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  1. Lol you won last time on my charity i am happy to make it two from two. Besides I find this field ........ wanting
  2. I may have drunk a bit to much red, lol what is to much but I think leaderboards are a bit of an egotistical wank. I'm going to pull my profile until I hit lvl 100, will be this year. I am happy to keep updating this thread though and will send you screenshots of my trophies list etc to validate. I think I need a break from Profile trophy hunters.😀
  3. Lol, i am merely a yard stick in this comp for " trophy hunters " to draw massive handicaps on.
  4. Lol, you sound a little tense, relax. Breathe. Smile enjoy the sun. You are obviously tense because of that trash Horizon Zero Dawn. I am happy for you to recount if you wish, but that will suck up more of your time which I doubt you can afford at this point 😜. I think the numbers are fairly accurate though as I pull them from TT. As for the other mistakes they are my own of course. I gave up fact checking years ago it is so boring and to be honest rarely makes for a witty read. Now I have no time for that whinging about 20 min games the weekly number of fucks I give about anything is usually used up by Monday afternoon so crying will not help you there. And to be honest is this not a spam hunt, am I not a self proclaimed Spam Hunter 😇 did you think I would be stacking JRPG, I mean who the fuck stacks FFXV .......... Besides I think the field is just a little bit more level now right, I mean it wouldn't be fair for you to have access to a few regions I didn't 😜 Edit : Are you going to look into a Mexican account before the wall goes up. I hear it is going to be see-through now.
  5. So time to sneak in a slightly early update, but hey whats a day when your out in front. I am taking advantage of your slower pace with what history may quite likely look back on as the key month in your demise. We shall see but analysts early predictions favour a position only shortening leading to a correction that will inevitably result in a growing margin. Dark times ahead, while uncertainty still remains the addition of a Switch in your near future only continues to fuel the rumours of a Spam trophy crash reminiscent of the Great Spam Depression of 09. Troubling still is the sheer lack of forward momentum acquired by a hefty reliance on VNs early in the month. While the white flag may not have been seen raised above your profile yet we can safely assume it is now unboxed and well within play. The octopi will remain vigilant in scouring the horizon for the first signs of capitulation. But let us not dwell on the numbers congratulations are in order for plat #1200 Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddess Online. An all around quite agreeable game I am sure you will attest to even if the side quests overstay their welcome. Noticeable mentions to Odinsphere (rather fantastic I hear) and Touhou Genso Rondo (apologies the only thing I know about this game is I have 3 stacks (to be started) on my profile, rather mysterious indeed). I will shout out Need for Speed Payback, alot more fun than I expected with only mild irritation developing from an unnecessary number of challenges. Racking up my 350th plat may deserve passing mention, although to be honest I think milestone plats should be every 200 or so. They really seem to get in the way. Nevertheless Xblaze Lost Memories " Omnipotent" provided a fitting name and quite an appropriate reminder to the uphill battle you are facing. Until March 31st, let the trophies fly as the may, wishing you happy CG hunting, Midnight Deluxe region shopping and a sturdy noose to ease your passage from that travesty that is Horizon Zero Dawn. March Results ( as of 14/1) Mr Unknown625 Cjshai Trophies Earnt 276 586 Plats Earnt 9 18 Trophies Per Day (TPD) 24.16 26.47 As a % of 2017 total * 21.38% 22.22% Difference 1.56 Gain TPD 2.65 Gain TPD Project total 8818.4 9657.9
  6. Updated scores as of 15/3 Demon--Prototype 29430 Cjshai 20625 Gap reduces to 8805 with a 50% swing to Cj over the last week. Another week and it might be time to close up shop Sir.
  7. Wow first three games are some of the best in the last few years. In fact with the exception of Horizon, which should be played so you can at least understand the hive mentality of the average simplistic gamer, the list is great. Sure you will have alot of fun if you get through it ....................
  8. Excellent I made the record ........ and I am out 😀 Lol true, there is chance he will do it himself though ..........
  9. Oh you are claiming all those trophies ........
  10. Lol, well we shall see but don't wait to long I have the attention span of a 5 yr old and the bullshit detector of a 90 year old the next game someone finishes for someone else I will call out in this thread if they don't. Got to be fair to everyone right .....
  11. Lol a few more years, surpirised you didn't like Job Sim. It ran quiet well and didn't over stay it's welcome. Was this the second time you did it.
  12. Why admit defeat.......
  13. Oh man that is an addiction 😂 Lucky you don't do the meth, it sounds like they are one and the same apparently
  14. Wow you really feel strongly about this so I apologise as I will probably buy it twice. Juicy stack gains, don't we need to save that term for all those short 8x stacks of midnight deluxe we are buying. I mean this game might actually take more than 5 mins unless we get lucky and someone finds an exploit. Oh an Clawz I think he means we are not normal, which is kinda good I guess normal people tend to bore me
  15. You have a German account................ we should talk sometime 😜 Little recap on da month that is. Plat #350 Omnipotent (hilarious apropos name don't you think). Cruising around 600 trophies for the month (give or take) Probably smashing Demon in his proposed PS4 a-thon although to be fair he is spending alot of time on Soundshapes (I think you have all the trophies must be for fun ........ ) Started using my profile as an endorsement for Xbox (well lets face it, it is the superior system) Slid up into 5th on the AU boards (only the tough Trophy beasts left now ) Haven't left the group chat yet (well as of typing this anyway) Moved the Switch from paperweight status to Shelf space holder So Team Accounts with a handicap huh ? Well that is about it. What is everyone else up to .............