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  1. Is this a good build for soloing the game?
  2. Could I get added please? I have the following platinums: Batman (PS4) Batman: The Enemy Within Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) Game of Thrones (PS4) Life is Strange (PS4) Life is Strange: Before the Storm Minecraft: Story Mode (PS4) Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) Until Dawn The Walking Dead (PS4) The Walking Dead Season Two (PS4) The Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: Michonne (PS4) The Wolf Among Us (PS4) Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Oh hey there I could just join again with most of the same list from the first event I kid I kid, but since I was an inaugural performer I do want to stick around and see how everyone does this time around. I said I was eventually going to get to the games I missed the first time around maybe I'll try to do it alongside everyone in this season. I still shout curses to that broken copy of testament of Holmes and the fact I had to pay $25 on eBay to get it because of GameStop policies preventing me from getting a second $9 copy :/ I'm actually interested in el shaddai that a few are playing I sold the 360 version to a couple of people at work and always wondered what the game was like. I wouldn't say the order is definitely worth getting at this point. You can snag it for $10 at GameStop and even PSN had a good sale on it. Yes it's short but it is a beautiful game and interesting story (despite picking up and then just ending as it was getting good) but the gameplay kind of reminded me of GoW. If they had had a longer game with the gameplay they used it would have been better received. I would still say its worst issue was just length but for $10 you can just pretend it's the best looking indie game ever.
  4. Hmmm out of the games I've played The Walking Dead: Season 1* The Wolf Among Us* Tales from the Borderlands* The Walking Dead: Season 2 Minecraft: Story Mode Game of Thrones The Walking Dead: Michonne (Good game kind of biggest issue was how short it was) Back to the Future: The Game Batman: The Telltale Series *Those three are real gems and any gamer should play them. The fact the TWD1 was so good is still a good reason to go ahead and play S2. Hmm I guess it is the worst one of the ones I've played. But then again it's not done yet so it still has a chance to pick up steam. I wouldn't say I hated any of them though. BttF isn't great but as a fan of the movies it was very enjoyable for me to get one more story with the characters. Minecraft Story Mode I thought was awesome even though it seemed a bit rushed out. I'm a huge GoT fan so it's easy for me to enjoy that. I think the biggest thing I hate about Batman is this story they are doing with his parents. Though I'm not convinced something odd is going on.
  5. I work at GameStop, the policy was to sell your allotted systems by last Saturday or they'll get shipped to another store that is selling them. So I imagine stocks are shifting around right about now. We sold 4 I believe (Had 1 traded back in a day later) of the 6 we had in stock. We still had our extras on Sunday.
  6. Well I 100%'d Batman Arkham VR. I would say it can be a solid 4 hours or so in total if you like to explore and figure everything out for yourself. I know some people had considered getting it and I highly recommend it if you are a Batman fan and even moreso if you've played all the Arkham games so far. I've watched a couple of people play my copy of Rush of Blood and they all seemed to love it. I played a tiny bit of VR worlds, but Luge made me sick, and then I tried Loading Human Chapter 1 this morning and it's really freaking awesome outside of the fact it made me sick (But I have bad vertigo problems the last few years so it's going to take a lot of practice for me to get used to it). Anyone else get sick from like one spin in an office chair if you've played the VR the same day? It seems to kick up my Vertigo issues outside of VR if I spin myself like that. Normally it wouldn't bother me but one little spin and I feel weird lol
  7. I got our spare non pre-ordered Starter bundle at my GameStop (I couldn't stack the 20% trade ins with my 15% employee benefits I mean wtf GameStop don't you want to encourage your employees to play the new stuff?) I got Batman Arkham VR Playstation VR Worlds Eve Valkyrie Loading Human Chapter 1 Played some Batman. The graphics are both great and bad at the same time. When something is really close to you it looks fantastic. If it's farther away it doesn't look too great. Gameplay itself is pretty fun. It definitely has those fad device reactions of me playing with my hands and throwing batarangs for an hour lol.
  8. I'm using a static Horizon: Zero Dawn theme my boss grabbed for us at Conference this year. No music though as it's the generic ps4 theme, but we get a dynamic theme with the Collector's Edition of the game so hopefully that one is really awesome.
  9. I can't believe this thread is still going! Good job Hemiak, sorry I only got about a quarter of the way through. When my Sherlock Holmes game disc didn't work I got discouraged I wanted to at least be able to play the games. Maybe to make up for it I'll try to finish playing them all and discuss it on here since people are still chatting. I remember we had a couple of issues with other participants having to drop in and out. Jeez it feels like an eternity since I played the Raven. I loved that game. I remember being really annoyed by PS Now crapping out on me in the middle of the game a couple of times.
  10. Well I already platinumed it, but I do need to 100% it and do the DLC. anyone in here interested in doing co-op for the dlc? Just shoot me a private message as I might forget to check into this particular thread.
  11. I finally got money to pay for the gift cards (Live and learn not doing a competition without having the prizes beforehand next time) I got them yesterday got to do all my checking and such and I'll be giving them out shortly. As punishment I haven't really been on the boards since not having money to get my own prizes lol. Hey better to have got than to have never gotten at all right? I can gain just a little bit of my honor back now.
  12. Judging by the sales at my Gamestop (a backwards redneck town where only CoD, NASCAR, and Farming Simulator sell well) we sold completely out and then sold several digital copies on top of that. So I imagine it sold well.
  13. I might try to get the prizes out soon, if this paycheck I'll easily be able to do it two weeks from yesterday because that's the big payday lol It would have been today except I had to get brakes and tires and an oil change.
  14. Perhaps not right away or anything. Maybe I'll come up with something different.
  15. I'm here I'll update the final statistics here in the next few days and check the lists for the winners. I appreciate all the participation and it was a lot of fun even if stupid Sherlock Holmes breaking kept me from being competitive later on lol. I'll probably do the awards around mid-August or so depends on how my next paycheck looks haha. Preliminary congrats to Andrea and Matto!