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  1. I'm a fallout fanboy as well and that is why i hated the whole concept from the very first day. All the things that happen lately just underline my feelings about it. And I can simply explain why i hate F76. When I play Fallout, I enjoy being alone in a dystopian nightmare. In my mind, the Fallout world was never meant to be something to experience in a group. New Vegas and Fallout 3 are games so massive that i can hardly explain my feelings about it. I connect so many beautiful memories with exploring this world on my own. It was a blast back in the days. As Bethesda released the first infos about their new project i really thought it was an april fool. I stand behind almost everything that Bethesda released in all these years, especially Dishonored so I'm glad that this game fails big time and i really hope that they learned their lesson here. They have awesome franchises with great developers so back to the fucking roots. This is just MY opinion. I accept every other opinion so no hard feelings for those who play and actually enjoy this game. Cheers, Nate
  2. a bit off topic i know, but it it would be nice if you would release league of evil 2 one day. i know that a second one exists, because league of evil was one of my very first ios games i ever played on my old iphone 3s ^^ any chance here for a port by ratalaika? greetz from germany
  3. Hm, a guide online here on psnprofiles that says you do not need to obtain all objectives in a single run? This is absolutely wrong. Or have i missed an update? Last time i played was yesterday and i definitely had to replay a mission 8 times to get my fucking 58th. gold medal 😂 12 more to go. I'm so done with this gold bullshit -.- Awesome game but this was so stupid.
  4. yes dude i can confirm that "we loved once and true" is hardly not possible in chapter select. A really easy mission but the distance is way too far with this horse even if you ride through the tunnel on the left and stay on the tracks til the station. tried it three times absolutely without mistakes.
  5. That is a good question. Since you will NEVER see a timer or a finished time you will never know. There is only Fail or success -.- You do can skip a lot of cutscenes though but there are some sequences where you just ride or are in some kind of a semi cutscene and i guess that the time do count there. i tried Good, Honest, Snake Oil like 8 times and i was really fast i used a clock but i am not able to get gold here. Don't know where i could cut some more seconds to be honest. It's possible of course but it's so hell close. It would be easy if i would be able to ride my arabian horse because it almost never runs out of stamina, but since i'm starting the mission over chapter select i am not able to use this horse. good work rockstar really. I'm at 28 Gold Medals now and still so many to do.
  6. Shooting accuracy won't be that much of a big deal due to auto aim assist dude. there are worse objectives than that. all times are REALLY REALLY hard to reach. there is no extra time for mistakes and especially the missions where you have to get like 15 headshots WITHOUT getting hit. The enemies can destroy your cover so there is no infinite camping and so on. you have to be really fast and need a very good aim. and once you get hit by a single bullet you can repeat the whole bs. RDR 2 is one of the best releases this decade but for sure no fun platinum.
  7. Cheers guys, There is one thing you should consider about your "first i finish the game and than i restart the missions and play them on gold" strategy most of you might not have on your radar. I wanted to do it the same way but there is a really stupid thing here that make the mission select screen a tedious farce: when you play your mission the first time you have access to ALL your stuff. Means: you have access to your fastest horse, to all your items weapons and so on. When you restart the older missions you don't -.- this fact make some missions extremely hard. it's not that important to have complete access to weapons but what is VERY important ( and what i had to learn the hard way ) is the fact that a lot of the easier missions are tied to the " bring X within XX minutes to location X ) and the times are pure MADNESS! I now have the best horse in the game, it's incredibly fast and has a lot of stamina. but once i wanted to restart the easier missions of chapter 2 i had the old fuckin' horse that ran out of stamina in the blink of an eye -.- if i would have known this earlier i would have done all these missions at first try. here's what you can do to avoid this bullshit: look up on the internet for the objectives needed to gain gold, than make a manual save and try to get gold on your first run. So you can use all your gear. believe me, this will make some missions very easy. I'm at chapter 3 now and i can't manage to get 6 easy missions in chapter 2 on gold because of this fucking horse. I'm fast as fuck, riding the closest and fastest distance but i totally run out of time in most missions. Stamina is a really important thing. there are many missions i do know that i will never go on gold ( all those shootouts with 5 or more objectives for example, this would take too much time ) so it's important to focus on the more easier ones. just wanted to share this with you and maybe some of you won't have the misery i have now. hopefully there are some more easy missions in the later chapters.
  8. same here. would have ordered it at play asia with a second list.
  10. Puh, i guess I need some pro tips. I’m a bit stuck right now, so any tip is appreciated. i killed the first boss. The one in the first area ( when you start the are under the shine. The boss on the throne ) now i have no idea where to go anymore, I opened the cathedral, but I can’ go very far. Same problem with the left area. It seems that I miss a skill or something. I received the cannon, the double jump and the ability to cut through those barriers with the charge attack. I th No I searched everything but I have no clue what i’m missing. Which area have you visited after the first boss. And where is second one? i really love this game but this map I pure cancer. Another question: to avoid a second playthrough, I have to save all shards. Does that mean, that I have to avoid to burn them ( flame symbol on map ) and that I have to avoid those pink alien like symbols on the map which give me the better corrupted skills as well? thanks in advance
  11. I feel you mate. I rushed through the PS4 version. Received a lot of gold and even diamonds. But there is no way on vita now because there are only 250 players per day which makes the 1% rate unreachable. Advice i can give you is: do it the same way I do it, take it just easy i’m playing the game every morning for 10 minutes, getting silver (sometimes gold when my three best challenges appears ) and wait for the Murphy glitch, don’t stress yourself. You won’t change the situation so best thing you can do is get your points and jus wait for the Murphy. Only thing we have to hope for is that Ubisoft won’t close th servers next year, I took the calculator and I guess I might need 8 more month to get the platinum 😂 but it’s not that much of a big deal because i totally adore this franchise and the effort of playing the game few minutes every day is not that muchof a big deal. hopefully Murphy glitch will accure pretty soon so we have this stupid trophy out of the way. greetz Nate
  12. Insane, man. :-D quick as fuck. I don't know who you all manage to be so fast haha. No chance for me to ever be that fast. My best chance would be Infinite Tower cause once i platinumed this game on ps4 i received some diamond cups but only in making distance I suck at beeing fast ^^ still need one lousy diamond cup on vita but hence the fact that only one or two persons get one i won't have a chance even at infinite tower :-) so need to wait and pray for a murphy one haha ^^ good work man! rocks!
  13. okay pal thanks for the heads up. 👍 Another game will stay on 98%ish percent just like Horizon Zero Dawn. No intention to play a game twice. This NG+ trophy trend nowadays is cancer -.- Adds shit to the experience of a game, only waste of fucking time. *deleted*
  14. Cheers Sellers. any chance of doing this bullshit with a retail copy without installing any updates? Or is the latest patch essential to even be able to play coop?
  15. Thank you for your answer, pal good luck on your platinum run!