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  1. No missables I did everything after the story in free-roam.
  2. If anyone still needs help with it: http://www.powerpyx.com/borderlands-3-eden-6-all-named-locations/
  3. Did you complete the shared story in one sitting? Because I did quit out in between to back up my save, so that may be what messed it up for me. Also, the day-one patch dropped the other day and may have fixed the issue with only host getting the trophy. One of the two is probably it. For collectibles, all the ones I picked up in co-op counted for both players (I played with 2 PS4s side by side), but I had already found most before on my main account so it is possible there's an exception to some collectible. The game is extremely messy with collectibles. The good news is you can get them quickly through solo chapter select if something didn't count. I can also confirm that some collectibles are definitely glitched. I found all secrets and pictures but didn't get the trophy for either one. Some collectibles, in particular secret #20, didn't register for me at all. In this game it's hard to tell whether something is a bug or just a hidden "feature" to prevent spoilers. I also had tons of issues in shared co-op and it was impossible to do one continuous run. The game kept freezing/black screen/corrupted save/textures missing etc. which severely impacted testing certain stuff, such as a continuous co-op run.
  4. These two trophies are completely unrelated. One is for Solo & Co-Op mode only, the other is for Multiplayer only. Both have different sets of featured maps.
  5. You mean ARCADE Enthusiast? There are no 10 different featured maps (at least not yet). You must replay the same one(s) 10 times. Have to quit back to arcade menu after the match and search again to make it count.
  6. Who is powerex? 😁
  7. Just platinumed it. Took 3 hours
  8. I think it's from a random loot box. You unlock abilities from those. Could also be from Multiverse. The highest difficulty planets sometimes have rewards with a question mark like "Rare Catwoman Gear". Just a theory. Nobody has actually gotten it yet.
  9. Can you tell me more about your story decisions? - Gave Talos Rucker's info to Miller or Vega? (highly doubt it matters) - Did Bank Heist or Allison mission (I know for sure doing Allison's quest will let you get the stealth trophy. I don't know about bank heist, has yet to be confirmed.) - Did you do optional objective in mission 15 (clear out the 10 fake guards) before using the elevator? You must take them out to prevent the alarm. - Did you go to Miller first or Marchenko (at end of the game)? You should go to Miller first. Main cause for the trophy not popping is failed hacks or a camera / security device going full red. Also, the alarm in M13 (GARM) can and must be avoided. You can avoid it by calling Vega instead of Miller. Don't take anyone out in the facility, just use cloak and biocells to refill. Then crouch through the facility and go into the electrified pipe in the back of the area. You are not allowed to use the drill either.
  10. You mean in terms of difficulty? 1/10 for me. You have more than enough time. Yup, you can do all speedrun trophies on easy difficulty.
  11. WTF, how does me getting the platinum mean I used glitches? What's wrong with you making acccusations like that? I didn't know there were any glitches and most definitely didn't use any. My continuous speedrun time was 2 hours and 1 minute and I messed up several times. You can do it in under 2 hours if you play on easy difficulty and don't die. Just run past the enemies when possible. If you can't avoid combat, rush in and shoot them with R2 (don't press L2 to aim). You can clear all areas within seconds. It's really easy, there is more than enough time. If you played the PS3 version you should be able to do it first try. As for the chapter related speedrun trophies, I did them in half the time, except for the ones that give you a gold trophy. Those are usually pretty close and you can't die. I do all my trophies legit, just so you know.