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  1. Rime is one of the best games i've played in 2017. it took me some time to get into it due to all those riddles ( played without a guide ) but the story is mindblowing and so beautiful. depressive is just one way to look at the events. there is so much more beneath the core of letting someone go. it's the process of dying, of handling death and the philosophical question about "what happens to your soul? is there some kind of a transcendental journey into the beyond?" so thankful for this game.
  2. Catherine! Nice one = )
  3. it seems that someone cracked the case. psn says 0,1 % at mein leben trophy.
  4. phu, i've read most of the messages here and now i need to write something as well. of course, we all hunt trophies to be challenged in any way. most of us started collecting normal trophies and the more we got we think "now we can bring this to the next level" and we start to go for more difficult ones. we all do this on our own pace, on our own skill level, of course. i for myself try to get the super meat boy platinum since a year now, i've managed to get a lot of trophies in smb but not all and i will never give up til i finally get it. and i love how challenging and hard SMB is. but, and that's the point, a trophy list should ALWAYS be fair. all those sick ultra rare are mostly fair, even the difficult runs in Max Payne or Ninja Gaiden, even Metal Gear Rising and whatsoever... Rhere are lists, that are hard as fuck, they are grindy and skill based but that is absolutely okay, as long as everything stays fair. Creating a list where someone has to play a game on the hardest difficulty with one life without being able to switch out the console ( and putting the ps4 to sleep is NO option, my god, serious? ) or safe a game at least once or twice, this is complete bullshit. The proportionality is absolutely not given here. now you can say that bla bla shit that i have not the skill to do it. guess what? I give a fuck, maybe it's true maybe don't. I've finished some really hard games but i will never find out, because my real life will never give me the opportunity to find out. So that is my opinion. a list should ALWAYS be obtainable with. #skill, #patience and #time this is stupid as fuck. No hard feelings, i appreciate all other opinions. Cheers, Nate = )
  5. Unfortunately, yes but i will get there eventually ^^
  6. I have like 5500 roundabout so need a lot of kills -.- i really enjoyed this game but this is probably one of the grindiest games i've ever played. usually i avoid platinums like this but killzone is badass = )
  7. @Dragon-Archon gratz on Killzone. I'm almost there, too. Only need 6 Contracts and grind the Kills. This game is so endless, but probably the best looking game on Vita so far. Good work.
  8. Platinum #174: Salt and Sanctuary - Vita Version - Difficulty: 4 / 10 ( considering a lot of experience with the Soulsborne Genre, otherwise probably 7 / 10 ) Duration: 20 Hours Enjoyment: 10 / 10 Salt and Santuary is simply a masterpiece. It's like Simon Belmont from Castlevania made love with The Bloodborne Hunter and gave birth to a beautiful child named Dark Souls ;-) Everything about this game is highly enjoyable. Graphics, engine, level system, boss fights and so much more. Played the Vita Version and i can say that this game was very well ported to the Console. If you like the genre do not miss this gem! I usually do not play games twice but started the PS4 version last week and play on double Platinum this time. Cheers, Nate!
  9. @Rose Amicitia definitely Outlast 2. Nice one by the way :-)
  10. started this round yesterday and did it within 30 minutes roudnabout. i thought it will be the worst due to the fact that i struggled for 2 days on road to nowhere but this one wasn't that hard in the end. i might can give you a tip. do NOT walk the ropes, insteead just use the rope on some points to just jump on it and immediately jump off as fast as possible to avoid slipping down. this works perfectly fine most of the time. if you do it this way you can avoid a lot of turtles. and another tip: if you jump on the rope tap the x button like crazy. once i started to do this, i could avoid slipping down most of the time. i think using the rope this way wasn't planned by vicarious. but you can definitely use it for the bigger gaps. i reached platin time with 1:03 with only few tries, so i think you can eventually make it. i recorded a video of my run. if someone is interested just reply i can upload it here.. cheers, nate
  11. That's good for you = ) you'll obtain the trophy eventually than. gratz.
  12. Hey Guys, has someone an idea what lists these two are? EU, US? Or something asian maybe? Would be nice if someone has an idea. cheers, nate
  13. Took me 30ish hours roundabout but I played PS4 simultaneously, so it was 't bothering me :-) but you might have a problem cause I guess that the Fifa 13servers are offline. Fifa14 can still be done. Did it last month too cheers, nate
  14. good to have read this. a trophy that depends on the skill of a random team is just bullshit. so i will stay away from this one as well. too many other awesme titles out there ^^ good lock for all of you who stared this = )