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  1. Hey all! Over the past few days I've been creating a stage-by-stage checklist of every single lore scroll in my favorite game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Even though these scrolls are not required for the 110% completion, they do make for an interesting read. They also serve to add a few more hours to playtime for those of you that want to uncover everything, and get the most out of the game. I've used two sources to create the guide - On3ManCr3w's youtube playlist for the game, and my own playthrough. I've created the list as a word document. does anyone know if or how I could upload them here for people to use as a guide? Thanks, - GV
  2. Hey everyone! I'm stuck on the last trophy I need in Minecraft PS3 Edition. I've left my ps3 on for around a week now (turning it off at night) and I'm almost completely sure I've reached the 33 hours worth of playtime needed for the trophy, however I haven't earned it yet. my world has never been in creative, and I've let the time pass in a new world on survival peaceful mode, turning only my controller off when i left it to do other things. Is the trophy glitched? If so, can I do anything to fix it? I'm at 99% trophy completion, and only need this trophy to finish the DLC list. Any help is much appreciated, Thank you. ~ GV
  3. Sign me up for this challenge please! I currently have three complete Telltale titles, and am looking to get most of the others. I have completed: The Walking Dead The Walking Dead: Season 2 The Wolf Among Us
  4. I finally got the trophy after tinkering with the patch updates after reinstalling the game again! I installed 8 of 12 patches, loaded up my world that I used for the trophy, and it popped up almost instantly! see if manipulating the game's patches works for you.
  5. nope, the world I made was completely brand new - created just for the trophy after my last 33 hours didn't work
  6. just did another 33 hours worth of game time, and still no trophy... been working on it for at least two weeks now...
  7. Alright everyone, I've deleted and reinstalled the game and its save files, and have created a new game world set on easy! in about five more hours I should be able to tell you all whether I've got it or not. Fingers crossed! -crosses fingers-
  8. Hello gamers! Game-Vania96 here, bringing you my trophy wall. This thread will also be a checklist, and diary - a place where I can write down my progress and achievements whilst trophy hunting. To start off my thread, I’m going to include a complete trophy list, and tell you about the games I have, and the trophies I hope to obtain. - - - ~ MY COMPLETE TROPHY LIST ~ - - - Note: Entries in RED are games that I have no interest in completing, and are simply there for good old-fashioned fun. Games highlighted in BLUE are ones that I have completed. GREEN highlighted games are ones that are being worked on. Finally, games in plain black are still on my list of games to finish, but aren’t being actively played yet. - - - .detuned {100%} Aabs Animals {100%} Castlevania: Harmony of Despair {100%} Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD {66%} Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 {0%} ~ Revelations {0%} Castlevania: Lords of Shadow {21%} ~ Reverie {0%} ~ Resurrection {0%} Darksiders II {29%} Frogger Returns {100%} Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition {42%} Linger In Shadows {100%} Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition {99%} ~ Expansion Pack 1 {88%} ~ Expansion Pack 2 {100%} ~ Expansion Pack 3 {100%} ~ Expansion Pack 4 {100%} Rogue Legacy {22%} Terraria {100%} The Walking Dead {100%} ~ 400 Days {100%} The Wolf Among Us {100%} Trine 2 {0%} - - - ~ PLATINUM #1: THE WALKING DEAD ~ - - - Name: The Walking Dead Platinum Number: #1 Rarity: 52.17% (COMMON) Trophies: 41 ( 1, 5, 5, 30) Acquired: 25th Nov 2014 @ 3:27:07 PM Completion Percentage: 100% Completion Time: 4 days, 1 hour, 56 seconds Playthroughs needed: 1 Playthroughs taken: 1 Hardest Trophy: N/A Game Difficulty: 1/10 Trophy Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Summary: A fun and enjoyable platinum to obtain. Not much in the way of difficulty, unfortunately. The story made the platinum more than worth it in the end however. - - - ~ PLATINUM #2: MINECRAFT PLAYSTATION 3 EDITION ~ - - - Name: Awarded all trophies Platinum Number: #2 Rarity: 16.71% (RARE) Trophies: 41 ( 1, 6, 11, 11) Acquired: 2nd Dec 2014 @ 3:17:49 PM Completion Percentage: 100% Completion Time: 1 day, 19 hours Playthroughs needed: 1 Playthroughs taken: 1 Hardest Trophy: N/A Game Difficulty: 1/10 (Personal) Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 3/10 Summary: An enjoyable platinum for those who like sandbox games, some of the trophies can prove to be time-consuming without a buddy though.
  9. Thank you! I'm planning on adding much more to my list soon. my top goals to do at the moment are to complete all four PS3 Castlevania games, and all 13 Telltale games. I have TWD Season 2 to do at some point this week
  10. Does the trophy only count active time in the game then? I've been loading the game and leaving it idle with the controller off.should I try rubber-banding it? I've already tried loading a new tutorial world to see if it will recalculate the time and pop the trophy (as that has worked for some people) but has come up with nothing for me.
  11. Hello! I'd like some help with the DLC Pack 4 trophy set as well please I've got those to do, and the "Play for 100 days" one to do from DLC pack 1. I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks, ~ GV
  12. Hey all. I'm playing through the PS3 version of Darksiders II and have run into a worrying glitch... There is a room where the construct is required to be crushed in a machine. Unfortunately, upon loading up my game and going to put the construct into the crushing machine, i noticed that some rocks had spawned on top of where I need to place the construct. (see image below) I cannot place the construct in the machine, nor ccan I activate the lever, and I have tried various things such as fast-travelling to reset the dungeon, and even deleting the most recent copy of my game save. I am 13 hours into the game and going towards 100%, and I'd be disappointed to have to restart over from scratch. Does anyone have a fix for this glitch? Thank You, ~ GV
  13. Nordic Games have pretty much confirmed the existence of a Darksiders III recently, so it shouldn't be too long before we hear an announcement about their "Large scale project based on Darksiders". Plus, one of the developers said that Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition was put out to test who was still interested in Darksiders, so that they could get a "better starting point for Darksiders III"
  14. I am indeed enjoying it very much, thank you. I thought I was following my video guides to the letter, but apparently not, as I somehow managed to miss a lever that crushes the rubble that I was trying to get rid of Thank goodness that I don't have to redo 13 hours of game-time! -wipes forehead- what a relief, I would've been quite upset at losing so much data and progress. How are you enjoying Darksiders II, my friend?
  15. EDIT: Never mind, I was missing another lever that I had to press, which has fixed my problem
  16. Fantastic! Thank you for clearing that up for me, I appreciate the help. I hope they fix the servers again so that we can all get the "Pay It Forward" trophy soon though...
  17. Hey all! I recently started my 100% playthrough of Darksiders 2, and am having the exact same issue with the "Pay It Forward" trophy... I keep getting the "THQ server Error" message... I too have sent NordicGames an email about this and am waiting on a response. As a side note, can anyone confirm if Pay It Forward is the only trophy out of the three Crucible Pass ones that actually requires you to be online? Can "Is There Anyone Else?" and "Bravo Old Chap" be done whilst offline? Thanks, ~ GV