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  1. well well well (great idea btw!)
  2. I'm pumped to play this. I love TWIII and CD seems to be the best company around. BUT, I think it's weird to show collectors edition one year before and not showing more gameplay. Not a big fan of first person games, so I need more gameplay.
  3. Glad of the love you are giving to this game. People who haven't played Nier, please do! This game is one of the few I consider a masterpiece.
  4. The Witcher III is my favourite game of this generation. By far. It deserves to be played by all of us (even the people who don't usually play RPGs) Take this under consideration, though, the game takes tiiiiime. A lot of time. It's amazing, sure, but it took me almost a year (with DLCs) to finish it. PS: If you can, play the DLCs. They are amazing
  5. Only got mine today as well. Took a while... And I don't think it's very nice. Just plain
  6. that makes the PS Now a little more appealing to me. Thank you!! 🙂
  7. Might be an old question, but can I get trophies from the PS Now games (that have them, of course)? Would like to revisit the uncharted games and the last of us for some trophies
  8. I loved the 5th one! It was my favorite of all. The complete open world was amazing. The immersion of the castle... like a dream. Only missing the hypogrif flying around that was present in the 3rd. But yeah, after that...
  9. F******ck yes!!! Every single year I hope for a Harry Potter RPG reveal (literally every year). I just hope it'll be good.
  10. 1) The Last of Us Part II 2) Cyberpunk 2077 3) Death Stranding 4) Horizon 2 (not much hope on this one)
  11. 14 June Russia 1 vs. 0 Saudi Arabia (7.45pm, ITV) 15 June Egypt 1 vs. 3 Uruguay (1pm, BBC) Morocco 1 vs. 2 Iran (4pm, ITV) Portugal 1 vs. 2 Spain (7pm, BBC) 16 June France 3 vs. 0 Australia (11, BBC) Argentina 4 vs. 0 Iceland (2pm, ITV) Peru 1 vs. 3 Denmark (5pm, BBC) Croatia 2 vs. 2 Nigeria (8pm, ITV) 17 June Costa Rica 2 vs. 0 Serbia (1pm, ITV) Germany 3 vs. 0 Mexico (4pm, BBC) Brazil 3 vs. 1 Switzerland (7pm, ITV) Winner - France Top Scorer - Kane (UK)
  12. Blastoise and Pidgeotto. The 2nd I'm not sure really why, but when I played the games I always leveled up a pidgey.
  13. Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 4... found both just boring
  14. Bought nier last week and I still need to finish ac originis... GoW has priority so nier Will have to wait... So many great games, so little time...
  15. Even with average results I would not regret my preorder. But this just made me anxious to play it. It’s rare to feel this sudden hype!