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  1. That surprises me, your plats are so sparse I thought they were a result of divine intervention
  2. Lol ......... fantastic, and you met me. How could the year get any worse πŸ˜‚
  3. An English trophy list huh, I have heard of these. Where do you import them from ?
  4. Just to clarify by long you mean 5-10hrs, will definitely avoid those 😜
  5. I really enjoy your posts, this made me laugh .... a lot. Those Hakuoki games are obnoxious, have you done Kyoto Winds yet. It just keeps giving. I remember doing the PS3 Hakuoki and we were watching a movie on main screen. My partner made a comment about half way through how dry it was, which surprised me because normally he has no interest at all. He was shocked there was No wheelchair foreplay, octopus action, lesbian twin action or male on male (which surprisingly is quite common in VNs). Dreadful really. 😜
  6. Congrats mate, 139 plats (and no VNs ) is very solid, especially with all those long racing games. This will probably be the only year I earn more than you so have to rub it in 😜. Currently on 201 for year, need another 6/7 ish to break into top ten in AU which is well in hand. Now breaking into top 100 on PS4, well that is another beast entirely. Those guys are really not fucking around.
  7. No two plats are equal huh 😜. I am definitely going to fail the challenge as I broke the rules days ago but that's ok. I am having far more fun watching your progress and reading your game thoughts and experiences. I am happy just to accompany you on this journey. πŸ˜€. Maybe just leave the extras off my list, no doubt I will have a few more but still on track to finish the initial list too. Congrats on Plat #150, what a great choice. 500 hrs online is a massive effort. You will have to start thinking about #200 now πŸ˜€. Good to hear you enjoyed 36 Fragments, I can imagine getting all 36 in one run would be challenging, well done. I see Mayo is up next again πŸ˜‚, then Coffin Dodgers which is great fun. Be careful of Toro it will take you longer than you expect. Goodluck
  8. Looks like everyone is making good progress. Congrats to Toogie and Kent on completing their lists ☺️. Micro update for me, Future tone DX is complete, very enjoyable but unfortunately to short. Such a shame there is no full Hatsune game this year. I would even settle for another stack of Diva X, oh well. No other progress to report as of yet. I could blame AC Origins but in truth just having too much fun exploring the world, so beautiful.
  9. Lol, this was pretty much the exact same experience I had. I think I used a text guide, but I agree Stay-pationt guides are fantastic. I really enjoyed his Little Acre and Albedo ones. Glad to hear you enjoyed NERO. I actually got to that heart puzzle and couldn't get it to work. Very frustrating .... I really should go back and finish it one day. My progress has been a little all over the place the last few days. Have been getting into AC Origins which is a very wonderful game, incredibly beautiful but ultra distracting. It seems I start off doing a main quest and then get sidetracked by numerous side quests. No complaints though, alot of fun. #13 EU PS4 (# 286 ) # 14 EU Vita (# 287 ) Squareboys, quite and enjoyable beatem up style retro game. Pretty easy and short, well the right length for these sort of games I think. I had the Vita stack on my initial list but will include the PS4 one in the count too. Hopefully I should finish of the NA stack today as well. Not sure what is up next, almost finished Chess Ultra (again not on my initial list but hey a plats a plat ), probably time to look at Tear VN or Planet of the Eyes. I am not sure I am ready for Semispheres yet and plan on holding Deponia and Hellblade till next week. Goodluck with 36 Fragments today, very easy except for a few trophies which might be frustrating. Look forward to your views tomorrow. ☺️
  10. Thanks for putting my list in the OP (now I really have to finish πŸ˜‡). How did you find Dead Sync. I see you have Nero next, that is a strange game. Hope you enjoy it. Will put in an update tomorrow on progress πŸ˜€
  11. @d1l2e3v4 thanks for the give away. It really is a great game πŸ˜€
  12. Now it's getting interesting. I have no problems with any questions asked, and will answer all. Please continue