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  1. I bought each month 150 euro and pump it in to neverwinter. With special events or black friday i spend one time more than 1000 euro .Now you will say im crazy, but for over 1 year ive spent more then 15 hours per day in this game, it was my hobby, and for that i have money on. Sadly the game become more and more expensive and many leave to tera... and so i decided to leave too and only go for the trophies now. But i sure spent 4-5k in the game the past 2 years.
  2. tigerriser Batman I played the game twice on ps4 and on ps3.<br /> in the first the right direction and in the second backwards because i want to see which options the game take for itself.<br /> you can see from the timestamps that I have played the episodes quite normally, only backwards, beginning with episode 5 ... that is neither forbidden nor choked or cheated, so where is the problem ?...
  3. The Maximum is the Centillion, but be careful, if you reach a number above, then your game crash and you can start from the very beginning
  4. Hmm, thats strange, do you turn your ps in stanby mode or complete out. While the time yout playing this game or to the time it became a patch you should let run your ps in stand by mode. The game should run forward in stand by.
  5. Yeah, it seems i am the only one that have this But if i look on the others who have 100% in 18 Minutes, there has to be a glitch or a bug in the game.
  6. In my case, i don´t have to manipulate the clock...the switching between earth and moon gives you so much money and angels, game played itself... It´s typical for today games..if theres no day one patch, it´s buggy over all. Sorry for the bad english after all, i,m Austrian, and do not use a translator
  7. Yeah, the game really often crashes. Generally, it is full of bugs
  8. If i switch between the moon and the earth, i earned insanly high money and angels... I guess, this isn´t the games goal... And it seems i,m not the only one Well, it was funny for at least 2 hours of my life...
  9. Yeah, i know that the Defend Character level up faster. The true pain are the God of Destruction Charas.
  10. For a character 5-6 hours on average, with no breaks. For a few it goes faster. The worst for me was SpaceGodzilla and both Mechagodzilla who used up to 7 hours. One tip I might have ... the more anger you build, the more points you get in evolution.Try also the additional bonuses to collect.
  11. There's not a lot of tricks, you really have to play with each Kaiju until it is at its maximum. For some it goes really fast, for Biollante I barely needed four hours. But there are a few that stretch genuine. You can expect with (if you're really fast) 80-100 hours. And it's always the same thing, over and over again ... after a while it's very boring...