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  1. I think you are wasting your potential on here. I actually enjoy a lot of your writing but I think you could find a better avenue to channel it. This site is great for what it is, gaming but I am sure you would concede political ideology, social constructivism and personal influence are better explored in a more focused environment. I hope you look into it, I feel you might find more traction and maybe a greater back and forth which always leads to growth on both sides. I wanted to quote you hear because it made me smile, I don’t necessarily agree with you but I like dark wit and the analogy you draw. It is begging for healthy debate. Edit : Completely unrelated to the thread but I Preordered MK11. Woohoo.
  2. I am going to go with Australia, I didn’t realise Kate Miller-Heidke was the entrant. The video clip is total Eurovision.
  3. Only personal experience from my own account.
  4. Division 2 - no issues KH3 - no issues FFXIV - you lose access to character / all purchases and progression. Contact Square customer service direct for options
  5. You must concede this current turn of events is hilarious. Ironically it was not of my doing but one must see the humour in it. I do hope your still laughing. I certainly am. Funny how things work out.
  6. I will give you that but to be fair I didn’t realise it was his third strike on FFXV. Still it is not the best game to cheat against me I suppose. I would be more than happy for him to come back on though. I am not sure what my profile has to do with anything but Thankyou I guess. I am sure you see the humour in my situation though stuck between a team account and you. One must laugh.
  7. Why not make a change, the leaderboards are purely a numbers game. The more games you play the higher up you will climb even if you invest less time in playing. Most games are heavily stacked with trophies at the beginning. I would say money plays a major factor, even more than time. I have basically bought my position on the boards with the number of games I buy, so has everyone else up there. If they haven’t they must have some pretty good friends because it ain’t cheap
  8. Fair enough off with his head. But please someone hurry up and move into #3 it is tiresome in its current state.
  9. Tsk tsk. if this is the player I assume it is I am not sure he has had three warnings. If he has by all means ban him but at this stage as #2 in Australia I find this thread both offensive and unfair to him. I would suggest it be closed until you can verify it. As for deleting my post well that is amusing but poor form.
  10. I am not criticising your guide is perfect, it is just low skilled gamers like me need every help possible 😜. As for answering the question thanks but I still have hopes of twisting your arm into a live conversation one day, if for nothing else than to satiate my ego. Anyway you know me well enough by now. Oh and let me know how best to support you I think it is only right for us to chip in a little something to you, you keep paving the way our plats. Thanks as always C
  11. Thanks again for the guide. I reckon you practised though 😜. I will write that down as a question to ask you one day. If there are any other low skilled gamers out there like myself I would recommend using the tank character over the princess. It gives you a shield so you can take an extra hit. Alarming perhaps that I needed but such is life.
  12. Requirement 1 - Kingdom Hearts 3 - I tried to pick a game that has a decent chance I will plat. I am pretty sure there are chickens in there somewhere. If you will allow me I would like to match your prize in the spirit of Eurovision craziness. Requirement 2 - I will beg you to indulge me a little more, we are going to go through them next week while we are away on holiday, I have already put aside a bottle or two to help out in the selection.
  13. Couple more to add, thankyou. #14 First Steps - Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trilogy (Released 9/4/19) 28,459 #15 This Is An Inn Joke - Mixups 28,464 #16 Discovered Sledge's Safe House - 28,543 #17 Adventurer - Minit - 28,544 #18 Home Owner - Minit - 28,545 #19 Safety Warning - Gang Beats - #28,547
  14. This is Cj calling, hello from well here love you all darlings, the votes are .............. Eurovision Awesome 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Most campiest weekend of the year. Love it I will confirm a game and group in next few days.
  15. I have a couple more ready to add, thanks . I put the trophy number as well as I know my profile can be difficult to sort through at times. #6 Trophy # 28,253 - 28,411 ( 7 days trophies ) #7 Dead or Alive Trophy # 28,412 - #28,416 #8 World East - Expand Trophy # 28,429 #9 By This Axe - Conan (JP) Trophy # 28,429 #10 Combatting Dangerous Machinery - Word Sudoku (NA) Trophy # 28,438 #11 Exploding Chemistry - Word Sudoku (NA) Trophy # 28, 439 #12 Even Gastlier - Word Sudoku (NA) Trophy # 28,440 #13 It is the King, or his Ghost ! - Conan (JP) Trophy #28,441