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  1. Soneto is a Soulsborne Fan ( just like me )
  2. every speedrun should work this way. it's the most annoying thing to do. rushing through a game gives me literally NOTHING but stress. got noithing 2 do with skill. it's trial and error and learing routes god i hate it. doing specific levels on time is absolutely okay but playing a whole game under time stress.... this should be forbidden. so amazing trick will do this. cheers, nate
  3. appreciate your help. will start this game in 2018 and might come back to you once i have questions = )
  4. i can confirm this as well. played one game on an asian server and the trophy popped. good work, IW
  5. yes, man! mayhem is really nice don't get me wrong. i enjoy the gameplay a lot and i love shehezerade and rama but they should have let the whole online shit out of the game. i only platted gat out of hell. the other one on ps4 glitched as mentioned and i was not in the mood to start again all over. haven't found time today to try to finish a contract and won't find time before friday. :-/
  6. haha yes, it's a pain in the ass ^^ i do have the trophy for the 30 offline contracts so i know exactly when it's popped and how many online contracts i have finished. let's see what happens today. never had luck with games from this developer. i played saint's row a few years ago and guess what happened?`i had such a crazy glitch that i haven't received ANY trophy, even the unmissable automatic ones for finishing the missions for example 😂 never had that before in 7 years of trophy hunting. i should overthink buying games from them in the future lol
  7. nope, i guess you CAN connect to other players but in my mind you have to be online once the contracts are just about to get finished. -.- it's so stupid. update from today: finished all three contracts, have been online as they end and still no trophy -.- 31 online contracts finished now, now trophy. will try it again tomorrow.
  8. yes, mate. it's totally annoying. i have no problem with finishing online contracts. it's abolutely okay but it's not okay when it's glitched as fuck. i can confirm that all friends of mine tol d me that the trophy popped when they finished a contract and they were online and they finished the contract actively. now i have 31 online contracts finished and still no trophy. i will try it again everyday. another problem is that some contracts are absolutely stupid. guess i never found 60 boom bots for example. they are totally rare. the best one is to open 75 chests and collect 180.000 money this one is a quick one and can be done alone within an hour.
  9. it's glitched as fuck. right now i have completed 27 online contracts and no trophy for me here. i love this game but it's ridiculous and pathetic that they added ONE online trophy and this one does not work at fuckin' all. makes me angry cause i play this shit for a month now and can't complete it due to bad progging. i'm so tired that so many fail once the add online trophies. take ALL online trophies out of all games and it's fine. hope this trophy pops in the next days i do not want to grind anymore.
  10. thx for the info.
  11. You saved my ass with this one, dude was exactly what i was searching for! thx for this, mate!!!
  12. it's my fastest platinum ever. 16 minutes from the first to last
  13. hahahaha same here. i really looked forward to this one. but the controls and especially the camera was such a pain in the arse, couldn't stand it. i deserve an oscar for finishing this. this game had so much potencial and it has some nice ideas but the whole game lacks on bad coding. nevertheless i absolutely love this genre and i'm sad that it's almost dead. would be nice to play more games like this one ( maybe with a good developer like naughty dog ) = )
  14. Rime is one of the best games i've played in 2017. it took me some time to get into it due to all those riddles ( played without a guide ) but the story is mindblowing and so beautiful. depressive is just one way to look at the events. there is so much more beneath the core of letting someone go. it's the process of dying, of handling death and the philosophical question about "what happens to your soul? is there some kind of a transcendental journey into the beyond?" so thankful for this game.