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  1. Popped the trophy yesterday arvo and im from aus. Still works
  2. Haven't got this trophy yet. Gotten tons of 3 streaks and a couple of 4 streaks but i always choke. One thing i would definitely recommend doing is after getting a win take a 15 - 20 minute break hell even half an hour. Go get some fresh air or even listen to some music for a bit then come back. Maybe its just me but this has been helping me out alot more.
  3. Ayy sign me up for Wesker: - Resident evil 0 through to 7 plat/100% (ps4) - Resident evil Revelations 1 and 2 Platinum's (ps4) - Resident evil code veronica platinum (ps4) Also the special awards should be Revealer of Secrets Jill Sandwich Leon Lover Chris Lover Claire Lover Port master Remaker Cheers @Leon Castle
  4. After doing it the legit way on PS4 It was a relief to be able to go back and do this so quickly on PS3.
  5. Yeah me neither. At first i thought it counted all the zombies in the Atlantica casino and somehow faked kill them all and added them to the counter but their is nowhere near that many zombies in their.
  6. I would assume not as only Frank can do the Judo throw which is needed to make the glitch happen. Their might be something you can do with Chuck that might be able to trigger it but if their is it hasn't been found yet unfortunately
  7. Was searching to see if the SUV or Chainsaw bike was quicker for 100,000 kills and came across this video which was made 2 months ago and has barely any views. Doing this method it literally took me around 50 minutes to do all my 100,00 kills compared to spending around 10 hours doing it normally. Hopefully more people see and try this as it cuts the time for this game down by a longshot. Should also work on Both PS4 and PS3 (i used this glitch on PS3 but the the person who found it was playing on the PS4 version) Full credit to the person who uploaded the video L Demmy. Cant believe this was found 9 years after the game came out
  8. Resident evil 8 is only gonna be on Next-Gen consoles
  9. Final Fantasy X HD Such a good game. Even though its long it is so worth going for the plat
  10. I swear every time i see a comment or post made by OP i wanna gauge my eyes out
  11. If this is true it would be awesome to see what they do. Always loved the idea of Re 3.5 with the supernatural stuff. Seems they are taking some inspiration from that and also Re4 aswell which is cool.
  12. EBgames here in Australia Allowed me to pick up a copy earlier today which is pretty awesome. Feels cool being able to play before it officially releases but i do feel bad for the people who have their's pushed back or have to wait until next week.
  13. Easy way to grab the tutorial world is to switch back to the old version of Minecraft then load into the tutorial world. Save and quit then go to bedrock and transfer the tutorial world to the bedrock edition
  14. Managed to get this trophy to pop solo on the chapter An escape. These are the choices i made that increased their relationship up until the final one in An escape - (The Duke) - Playing as Brad - RESENTFUL “I had to work” - UNEASY “Not good with people” - EMPATHETIC “Must be tough” - SENTIMENTAL “Go with your gut” -DO NOT ACCEPT THE BEER FROM CONRAD AS THIS WILL VOID THE CHOICES FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER- (Wreck) - Playing as Alex When Julia tells you to check on Brad make these choices - IMPRESSED "Wasn't sure we would" - ENTHUSIASTIC "Get you something cool" - COMPASSIONATE "Go through it all together" (Intrusion) - Playing as Conrad In this chapter I had Conrad escape on the speedboat but im not sure if this messes up the dialog later on. Just to be safe make sure he escapes (Storm) - Playing as Fliss After helping Julia and Alex onto the main deck pick this choice when talking about brad so he can join you - ANXIOUS "He might drown" (An escape) Playing as Alex keep playing until you get to the bit where you see the distributor cap then make the following 2 choices - DUBIOUS “We need to be careful” - WARN BRAD - if followed correctly warning brad after he jumps down to help Fliss should pop the trophy. Hopefully this helps someone out there Also here's proof of myself unlocking this trophy on the chapter An escape incase anyone is curious https://imgur.com/a/nHPKJBt
  15. Can confirm its just the main game Mistles. Only started doing the depths once i beat the final boss and the Mistle right before him is when i got my trophy