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  1. Nice job, if you do decide to finish it I will use it. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. I agree, it would have even been nice to have more of those alternative events like overtakes, distance races etc. I definitely don't need to drive around Monza again anytime soon ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. I wouldn't apologies, I see nothing wrong with your OP and title. I feel exactly the same way. I am sure you will find many people to play games with here, I personally have just found people that I can relate to closer to my own situation and interests on other site less trophy focused. Kinda ironic as at first glance I am a major trophy whore, I just prefer not to bore people or myself with it. Either way there is some great discussions to be had, most of the time nothing to do with gaming. If you are considering playing the Division 2 this year feel free to send me a message on PSN, I have hooked into a group of Americans that fit your descriptor are stable and like a laugh. Might see you round. Edit : I like your name, I am a white drinker ........ apparently you are suppose to switch before your 30s but red never stuck
  4. EZPZ I am the Hero NA(Vita) for this week please. (Game 4/10)
  5. Nice one, how did you find the simulation level on Forza 6. I know it is technically a sim and not arcade but it feels like somewhere in the middle to me. You don't like the Drivatars ?. Perhaps they work better in the arcade style Forza H4. If you liked 6 I think your will enjoy 7. Graphically it is more refined, at times astonishing especially on the wet tracks at night. I really hope you get to Forza H4 soon too. It is the pinnacle of racing games at present. The recent expansion is also fantastic but not essential till you have dumped hours and hours into the base game. It is the sort of game you keep finding new things well after you have finished the "campaign" and story offshoots. Player Vehicles : Ride 3 Completed. 2/25 games Well platted which is enough for me at moment. The game is fine, it has a load of content especially some interesting background on the bikes and manufacturers. But like the previous iterations it suffers from long loading times, average graphics, bloated same same racing content. I think you could play any entry in the series and that would be enough. It is perhaps best as a chip away style of game, a nice break from other titles to alleviate what I imagine would be a mind numbing experience playing continuously. Onwards to Dragon Quest 11 and Odyssey, Feb looks kinda fun already.
  6. Would recommend checking out Gamers with Jobs website, it is a more "mature" group than here and also US facing so same timezones as you. The gamers there are less trophy focused and alot of them are great conversationalists, well rounded people. Goodluck.
  7. Both are available digitally if you donโ€™t mind not having physical. AS - HK store, JP - JP store although the JP version is pretty pricey still.
  8. Great work as always Smash, thanks
  9. So you are only going to stack it 4 times then.
  10. Game 1 : Meaning to get too - Nier Automata - Complete Fantastic, you should play.
  11. Nightmares from the Deep 3 and Persona 5 Dancing finished this week, thanks
  12. Well I appreciate it, nothing wrong with a crash kid. I might see you around.
  13. Thanks @BlakkVulture2K16 I appreciate that you talk throughout your guide. It is much easier as don't have to watch. Keep it up it is a big failing of the other PS4 video guide providers, would be good to have a PS styled Maka.
  14. Has this happened to anyone else. I have all 15 gold medals (12 first play through then scene selected for other 3) and trophy didn't pop.
  15. Is everything basically natural progression or should I be aware of anything to watch out for as I go through, Many thanks,