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  1. Cheers Mate, thanks for the research. Seen some YT Videos but wasn't quite sure about the difficulty. Guess I will give Wolfenstein II a shot by the end of the year and hunt any trophy except "Mein Leben". This game looks so damn awesome. Would love to hunt the platinum as well. Hence the fact that I platted all Wolfenstein Games, even the classic one on PS3 and all other Stacks on PS4 from Old Blood and New Order but I have no patience for a complete run Thank you Ulven for your opinion on the dlc. Yes, many friends said to me that the dlcs aren't that good. So i hopefully will grab them all for some bugs by the end of the year though. :-)
  2. Cheers guys I have a question that goes out to all the 100% Club achievers, I'm thinking of buying this game next month. I definitely do know that i won't aim for the platinum here. ( would love to try it and i guess my skills in this genre might be high enough to achieve it but i would never have the patience to start all over and over again so my respect for ALL of you, who made it through gthe game and even to those who at least tried it!! ) My plan ist to play this game even without getting the platinum and just for fun but definitely want the highest possible completion %. My question is: how hard are the dlc "mein leben" runs compared to the main game. Specifically: how long are those runs? Really interested in this game so any answer is appreciated. Greetz, Nate = )
  3. You won’t regret the purchase. This game is badass! One of the best vita games out there.
  4. the vita version worked out perfectly fine. bought it twice on vita and it's amazing!! no bad controls bugs or other fails. it's so much fun. don't hesitate to buy ut. ( bought the m ultiverse as well a very beautiful edition )
  5. I love my Vita System since the very first day and even play with my vita every day on my way to work, in planes, train, in night shifts and so on. I have 266 Platinum. Almost 40% of them very achieed on my Vita. And believe me or not i definitely have enough games on my wishlist for another 2 years i never regret that i bought the vita. There is so much to play for Trophy Hunters.
  6. I feel you, dude. PS4 Version took me 9 Minutes. Vita Version i guess 3 hours. In the end i found out how to manage this baaaaad Vita Version. Try to move as less as possible. I always tried to strafe around but that's not a good idea here. And use the bullet time once in a while to avoid hits. once i did this more often i was able to avoid the hits. Once i started to try to stay at one place it took me only a few tries to finish it.
  7. following thid post since weeks. thx for the update to all of you. would be nice if you post here if it really works. will be back online in 10 days so i will try it the same way. will Keep you updated if i find something out.
  8. Bought the game last week and it's really cool. it's not that hard when you cloud your save every round. i'm in round 56 now and have only lost two heroes so far with this method. it's a bit annoying but once this stupid trophy is out of the way the rest is fun and not hard at all. my plan is to finish to round 70 / 75 with this method and than i will try to end the mode and burn all remaining heroes due to the fact that i will have plenty of lives left ( around 65 lives in best case ) even if it won't work i have the backup save in the cloud.
  9. Soneto is a Soulsborne Fan ( just like me )
  10. every speedrun should work this way. it's the most annoying thing to do. rushing through a game gives me literally NOTHING but stress. got noithing 2 do with skill. it's trial and error and learing routes god i hate it. doing specific levels on time is absolutely okay but playing a whole game under time stress.... this should be forbidden. so amazing trick will do this. cheers, nate
  11. appreciate your help. will start this game in 2018 and might come back to you once i have questions = )
  12. i can confirm this as well. played one game on an asian server and the trophy popped. good work, IW
  13. yes, man! mayhem is really nice don't get me wrong. i enjoy the gameplay a lot and i love shehezerade and rama but they should have let the whole online shit out of the game. i only platted gat out of hell. the other one on ps4 glitched as mentioned and i was not in the mood to start again all over. haven't found time today to try to finish a contract and won't find time before friday. :-/
  14. haha yes, it's a pain in the ass ^^ i do have the trophy for the 30 offline contracts so i know exactly when it's popped and how many online contracts i have finished. let's see what happens today. never had luck with games from this developer. i played saint's row a few years ago and guess what happened?`i had such a crazy glitch that i haven't received ANY trophy, even the unmissable automatic ones for finishing the missions for example 😂 never had that before in 7 years of trophy hunting. i should overthink buying games from them in the future lol
  15. nope, i guess you CAN connect to other players but in my mind you have to be online once the contracts are just about to get finished. -.- it's so stupid. update from today: finished all three contracts, have been online as they end and still no trophy -.- 31 online contracts finished now, now trophy. will try it again tomorrow.