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  1. It wouldn't jump up as much as that but it did jump up pretty significantly. I would say every couple of games where I managed to get in the top 2 or win it would on average go up around 30kms or sometimes even push 40kms. That's what I thought was weird as that is a pretty good chunk to be getting every couple of games. I would like to say it did take into account movement from the prior games up until I got that top 2 placement but at this point, I'm not even sure as this trophy just seems all over the place. Yeah while playing solo the tracker only updated any time I place 2nd or 1st which does suck. Probably best to wait out for a fix for this particular trophy as once again it's just all over the place While in the Elysium Press start then go to the mastery tab to see your progress towards your distance, kills, wins, etc.
  2. Just checked my mastery and I only have 253,991 meters covered and I have the trophy. To what @AvariceInc said the tracker for the trophy seems to be counting stuff like the various abilities and vertical movement while the in-game one is tracking your movement on the ground. As for the abilities, something there is definitely bugged as even though it does seem to count using them for the trophy I was getting kms at a substantial rate. Took me about 5 hours of playing just using the leaping ability yesterday to get from I believe around 411/836 to the end which felt way too fast. But yeah still not sure about this trophy but I do expect it to get patched/fixed in the near future
  3. Mine only took around I wanna say 10 hours maybe a little more in total. I just used the first brute class and ran and used the leap ability whenever I could. Every couple of games when I managed to place top 2 my tracker would update quite a bit sometimes by around 40km. Not sure if it was a bug but yeah mine didn't really take to long to do.
  4. For all the weapon based trophies you only need to down enemy players. You don't have to worry about finishing them for them to count.
  5. You can enter the same Locations again in a different match and it'll still count towards the 3 trophies
  6. I had a feeling this would be the way to go. Cheers for the heads up, I'll give this a try later tonight.
  7. Correct me if im wrong but it seems that the weekly and seasonal challenges only count towards xp for the battle pass. I've done pretty much all the week 1 seasonal challenges and daily challenges for today and have only leveled up three times which kinda sucks
  8. I also enjoyed my time with this. A fun and enjoyable short game where you don't really have to go too far out of your way to grab all the trophies. Clocked in at 6 hours and 30 mins for the Plat. The standout for me though was this game's Ost. I had previously heard a couple of tracks from it but man. Gonna be having it on repeat for a while!
  9. Alrighty so just bought the rumor for the third side mission in Mos Espa and can confirm it gives you a Kyber brick and Watto once completing it. Im not able to do the side quest yet since I still gotta unlock some other planets to start it but it's nice to see that it does reward one which lines up with the Kyber bricks I'm missing. So for now we shouldn't have to stress about that one being glitched on the map.
  10. The same has happened here which sucks. This is also seemingly common as other people on the internet seem to have this one glitched so at least it isn't just a one-off thing. Pretty sure there isn't a workaround atm so just praying it counts towards the overall events in the galaxy, or they eventually patch it which seems possible considering the more people that are also having this as well. I guess time will tell
  11. Wish i saw this list earlier. Cheers for putting this together Gonna keep my eye on a decent amount of these!
  12. After doing it on two separate saves the only trophy that has glitched for me is Can't You Read The Signs? (Collect All Inhibitors Hidden In GRE Quarantines) Man this game is so draining. Gonna see if i can get this to work by doing it in a mates game. Have a good feeling its not gonna pop though
  13. Hey, here to update my list. The RE games i'd like to add are Resident Evil Village Resident Evil Resistance Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Should be eligible for Wesker Rank and Ethan Lover Cheers Leon
  14. I stocked up on ammo and guns then went next to the save outside Woozies casino and started shooting cars and people. Then when i was close to dying or was at 5 stars i would save and then repeat. Helps that if you die the ammu-nation is right down the road. Also directly across from the casino there is some armor which should also come in handy. Doing this i wanna say it took me an hour or so to finish all the weapons up.
  15. Merkels comment is what helped me. What I did is go to the tattoo parlor in Las Venturas and keep swapping out back tattoos. Each time you swap it out it increases by 1% until it hits 50%. Then after that you can go grab a high end car and the trophy should pop.