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  1. Powerpyx says on his guide it’s not an honour quest and doesn’t count, but do it anyway just to be safe
  2. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Called up to MLB in May 2019. No trophy. Fresh player.
  3. Mass effect series. Although I only have 3 and Andromeda on my list, and 3 is only at 15%, I played the hell out of the original trilogy on x360. Andromeda is basically only an insanity play through from platinum and I am certain I am capable of platting the trilogy on ps3 when I get around to my next playthrough. Nothing in this series that’s insanely hard, just a few challenging or grindy trophies here and there. Also as far as enjoyable trophy lists, the splinter cell series. Plats on the original, pandora tomorrow, and blacklist thus far.
  4. Generally story related trophies are unmissable. My advice keep playing. I also may misunderstood what you were asking
  5. Haven’t seen it posted yet. Confirmed that joining a winning team on a featured map in team death match part way through the match counts towards the trophy. I had 7 start to finish wins and 3 wins in which I joined the winning team late.
  6. Mass Effect Trilogy
  7. When they remaster mass effect trilogy
  8. Yup. My reaction at this trailer was anger...Knowing the possibility of maybe having to find a group of people to do a heist with..again. I really hope this doesn't have trophies. I currently have too many newer and/or incomplete games in my backlog as it is. The trailer itself looks good, just way to late in the games life cycle to spring content like this.
  9. I still think this game will be good, just not ME trilogy good. I still want a PS4/XBox1 remastered trilogy.
  10. I recommend Horizon. Haven't been able to put it down since I got it. Bonus pick: Mass Effect Andromeda, but then again I'm a total mass effect fan so I can't help myself.
  11. More games should be doing the sp this or mp that trophy requirements.
  12. I was on the fence. Lack of online trophies may be the thing that leads me to pick this one up
  13. Don't stress too much about this. If you're going for all the mp trophies you'll probably get this without trying.
  14. Watchdogs Skyrim (little by little) I'm also working on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 but I don't expect to get the plat thanks to the Personal Decorator trophy.