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  1. I am stuck with the High Five trophy and the 20 slingshot target hits. Have finished the story was there a place to farm this ?
  2. Lol I am a list maker from way back ........ I only game cause it allows for a whole new set of lists
  3. Lol, It is just very rare I finish any event I start and as the original requirements were three games I am claiming a self victory 😜. I still have hopes for a couple more of the games but a few on that list are just mocking my delusions now.
  4. I would like to give this a go to thanks. Might push me into finally starting a few of these gems I haven't so far. 1. Night in the Woods (UR) 2. Hidden Agenda (VR) 3. Resident Evil 7 4. Vampyr (R) 5. Pyre 6. Inside 7. To Leave 8. Paranormal Activity Lost Soul 9. The Walking Dead Collection (PS4) 10. Shining Resonance Refrain
  5. Make Friends - - 0% Hang out at the Lake - - 0% Play a Sport - - 3% Go Hiking - - 0% Shoot Something - - 4% Make Something - - 0% Learn Something - - Put on a Show - - 64% Tell a Ghost Story - - 0% Get Tested - - Be a Hermit - - 19% Survive - - 0% Summer Vacation - - 0% Go on a Scavenger Hunt - 64% Chill by the Campfire - - That Path Of Motus ( quite a lovely if sad game / beautiful soundtrack ) brings me up to the 3 completed plats for the event. I probably have one or two more in me but we shall see. Thanks for keeping the torch alight ProfBam, I imagine it has been more work than expected. Goodluck to everyone else and no doubt will run into some of you again before the year it out. Have fun
  6. Nothing wrong with that. I have Octopath sitting beside the Switch now I am just not sure if I want to start it yet .................
  7. To much Vita hacking, your Vita rejects EU region now.......
  8. Very few games are Chinese region compared to JP. This site denotes them as CN on the listing. If you are unsure Playstation trophies usually has a listing of all the regions available for each game on the guide. You would be looking more at the Chinese / Korean to find new stacks. Not Chinese / Japanese or Asian (game dependent of course). I would consider looking elsewhere those prices are pretty high too.
  9. Lol, now back to Octopath traveler for you ...... it ain't going to play itself
  10. I am loving the new Cabin names. I think I am exactly where I belong, " Eyak "- An extinct language, most of what I write is redundant anyway. My games list looks fine still so happy to just go with that. For the two new categories could I add : Go on a Scavenger Hunt - Along Together (PSVR) Chill by the Campfire - The Path of Motus Both beautiful games, would highly recommend.
  11. mmm and all over 25 posts. Funny what things cost sometimes isn't it.
  12. There really isn't, but please post the list here. It will let us all see how much of problem this really is,
  13. Beautiful game, but it is sad, the soundtrack is fantastic
  14. There is no catching that maniac but if you do pull it off make sure you send him a message saying Cj says Hi 😂 Ahh another on the long line of localisation hopes I fear. I see you are doing the Fruits racing. Goodluck with that. I don't think I have enough controllers left for the BS that is the time trial mode.
  15. Congrats on the plat and thanks for posting the video. So basically you just drift boost continually for every track. I can't imagine how mind numbing the grind to 20 hrs would be. For anyone interested, the game is actually quite fun, sometimes a little cheap with the AI in career and definitely not easy.