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  1. Upgrade common cars then Destroy it for Gears, it cost 200 and give you 100 😉
  2. Hello Guys, I'm trying level 29 but unfortunately my game crashes at random time after begining... Last time the game crashes with a message "Something went wrong with this game or app." when the last thing we had to do was reach the end... It's occuring to anyone else ? THIS made it impossible to me
  3. I'm not 100% sure but 2 times level select broke my trophies, so I think it's useless to take a risk with it. I would feel bad if after doing 32 levels for one trophy, it doesn't unlock. My answer is based on what I see on the web. And I don't understand why do the game 2 times sparing Sligs
  4. Nope, for Too Pure For This World, you need to do this in story mode. Moreover, it unlocks after chapter 17, so mudokons must be rescued... Good luck, this platinum is so annoying. Don't forget, if you start a new game ( like me ......... ) you will lose all your progress : keys, chapter select, badges. So, my advice is to do all badges with chapter select, then you can do no deaths runs ( depending on if you want to do it legit or not ). When all badges and no deaths are earned, you can now start a new game saving all mudos and sparing sligs. A little tip which can help you : when you are stealthyn you can knock ennmies pressing square behind then ! Sorry for mistakes and conjugation, English is not my native language.
  5. Hello guys, finaly got the trophy ! The start is very hard, but with time, I felt my skill grows, and it took me around 1-2 hours per scenario after the ~10 first ! Good thanks to Gaara, Ghost and the others for the greatful help 😉
  6. I am on the 1992 Sweden ... damn, I can't see the road here
  7. I'm done with the first categorie, 8 hours spend on the last scenario with 2 steps of 10 minutes ... But the win is so satisfying
  8. Done with the third Scotland 1988, around 2 hours for win it, let's go for the fourth
  9. So, I finaly win the second scenario ! The hope come back, I tried the third 20 minutes and got 5 secondes behind the others to win it, so I think I will win this in a few time ! Thanks to you for the motivation guy
  10. I have not assist active, just my gearbox on auto, did you turn it on manual ?
  11. Thanks for all your answers guys, you're great ! I'm trying again and again, the timer is good but on the second mission I always crash on a wood, it's why I can't beat this timer ! I hope I will become as good at this game ! I will watch all videos I can see to learn and possibly master the game !
  12. Do you play with DS4 or a wheel ?
  13. Hello guys, I'm not at your level, just trying the second scenario, and I can't beat this damn timer... When I want to drive fast, my car slide or go into forest... When I am more carefull with speed, I am 25 secondes behind the first... I try to use the FPS view, to balance R2/L2 to drive fast, but I feel I don't control the gameplay... So frustrating, I did Meat Boy but it seems soooooo easier than Dirt Rally 😬 Sorry, my English is not very good !
  14. I do all trophy in 10-12 hours
  15. I do all the trophies except the riddles this week-end ! For the 3 hand kill it's work. But no way to do the 3 kills in one life in a game, so if anyone do this I ask him how ! However, I can it's possible with 3 PS4 x)