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  1. I’ve got my list together of games for this Space PP. is it just me or do the majority of the projects seem dead lately? what’s the forums rules on trying to advertise your Project platinum in the games forums maybe to try and get some more people involved in joining these?
  2. I’ve been using the Ghost of Tsushima theme since I got the game. When winter comes I like to play the fireplace theme.
  3. Infamous Second Son was my first main title. The first game I played might have been Contrast? I remember it was free on ps plus but I missed the window and I thought every game stayed free forever for some stupid reason when I got my system and ended up paying for it.
  4. I think either I’m easy to please (definitely more so than others) or I’m just good at picking games I’ll like at least a little bit. There’s probably some indie game I grabbed for a cheap price and hated 5 seconds in. orc slayer was pretty bad, but that wasn’t unexpected. I still need to finish that game.
  5. 1. God of War 2. Ghost of Tsushima 3. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt 4. The Last of Us Remastered/ The Last of Us Part II (I hated the same thing everyone else did, but the second game was still a joy to play and rejoin that universe) 5. Resident Evil 2 6. Jedi: Fallen Order 7. Marvel’s Spider-Man 8. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 9. Destiny: The Taken King (The best that series culminated too up to the time I quit playing in destiny 2) 10. Bloodborne Honorable mentions: GTAV, Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Days Gone, TWDs1, Life is Strange, Outer Wilds, Rainbow 6 Siege, Dying Light, Rocket League.
  6. I kind of feel compelled to grab Kakarot, but I don’t ever seem to finish the Dragonball games. I picked up the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy Pack off of Amazon. Tried to find it everywhere in GameStop’s and stores but ended up just having to order a copy of it. Wanted that last extra platinum for the series. I only have this one and Odyssey left to get them all finished.
  7. #100 Assassins Creed Origins Earn them all I honestly remember not caring for AC Origins at all when it came out, not even making it to Alexandria. After beating Valhalla I decided to do every platinum starting from AC2 onwards. Working on Odyssey now then Chronicles before cleaning up the new Valhalla DLC. This one ended up being an extremely fresh experience coming off of Unity (still the best moving mechanics of any of them) and Syndicate. It’s also the most stealthy I’ve attempted to be in a while in this series.
  8. I'm working through the assassins creed series for this entire year. Getting close to being done and Resident Evil has been on my radar. Might go with something a bit short and sweet though before I come back to this series. How tough was Resistance and the Chronicles games in your opinion?
  9. That's what I'm thinking. Bonus for star wara , Star trek. Some of the list I'm looking at so far: Mass effect, doom (also has enough games for its own PP), destiny, no mans sky, alien: isolation. I want to try and get a list of every space game and go from there.
  10. That's understandable. I wouldn't mind doing just Star Wars as well but I will move forward with a Space themed one sans Star Wars.
  11. Does anyone mind if I work on a Space project platinum idea? Was thinking it could incorporate Star Wars and trek as well. It would be a minute before I could even officially request it, but I can work on ideas and game lists in the meantime.
  12. Is this one still active? If so could you add me to the 1 game completion tier? I have the platinum for Ghost of Tsushima.
  13. I wouldn’t mind taking/restarting the Star Wars PP (if it was available I can’t remember). But only once I hit the requirements.
  14. Oh I guess if they're not going to be in the ranks it doesn't matter as long as they're running the PP fairly right?
  15. I would assume the PP runners have to have a way to verify their trophies.