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  1. Yep unlinking changed nothing for me. Still couldn't manage to connect to the online part. Okay so figured I would try again before going to bed. This time I switched from Ethernet to wifi and it surprisingly worked. Not sure why but at least I am able to access the online now.
  2. Just tried doing this and it did not work sadly. Guess ill try again over the course of the week. Can't even connect to the online for this game as off now which does suck.
  3. I just had a quick listen to a couple of songs for the soundtrack on Spotify and oh boy....As if my excitement for this game couldn't get any better. Can't wait to dive into this game!
  4. I ain't even gonna lie. I've played this for just over an hour and this is easily one of the sickest games I have played this year. Once I got used to the controls I felt like an absolute powerhouse. Don't even get me started on the OST for this game because holy shit it is amazing. I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun going for this plat
  5. You can replay a mission up until the collectible and grab it then quit out of the mission and it will save unless you have missed an HVT. Then I believe you'll need to finish the mission or up to the next section of a said mission where it confirms you captured them.
  6. Yeah, it's definitely tricky as @MrHealthy said but very possible. I recently did all of it split-screen by myself and escaping the bunker is a bit of a pain to nail down. The only problem was getting used to trying to use two controllers at the same time. Once you attempt it a handful of times though it's not that bad. Just gotta keep going at it. Other than that doing the co-op split-screen by yourself is not that hard.
  7. All these games coming out within the next year or so got me jumping up and down. Great time to be a survival horror fan!
  8. Resident evil 2 doesn't have a chapter select function so you'll have to start up another playthrough or reload an earlier save to grab the ones that you missed. Once you grab a collectible it saves throughout all your playthroughs though so you'll never have to grab the same one twice. As for unlockables if you collect all 15 Mr raccoons you will get an infinite knife which is helpful when going for hardcore and s or s+ rank runs. You could also do your S runs on standard difficulty to get the infinite samurai edge so you could use that on your hardcore runs to make things a little easier. Hope thats helps out
  9. Currently doing my 102450th play-through after watching that reveal. Man. As with some people here, this is my favorite game of all time. Love the different approaches their taking with this re-imagining. Definitely feeling the influences with the once RE 3.5. Compared to the og 4 with the grainy brown color tone, this one seems to be going for that bluish tone from 3.5. It looks like Leon's jacket seems more akin to his 3.5 version aswell from some of the shots. Keen to see what more influences they pull from that. Also, I love the fucking look of the RE engine ganados holy shit. They look so just gross and deprived of life. Arghhh there is so much I wanna talk about that is in this trailer. The official biohazard Twitter also tweeted saying this was only an early tease of the full trailer they plan to release, so we could possibly see that in the near future whether at their own event or the summer games fest. Anyways my excitement levels are through the roof at the moment. Can't wait to see even more. Capcom has been on a roll lately and they don't seem to be stopping
  10. Damn theirs a lot to choose from but I'd have to go with 1. Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 (PS2) 2. Resident Evil 3 (PS1) 3. Dino Crisis (PS1) 4. Scarface: The World Is Yours (PS2) 5. Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks (PS2)
  11. It wouldn't jump up as much as that but it did jump up pretty significantly. I would say every couple of games where I managed to get in the top 2 or win it would on average go up around 30kms or sometimes even push 40kms. That's what I thought was weird as that is a pretty good chunk to be getting every couple of games. I would like to say it did take into account movement from the prior games up until I got that top 2 placement but at this point, I'm not even sure as this trophy just seems all over the place. Yeah while playing solo the tracker only updated any time I place 2nd or 1st which does suck. Probably best to wait out for a fix for this particular trophy as once again it's just all over the place While in the Elysium Press start then go to the mastery tab to see your progress towards your distance, kills, wins, etc.
  12. Just checked my mastery and I only have 253,991 meters covered and I have the trophy. To what @AvariceInc said the tracker for the trophy seems to be counting stuff like the various abilities and vertical movement while the in-game one is tracking your movement on the ground. As for the abilities, something there is definitely bugged as even though it does seem to count using them for the trophy I was getting kms at a substantial rate. Took me about 5 hours of playing just using the leaping ability yesterday to get from I believe around 411/836 to the end which felt way too fast. But yeah still not sure about this trophy but I do expect it to get patched/fixed in the near future
  13. Mine only took around I wanna say 10 hours maybe a little more in total. I just used the first brute class and ran and used the leap ability whenever I could. Every couple of games when I managed to place top 2 my tracker would update quite a bit sometimes by around 40km. Not sure if it was a bug but yeah mine didn't really take to long to do.
  14. For all the weapon based trophies you only need to down enemy players. You don't have to worry about finishing them for them to count.
  15. You can enter the same Locations again in a different match and it'll still count towards the 3 trophies