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  1. Yes, I only managed it in a convoluted way though. I would use my main account on my ps5 then put my second account on my PS4 and join the game/lobby of the main account then I’d sign in with my main account on my PS4 and use split screen. I did that for all PS4 dlc trophies
  2. Matchmaking seems poor compared to 1 and 2. I also managed to play with my psn Id on both the PS4 and ps5 at the same time. I played the moxxi dlc on my ps5 then invited a second account on my PS4 then did split screen. Might not be much interest to many but might help someone
  3. Bar the trophies I didn’t notice any issues myself
  4. I have 223/223 and always tracked at 0. Tried tvhm and doing a few areas didn’t trigger. Seems like this and the eridian will have to wait for a patch to unlock
  5. Can confirm it works. Used it myself with my wife who played the PS4 version edit. never got a notification though when I’d send the invite from ps5 to PS4 even though settings allowed it. Would just join via in game pressing triangle on the main screen then x and x again. She got trophies a few seconds after me also
  6. Miles morales, expecting a similar list to Spider-Man
  7. Just got it at the end of 2 seasons. Took several attempts of the jewellery sponsor to get anything high paying. I played only grand slam and masters 1000 racket head finance anz clothing nike charity set for anything jewellery Richard mille food Haagen dazs car kia other infosys hope that helps
  8. One is in Marrakesh and the other is in sapienza I believe
  9. I had to redo them
  10. You have to be online for trophies to unlock especially ones that require multiple objectives as they don’t sync the data to store it. Remember having a similar issue when I couldn’t stay connected one evening as it kept disconnecting me
  11. How do you play with bots? nvm found out custom game maneuver only
  12. I asked them on Twitter this morning was due to drop at 1pm cest they said the bundle was on the store earlier than it was meant to
  13. no issues at all personally
  14. Over 200k play this at anyone time usually also as it’s cross platform
  15. Yes I don’t have the PS4 pro so I’ll play some of the optimised games that way like god of war which I’ve decided I’ll play then