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  1. A person (Realmatze) mentioned this at "There is a way easier method. Once you get to a primal boss which you don‘t insta kill, hold L2 to get to a zone where you insta kill. Don‘t let go of L2 and tap R2. Then you can press triangle, let go of L2 and press Circle.Credit:" ------------------------- Also I'm using both this methods and I've progressed a lot in the past couple days. Thanks for the tips, @BHK3
  2. There's a power up that jam missiles and automatically destroys it. Does it count as a killed enemy?
  3. Dang! I wanna record a gameplay with every car and I'm only missing Smokey. But I've only 108 Skills Checks. Guess I'll have to work a lil on it Thanks @rubhen925
  4. I've already beat the game and unlocked Jackson Storm, but still no Smokey. How many Skill Challenges do I have to completo to unlock him?
  5. Yeah, Kuma is funny! lol The way he hit's the opponent with the fish is like "WTF?!" My favorites are Dragunov and Master Raven
  6. So, Bandai just made some special moves to Tekken characters, something like X-Ray, on MK. So check it out, it's amazing!!
  7. Every time I try to play the game it gives "Database loging failure! Verify internet connectivity.", am I the only one? I can't even connect to their servers, can imagine how bad are those...
  8. You welcome! I'm glad it helped someone
  9. So, I know that there is already a topic/video here showing how to get Blind Shell, but I founded an easier way to do so, here's the video/tutorial: THE VIDEO IS IN PORTUGUESE (AUDIO) BUT I'VE ADDED ENGLISH SUBS, JUST TURN IT ON.
  10. I'd like to suggest that those games that the name isn't written in roman alphabet should have their name changed to it, making it a lot easier to track it down. ^^
  11. Acctually there are almost 1900 platinum images. And I don't want ppl to waste their time. They'd vote if they want to. It's just that I think that there are MANY amazing platinum images that most pl don't know cuz it's not a very popular game
  12. Nope, the system would gather all platinum images from game profiles and show it to us. So we'd be able to vote on those we like most. And a random system would be nice as well. Random platinum images would be showed to the user and he/she could vote on it and get to know new and different platinum images that aren't so mainstream
  13. But how we'd post all platinum images on forum to ppl vote? Beyond that, at least 1 platinum is released everyday, it would be almost impossible to post every single one and keep the track on votes.
  14. Hi, I've an idea of a new section for the site. It's a section whee the user are able to vote for the most beautiful platinum ever. In the front page it would show the top 10. Than We'd have the vote section, where the images would appear randomly so we could vote for 0,5 to 5 stars, based in the art. It would be nice if we had a place where we could see all platinum image as well, and we could chose if we'd like to see it by most voted, best voted or alphabetical. What you guys think?