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  1. I love this list, period! Getting the platinum without stress and then focusing on the ( hopefully ) amazing multiplayer.
  2. totally feel you. they destroyed the charme of the game with killing any progress you can make. Even if all items can be achieved pretty quick this totally makes no sense. And yes, Sallys head can be found if you run to the far right of the screen at the very end. Be careful because this skull will spawn many enemies and will try to let you not reach the head.
  3. As far as I know there is no way to revert the patch. There is no physical release out as well. The game itself is not thaaat hard and once you know what to do you will probably unlock the majority of trophies by yourself. But it is annoying to unlock the stuff you need everytime you start the game. Takes only 10 minutes to get the shark and the scythe ( probably the only two things you need for platinum ) but it is annoying. The only trophy i am missing is to finish the game without dying. I reach the final boss easily alomost every second run but i somehoe can't beat this stupid skull -.- don't know why.
  4. Can someone who bought it tell me how much this dlc costs right now?
  5. can be done in 30 minutes with glitch dude
  6. +1 buddy. Nothing to add. I probably won’t go through this another time, so 100% not for me.
  7. I wanted to post the same right now man :-D finally
  8. I can solve this riddle. It was once possible to save and unlock hats and weapons and so on. But the Developer thought it was a good idea to add a free update - the blueberry update - which added another world, some new gadgets and weapons and so on. Additionally they changed the saving system. It is not possible anymore. Means that you always have to unlock the stuff from scratch once you start a new game -.- i wrote them once and they never answered me. I am stuck at 90% and can't manage to finish this game because I am tired of unlocking the stuff over and over again. I will never buy another game from this developer. The game itself is pretty cool but I do not know why they decided to release a stupid update like this.
  9. I can confirm this works fine. Did it on Vita you have to be fast. I recommend clouding the save after each world to be safe. I can give another tip about the "Extreme Efficiency" trophy. It sounds harder than it actually is. The pattern is easy most of the time. Just learn ach world and you are fine. There is actually one point where you have to use your one allowed throw it is in world 4.3 at the beginning. There is a snake blocking your way and no way around. Save your stone for this specific point. Cheers and good luck. This game is really crap. Normally i really like retro 2 D jump n runs but this one is really pointless. Trophy Wise it's stupid as well
  10. I give a complete fuck about the reaction of other people, in fact i do not care about people at all. You should be careful who you call a troll without knowing someone at all based on one thread. use your brain and think about it. As mentioned i enjoyed the main game. The content was totally fine for like 80 hours of gameplay. The first story dlc had some nice narration and pretty good ideas. Furthermore i haven't attacked the atmosphere with any word. That's not the problem here. The thing is, that the gameplay is superficial and repetetive as fuck. You ask me what kind of games i play? A lot, and a lot of them did a better job in long term motivation such as Witcher 3 for example. It's a personal opinion. Not more not less
  11. so much content, so many boring hours. i really hate myself for starting this game. once it's on 100% i gonna pass at future creed releases. i can hardly force myself to play this pile of shit anymore. content was okay for the maingame i had some very fun hours but expanding the whole shit for like 10 dlc is just bonkers. combat system is boring, story fully makes completely no sense anymore
  12. Nevermind, guys. This game is so awesome. I really do not care in that case. I gonna go for another 100% here. I finished them all, even the contracts without trophies. It's an amazing franchise imo.
  13. It's really sad to see how much hatred can arise out of a simple hobby. Read all comments, i am totally neutral here and it somehow feels weird. Shouldn't we all act like a team? I always loved this about the community. The fact, that everybody helps each other. I always try to help others, write guides and answer threads because in the first place it's our hobby and i always want that my knowledge of games helps others. This works in both directions. We should all focus on what we do best, this is to be a supporting community, because that's what counts in the end. This page helps me for years with great guides, and threads. And i love to be a part of this, so let's get back to the core. Just in case I will be at the pranger one day in the future: I had help by a friend with Asphalt Injection and I love to play couch coop games with my wife, so technically my account is a team account :-)
  14. I read that Walhalla Mode is a permadeath mode, or am i wrong? My idea is to finish a level and cloud the save after it. So in case i fail in the next stage, i can overwrite the save to try it again.