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  1. I changed my mind i'm not going for it not worth it
  2. 100 hours is way too much especially without your friends
  3. This game looks amazing i'm going for it ^^
  4. Easy one
  5. Man i hate yellow team *_*
  6. I leave when I'm in yellow team avoid team games and hex a gone if you bad at it and play tail as final , last but not least don't take risk and leave early if you gonna lose
  7. It's work i just got the trophy ، eu servers
  8. 20 hours of playing and 42 wins *_*
  9. I have played this game on Xbox One and i can say it's really hard here is my advice if you want your life be more easier go to shop and buy ( roundabout ) in SHOT-A and buy ( lobber ) in SHOT-B you can choose any SUPER you want CHARM you can take ( smoke bomb or coffee ) it's up to you but DON'T take any heart or twin heart cause they effect your weapons Now when you face a boss you have to hold fire button all the time in same time you have to change your weapons every second last thing don't forget to be close to the boss as much as possible to defeat him quickly
  10. Agree with u , it's depends on your team and aiming i'm playing with my friends and i can say i win 3 - 2 games every 5 games I played
  11. Thank you my friend, it's work fine for me now
  12. Anyone can help me with mission mode ? why do i keep starting missons with almost no hp ? Whenever I play multiple missions in a row, most of the time I start new matches with no HP. Even if i start a new mission most of time I started with no hp , why ? How can i fix this
  13. I think after 7 hours or 6 hours and 30 minutes in between , I'm using turbo controller and i still have 4 characters to go
  14. same here i still trying to pop ( decapitation , backstabber )
  15. Same here at the first the game was good but then after the last update no trophies pop
  16. sorry but can u explain more which button i have to hold first
  17. Which one you use? and how to use it on PVZ because I'm going to buy one
  18. i think it's not working anymore the game kick me even in private lobby , any solution?
  19. ابي انضم لطاقمك برسل لك طلب العب يومياً لساعات طويله
  20. What about server with no one just me and 6 AI ? Do you think it's count as win ?
  21. I can't sign in with any email using email app why ? It's says the information is incorrect , Help me