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  1. I know there are posts saying that you need all bonus items for this trophy and I thought that I'll have to go through the whole game again since I sold like half of the bonus stuff,but apparently you just need the last hit bonus couse I got the throphy the moment I got the last bonus hit needed(only having bonus items since boss 85 or 88 somewhere along those lines).Also I found that although annoying you can do like 2 or 3 implemment missions for most implemments,up until the level 3 missions or some others that require something like dodge or similar things for immplement.And even then I mostly used only 1 or 2 missions.I choose the Lord of Nightmare Dregs,which requires killing 666 kobolds(level 1),Lord of Nightmare's Eye that requires you to kill a boss similar to Ghastlygaze(level 2) both of the missions can be found in Arlebast Otherworld.As for level 3 missions up until a certain point I used Kobold Lord Ambitius in Temple Front Plaza of Serpentis.
  2. Thanks I managed somehow
  3. thanks will note it for next time
  4. For the love of me I just can't seem to figure out that implement I seem to get it right sometimes but I can't do it specificaly when I need to.How exactly do I do it.
  5. Can anybody help me with online trophy (last one or two ) I'm almost done but got stuck at level 23-25 or so.Would be gratefull Edispp