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  1. Can I join the discord please:
  2. Plant all 8 on a new island all at once in plank farming plots. This is how I got it.
  3. No platinum sadly when one trophy requires 100 hours played. 3 wins in a row and 7 kills may be hard for unexperienced players. Having a team will prolly help the wins trophy though.
  4. I’m having the same problem. Did you figure out a fix?
  5. I have searched every coord in the guide multiple times but still says 13/14. Saw Aravis had a hidden one when stuck at 17/18 so does anyone know if there is a hidden or glitched one here too? (Edit) I found it for anyone who is searching. The cords are 2378 S - 6802 E.
  6. I got it this morning within 2 attempts. Just shoot a bombers bomb off and then make sure there are 10 zombies next to it for them to die. I had a bunch of crawlers from my first attempt which only killed 6 so maybe that will help.
  7. If you are good w double xp anywhere from 4-8 hours. If you are just decent play war and play the objective and it shouldn’t take long still.
  8. This trophy is super easy if you use grandmas egg nog. It’s a speed boost and you can dupe stacks of 99 of them. You still will have trouble on a couple maybe in old town but the rest took me 1-2 tries using this method. I also didn’t have the Kuai dagger equipped.
  9. Yes its all obtainable. All solo too except dominion currently you might need an Asian host for that if you do not already have it.
  10. Yeah same here.
  11. I got the trophy after getting the Glutton for Punishment trophy. Its almost like a 100% silver trophy glitch lol.
  12. No Man's Sky FTW
  13. Try the collectibles in The Division. Honestly now a days most games have collectibles way more then 100 so after a while collectibles become more of a part of the games level design instead of an extra task you have to do at least for me. If you can't handle the grind then play TWD lmao.
  14. Demon Souls 2?