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  1. The moral of the story ; Sony can't even shift a Vita to a thief @TheWayne-o , @Feral, @spazza136 @damage_6-9, @MattyH16 I don't know which side of Vita island your guys are on but I would recommend taking a trip to the eastern side. It's wall to wall Japanese, beautiful young women and men, sensational haircuts and octopus. Come and embrace the true calling of the vita as the soft core porn device it was always meant to be.
  2. Great choice, I actually didn't know about this but just did some reading. It is a great cause to support and thank you for bringing it to everyone's attention. Will send the donation in next week and post acknowledgement in the thread. For any interested, here is some info below. Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis are Iife long gastrointestinal disorders that commonly present themselves in children, adolescents and adulthood. Collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), the conditions are an emerging global disease, with Australia having one of the highest prevalence in the world. More than 80,000 Australians live with these conditions, with numbers expected to increase to more than 100,000 by 2022. The conditions are becoming more prevalent, more severe and more complex and are being diagnosed in more and more very young patients.
  3. Just a quick update. After speaking with Andrea and MattyH regarding the overall winner for the league, Matty has conceeded to Andrea ( to be honest no one could catch her anyway) so I am going to draw a line on the charity prize and award the $200 AU prize to the charity of Andrea's choice. Andrea if you could post which Charity you would like to support I will sort out the payment in the next week. Considering that the point score prize is now decided we can now do away with the points updates (Except for the wooden spoon league between AnRo, Feral and Wayne - im to invested now and have to see the final result ). As stated before when you finish a backlog game just post in this thread and I will update. The final payouts for the backlog will happen in the 1st week of December and will be divided against anyone that finishes all 5. (As per opening OP), so keep going there is $300 on the line. I have noticed many of you are investing time in new directions over the last few months and I think that is great. It is important to know when to move on to the next challenge and I wish you all the best in those endeavours. It has been great fun running a comp on this site for the last two years, as well as participating in all manner of enjoyable comps run by various members. But like all things eventually it must come to an end. I wish everyone all the best and definitely drop me a message on PSN anytime and let me know how your going and what your up to, I am always interested. Take care and all the best, Cj
  4. Regardless of what you think about Xbox, Phil Spencer is a real gem of the games industry. So refreshing to hear an intelligent open executive so rare in big business. It's inspiring to listen to him talk.

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    2. grimydawg


      You should be ashamed for having fun playing games.  Get those shameful trophies.  I have a 1 and Switch as well, but I only got those for their exclusives.  


    3. Venocide


      Phil is an alright dude. Can't say much about the Xbox community though, some of them are sensitive little pussys. 

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


      >Phil Spencer


      Okay, I don't know him personally but if we go by his opinions on gaming... 

      No, just no.

      MS conferences would be more watchable if they didn't start with him.

  5. I am glad I bought it also, but it is a very confronting and mentally exhausting game, well at least I am finding it so. I am enjoying the narrative flow and I think it does a great job providing insight into psychotic breaks. There was a film in 2000 called "The Cell" which addresses similar issues and I can't play this game for more than a few minutes without almost a sense of déjà vu. Would definitely recommend seeing the movie to further enhance this game ( the movie is pretty b grade and has many disturbing moments from memory but many of the scenes and the message have stay with me for along time) I second ShadowReplicant's view, we definitely need more games like this, it would be great to have more games with some emotional and intellectual depth, rather than just gameplay.
  6. Lol, it could get mighty quiet then 😜
  7. Oh I do hope so. I am also hoping they purge the leaderboards and remove anyone with less than 200 plats ....... we can only dream right 😜
  8. Don't have time, although I do hear they have strong opinions about minecraft
  9. I wish you luck, anyone that really knows, knows it's all about the bronze 😀
  10. Geez for people that earn so few trophies you sure whinge a lot 😂😂😂😂
  11. My fist MMO (and currently playing ) is FFXIV, I didn't like it a year ago when I started and stopped almost immediately. Now having gone back to it I am greatly enjoying it, probably largely due to having a better understanding of how these games work. I am in the lucky position of not needing to race through content in a timeframe and intend to slowly chip away at the plat and most likely both expansions over the next year. From what I have seen the longe timeframe you can spend with this game the more enjoyment available. I imagine mindlessly grinding feats / levequests just to meet the trophy requirements must be quite boring
  12. Hi everyone, Apologies but due to some general randomness that is life will be a little busy to update scores tomorrow so will have it all up to date following Saturday. If anyone finishes a backlog game please just post in thread and will update OP. I had the privilege tonight to see the new direction of the community chat on PSN and was very happy to see it is still going strong. I totally agree with Gibbo that the chat should transcend this league and am glad to see it has already moved well beyond a competition. It is funny how things go but regardless of the path the end result is exactly what I had hoped. Please all rest assured all payouts will be meet at the end of the season so while the overall winner maybe a lock there is still time to finish off those backlogs. And in regard to next year, well I think whatever you all decide to go forth and do will be fantastic. Have a great week all
  13. Who has time for that. 😂 When does the JP energy cycle release ...... sans spoiler Also according to the voting I'm about as likely to win as a draw ........... even to me that seems a long farken shot
  14. Lol who. Just keep on keeping on man, only a another month or so till I'm on the right side of your ranking 😜
  15. Have either of you done Collar X yet, I'm still on the fence to buy in digitally but looking for things to delay the inevitable Xblaze marathon that will eventually have to happen