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  1. Managed to get this trophy to pop solo on the chapter An escape. These are the choices i made that increased their relationship up until the final one in An escape - (The Duke) - Playing as Brad - RESENTFUL “I had to work” - UNEASY “Not good with people” - EMPATHETIC “Must be tough” - SENTIMENTAL “Go with your gut” -DO NOT ACCEPT THE BEER FROM CONRAD AS THIS WILL VOID THE CHOICES FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER- (Wreck) - Playing as Alex When Julia tells you to check on Brad make these choices - IMPRESSED "Wasn't sure we would" - ENTHUSIASTIC "Get you something cool" - COMPASSIONATE "Go through it all together" (Intrusion) - Playing as Conrad In this chapter I had Conrad escape on the speedboat but im not sure if this messes up the dialog later on. Just to be safe make sure he escapes (Storm) - Playing as Fliss After helping Julia and Alex onto the main deck pick this choice when talking about brad so he can join you - ANXIOUS "He might drown" (An escape) Playing as Alex keep playing until you get to the bit where you see the distributor cap then make the following 2 choices - DUBIOUS “We need to be careful” - WARN BRAD - if followed correctly warning brad after he jumps down to help Fliss should pop the trophy. Hopefully this helps someone out there Also here's proof of myself unlocking this trophy on the chapter An escape incase anyone is curious https://imgur.com/a/nHPKJBt
  2. Can confirm its just the main game Mistles. Only started doing the depths once i beat the final boss and the Mistle right before him is when i got my trophy
  3. Nope. You just need to do all the regular levels which is good
  4. For the difficulty you can do it on whatever one you please. i did mine on the easiest. As for the time i believe it counts and adds up all the times for each individual level and as i got my trophy during Episode 2, Also im not sure if Thy Flesh Consumed is required. i wanna say it isn't but it might be. If you play on the easiest difficulty and know your way around each level its actually not that difficult to beat the game in under 2 hours
  5. Exactly. I feel like they definitely missed out when they released these with just local and not proper online. Just sucks they made the nightmare trophy require co-op. Even doing it singleplayer would of been a whole bunch better since you can save when you want unlike when your playing cooperative.
  6. I got to level 17 and couldn't go any further. gonna try again tomorrow. Wish that this was online co-op because doing this solo is next to impossible (at least for me) gonna watch some speedruns and stuff before i give it another go.
  7. I Managed to platinum doom 1 solo. actually nightmare mode on the first one wasn't as bad as i thought it was. but this game idk if its gonna be possible solo. up to downtown on nightmare and i wanna bang my head against my desk
  8. Been on this level in nightmare mode for just over half an hour and i cannot get the stairs in the middle to raise since the enemies keep respawning and they also completely ruin me every time i respawn. Has anyone been able to do this level in nightmare mode yet?
  9. Does anyone know how exactly this trophy works. The other day i sat their for a little over 4 hours playing the game and got no trophy pop. So i restarted the game, loaded into the first level and left my Vr on for pretty much the whole night and still no trophy pop. either this trophy is glitched or im doing something wrong?
  10. So iv'e completed everything in the main campaign but i cant seem to grab the last bow part to upgrade to the competitive bow. Iv'e searched every possible trunk and salvage crate i can find. Dont know if this is a bug or im missing something?? Can anyone offer any help?
  11. jakD_710 Call of Duty: Black Ops II about a year or so i was playing online bo2 with a mate and had one of those modders in my lobby. He must of given me all the trophies because i never even realized i had the bo2 platinum until i saw the dispute. I dont know if there is anyway i can remove this trophy list or something. Iv'e hid the trophies for this game on my psn but thats as much as i can do? Edit: Even though i have hid the game and updated my profile since earning a new trophy im still not on the leaderboards?