my small part in flying the Spam Hunter flag high.
  12. But we are having fun right so let em talk 😂
  13. I still love gaming and trophies, maybe more than ever. Having spoken to both these dudes although I don't profess to know them I just wish them the best in their journey. Whether they love trophies or not doesn't interest me in the least. Now if they can make me laugh or say something then I am interested. Happy gaming
  14. Congrats @Ichiban-Hybrid and @GTA_Darren for a wonderful season and solid finishes respectively. Thanks @ShogunCroCop for a great job running another season.