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  1. Easily for me Yakuza Kiwami. Bought the game on a whim cause i thought the steelbook looked cool. Now the game is one of my all time favorites and it introduced me to the Yakuza series. Just need to get around to playing through all the other games in the series.......eventually
  2. Iv'e pretty much had all the same problems you have listed aswell, it does get annoying when you're getting into it then the music just cuts 🙃. Besides that the game is still solid. When it does work i am enjoying the hell outta it.
  3. Just beat the game on master spirit guide. That was actually really difficult. Pretty much every major and mini boss took me a decent amount of attempts. Didn't really go outta my way to get anything besides the occasional rots and meditation spots. Didn't really get to upgrade a lot as well but i did grab the rot hammer straight away then when i could put majority of my stuff into the shield path and the stick. Gotta say the most challenging part was the whole end part on the mountain since if you die you have to redo that whole thing. Only advice i can give is be patient and take your time. Abuse the slow mo jumping with the bow. That was the one thing that helped me the most. And yeah for the people going for this good luck. You're gonna need it
  4. Can confirm here in Australia it just showed up as a free upgrade
  5. I ended up getting Triple S on all 8 stages. I also agree with OP and just use the pistol and keep upgrading it. I never once used a knife in any of my runs. Just stick with Upgrading the Lemi and buying mines and pipe bombs. Also when you can spare the Lei purchase the magnum just since it is a free couple of kills given which stage you're on. Just gotta try and remember the enemies pattern. And try not to wander for to long since the thing that got me the most amount of points was having a high time bonus, Ended up giving me most of my points.
  6. Gotta agree with you there. Alien isolation is a one of a kind horror experience (at least for me) Still holding out they make sequel sometime down the line
  7. Ahhh very excited for this one. This games presentation is gorgeous
  8. Yeah this seems like its not gonna be a walk in the park. Been going for the party animal trophy for the last couple of hours and i have already given up. Im supposed to smoke up enemies by ramming em 3 times in 1 use of my smoke ability but have counted at least 5 rams in one go but no trophy. im already stumped lmao
  9. I will say playing resistance with a squad off my mates was actually alright and we did have some good laughs. But after the first couple of days we got kinda sick of it. And early in the games life mastermind was hard for me at least since leveling up to get some decent stuff took a while and if the survivors knew what they were doing they would win most of the time. But hey if you enjoyed it don't let me take that away from you, just personally wasn't my thing. I do know that game still has a small base of dedicated players which is cool for them. But in general that game did fall pretty early on. But yeah umbrella corps......we don't talk about
  10. Because the last 2 Multiplayer RE games (umbrella corps and Resistance) Were imo pretty bad in terms of quality and not really what the majority of RE fans wanted i would say. This just looks like something they whipped up in a quickie so they could drop along side village and for the 25th anniversary. Don't get me wrong im gonna try out the beta but i doubt im going to enjoy it considering i didn't enjoy the last two.
  11. With Re4 being my personal fav game till this date (I've made a habit of running through the game every couple of months for nearly a decade lmao) I kinda hope that they change it up a little bit. Don't get me wrong i hope they don't cut Any areas or enemies from the game but i reckon they can expand so much on the original. Personally i hope they flush out Leon's interactions with the other characters and bring them to life a bit more Especially Mendez from the village portion. Also Luis i want more Luis Please Capcom. Anyhow I have faith that this will turn out nice Especially if they give this another 2 years or so in the works. Just don't wont this to get rushed out cause i would say that this RE is close to a far amount of people. But if the Dev 1 team is gonna be taking the reigns on this im happy with that
  12. Here in au we only have the standard editions available so far so rip. Also Yeah ive put some money aside this week since im gonna assume its gonna gonna be around $400 AUD since the Re3 CE was i think $429 here 😬
  13. I've been refreshing My game store over here in Australia for the last 7 hours and it still hasn't dropped yet. I would assume over the next 12 hours hopefully that it will be available but i could be wrong though
  14. Just beat the demo and holy shit. I cant wait for the full game. All the detail they have put into this is insane.
  15. PSN: jakD_710 I pretty much play and plat anything that i can get my hands on. Don't really have any genres that i hate which i guess is good. Favorite series by far is Resident evil though (Eagerly awaiting for RE Village Atm) So yeah if anyone is down to talk trophies or play some games or discuss why vegemite is good feel free to add me