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  1. Would strongly advise anyone to get these online trophies done asap. PS3 games servers are going offline at an alarming pace. Today all little big planet PS3 games. Fuse from insomniac (now PlayStation studio, EA saying server closure was decision by insomniac.) in June. I think Sony first party PS3 games are on their last days very few running now. Got these done today, I didn't have any issues but could go down anytime for good.
  2. Thanks alot, been spending hours on this trophy making them hit my head. This method worked and now I finally have 100% on this game.
  3. Bump - Anyone know exact formula for popping this trophy.
  4. I have been trying to get this trophy for ages, but it won't pop. I followed a method on and someone said that the opponent has to hit me on the helmet 100 times for it to pop, well I have exceeded this number by about an extra 300-400. Is there any specific way to do this, like can you keep doing the same level to rack up the hits or do they have to be different levels, also I tried to do it on a different level for each hit but still not unlock. Any chance you actually have to hit the opponents helmet or is this just glitched for me, I cannot tell. This is my last trophy for this game and Any help would be appreciated!