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  1. Humorous or not it's a financial reality. Not many companies would ever walk away and leave $ on the table. I understand that most games require day one patches, are often broken or incomplete. But why don't gamers actually stop and seriously consider why rather than continuously moan and whinge. Do you really believe publishers want to release broken products. Perhaps the profit margins are shrinking relative to the costs and corners are just simply being cut to ensure the product can even be viable. To be honest this sense of entitlement amongst many gamers is so out of touch with the real world economy I often wonder how they ever approach ideas of inflation and property prices. Things increase over time, you get what you pay for. $1 or $2 an hour for an enteratinement product is nothing and perhaps that's the problem. Many posts in this thread seem to personally take offence that a gaming company is making a profit. It's not something I can understand but then many of them are also deluded enough to think that they are the target market for these companies. I think we should all be thankful for the many "non hardcore " gamers that are keeping this industry so financial with their handful of full priced game purchases, no trade in, often buying cosmetics / time saver items or other in game offerings. Because if all gamers were as clued in as trophy hunters then the system would simply be too untenable to sustain.
  2. goodluck @xZoneHunter, I think you might be fine here. My copy of FFxiv is clearly broken it hasn't handed out any trophies in ages.
  3. Now your having a joke with me, if you really have a horsebird outfit you know I want to see the pictures
  4. Lol ............ well someone must be carrying someone 😂
  5. 1. Having had a very sucessful dominating couple of years across all forms of competitions on this site what motivates you to continue competing ? 2. Do you have a certain trophy goal / level etc in mind or just whatever happens ? 3. Would you consider joining The Corporation ( a CJ backed collaboration) in 2018 ?
  6. You are probably right, it is an expensive game for what is essentially a compilation. Still the graphics do look very good and the songs are great. I am not sure a physical release for MUSYNC has been confirmed but it is available on the Hong Kong Store in English. No mini games, shopping gifts etc but plenty of songs. Difficulty is substantially harder than Hatsune, more in line with DjMax Respect but at least a little more friendly at the start.
  7. Wow A mmmmmmazing. What a fantastic momento to have of the journey. Pass on my congrats to her that must have been a lot of work. My favourite bit was definitely the " Put your hands up " and Sackboy throws the arms up. Fantastic man.
  8. Just to second Fisty, (sorry I had To laugh then), no problems with the JP version if you can't read JP. Very straightforward. It's fun but for the price (the JP digital one was quite pricey ) I don't really think it's really worth iT, especially compared to Diva X. if you like your rhythm games would recommend trying MUSYNC, (physical release later this year ?) fraction of the price and same idea without Hatsune though 😞.
  9. Thanks for your continued work on all those great video guides and PSN sale videos, really appreciate it.

  10. I know there is a lot of information on other sites about this game but much of it is a bit overwhelming, I am still enjoy it immensely and learning new things every day but would like some clarification on a few things. I am now past the base game story missions and in the missions pre the 1st expansion. Any help / advice most appreciated. 1. What should I be spending my company seal on. I have bought some ventures but is there a better route. 2. Allagan Tomestone of Poetics; I don't really get these things but am acquiring a few. I notice that in the currency menu it says it resets at a certain date, does that mean I lose them if I don't use them by then. Also what should I be using them for. I see a vendor in Revenant's Toll is this the best place. 3. Should I be aware of anything else as I am going on my Paladin journey as I hit both expansions in the future, Sorry if the questions are a bit Noob - esq but the more I play this game the more I realise how little I actually know. So much fun 😀
  11. @Evil_Joker88, I think it is fine though to plat multiple games on one day and none on some if that's what you mean @Matto_lsi. I tend to work on multiple things at once rather than one at a time. Depending on what Joker wants it definitely doesn't worry me how you get to 31 and having another person along for the ride only makes it more fun. Of course I am happy with whatever he prefers 😀
  12. Sounds like a plan. I'm trying to get everything down to 5hrs or less, but there is always something that ends up taking way longer than expected. I think that Claire is supposedly short and it's in the sale.
  13. Wow your going for it. I like how you are adding longer games, I am scouring the deep dark recess of the PSN store to find the shortest. Might be worth checking out Twin Robot, seems like a load of stacks so might experiment with one first and see what it's really like.
  14. @Wdog-999, very enjoyable read. I had a feeling you might be a funny farker but wasn't completely sure until now. Respect to Corpse Blood Party Drive what a great game, it definitely spiked my interest in the Korean gaming scene. I enjoy your turn of phrase here, this is definitely my favourite response I will be appropriating it in the future. I am still not convinced about you and MrUnknown but perhaps I will have to take my doubts to the grave. 😜. As for your Eliteness well, I mean you have alot of BS plats but being able to drive a virtual motorcycle is pretty important factor. Will let you know how the Collaboration votes. Also thanks @Kent10201 I hadn't come across the term " fan gainz " before, now I feel a little dirty participating in this underhanded play without giving it the respectful name it deserves. From this day forward I will proudly acknowledge " fan gainz " bring on WeSing Pop. But I think you were a little tough on @HcG Clawz, my understanding is he did actually sing 6hrs straight of Justin Bieber .............. mmmmmmm
  15. https://www.gameskinny.com/44prr/observer-achievements-guide Have you started yet ? The game is very strange and very dark. I quite liked Layers of Fear but this was a little to out there for me.