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  1. Little Update Gonna start getting busy with life stuff starting next week so I'm working to finish Gravity Badgers and Total Recoil before Friday. I'll update again in like a week or two, when I have something substantial to actually add. Danger Zone - 28% The Girl and The Robot - 15% Metrico - 14% Another World - 100% The Fancy Pants Adventures - 23% - 28% Beyond Good and Evil HD - 4% Red Goddess - 14% Gravity Badgers - 28% - 38% Total Recoil - 9% - 47% Child of Light 100% Asdivine Hearts 0% 140 19%
  2. Good point. There's two of those I just don't seem to like enough to wrap up (sly cooper and altered beast) though you're not wrong I shouldn't postpone the easiest set I have. I'll have to look into redownloading some of these and mowing through then this week : )
  3. That makes more sense looking at it. Misread the score post. Thanks for that.
  4. Finally I can add something to this, gah. So I knocked out Child of Light. I believe I did the math correct but I may have messed it up. 75 + 21 - 10 - 0 = 81.
  5. Got my first title down. I've mostly been playing Child of Light but I took care of the shortest finish I had available. I'll probably update again this weekend if I can get some stuff knocked out before Friday afternoon. Danger Zone - 28% The Girl and The Robot - 15% Metrico - 14% Another World - 42% - 100% The Fancy Pants Adventures - 23% Beyond Good and Evil HD - 4% Red Goddess - 14% Gravity Badgers - 23% - 28% Total Recoil - 9% Child of Light 0% - 57% Asdivine Hearts 0% 140 19%
  6. So this month I've finished one game, and put a big dent in another. I would be finishing Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time, but I'm getting burnt out on playing through it and I just don't think I care enough to wipe it out right now. Think I'll finish it in a couple months, Below are the updated percentages for the games I've gotten through to some extent during this event without 100% or getting the platinum. Additionally, my updated list (if you can call it that) with my completions scratched out, is in the spoiler. Disney Epic Mickey 2 - 55% Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time - 65% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - 25% Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 47% I've also done little bits here and there on other games, but these are the most significant jumps without finishing.
  7. Making some minor changes. Had to wipe my PS3 so I lost Blood Dragon data and I don't feel like making it up. Also adding a couple more before the events starts. Danger Zone - 28%The Girl and The Robot - 15%Metrico - 14%Another World - 42%The Fancy Pants Adventures - 23%Beyond Good and Evil HD - 4%Red Goddess - 14%Gravity Badgers - 23%Total Recoil - 9%Child of Light (0%) Asdivine Hearts (0%) 140 (19%)
  8. Ok so I've finally started kicking back up in this event, and while I haven't finished anything I've made some pretty good progress in Stealth Inc and some minor progress in Epic Mickey 2. At this point I honestly just want to finish Tier 1. So my update is mainly in the form of some progress, listed below. Stealth Inc - 31% (I know I still have a lot of hard ones ahead of me, but I am very proud to have finally gotten Equipped for Business) Epic Mickey 2 - 52% Ninja Pizza Girl - 90% Fancy Pants Adventures - 23%
  9. Ok a late response but I wanted to make sure I had something to add. I completed the platinum for Jak and Daxter about an hour ago, so that gives me my second 100% for the event. Hoping to spend this summer with the PS3 only. I'm working on TestYourself Psychology currently, and then I have no idea. Total Complete: 2
  10. Got my first for the month out of the way. Jak and Daxter. A game I thought I would still hate but actually got really in to. Horrible camera though ( i know it's old but like that camera is bananas).
  11. I Am Setsuna - I got bored close to the end, but thankfully its a beautiful game. Closer to something like Chrono Trigger or Cosmic Star Heroine (also, play Cosmic Star Heroine, very good game, not a JRPG in the strictest sense, but heavily inspired). Dragon Quest XI - This personally took me about 170 hours, but I wanted to do EVERYTHING so I did before I killed the final boss and got the last trophy. I can see a quick run taking about 70-90 if you focus solely on trophies. Final Fantasy VII (Original) - Very easy, very limited missables, and I will attest that if you don't get a certain date on your first try, with the speed cheat on, you can get to the point of getting that date on another partial run in around 3 hours. Final Fantasy 15 - This is not short, but as long as you don't dip your toes too much into the DLC (I liked a lot of it so I recommend it) it's very easy. IT's not overly long either, took me like 80 hours and my platinum times tend to be a bit slower than most guides.
  12. Indeed I will. I briefly got distracted by Bravely Default 2 ( amazing, fyi, for switch owners) but I've put it on pause for a bit and intend to jump back into Tales of Hearts R today. Also been running through Kingdom Hearts 0.2 so I'm hoping to have some points in the board later this week or early next.)
  13. Haven't updated in a bit but I am still in this. After I finish Jak and Daxter next week I'd like to have Epic Mickey 2 be #100 for me. Try to step up my game in terms of platinum difficulty for my second 100. Also knocked the story out for Fancy Pants Adventures. Not a fan of how floaty the platforming feels but oh well. Will try to finish that after Epic Mickey 2. Then on to finishing Castlestorm.
  14. May Update: A bit late but here we go. I'm going to wrap up Jak and Daxter next week. That will be my second 100% for this event. After that I'm going to focus on getting games up without absolutely platinuming/100% them. Crysis 3 is on the agenda, but I have no interest in 100% it (not even sure I can honestly, don't know if the servers are up). I'll be wrapping up Epic Mickey 2 (hopefully) this month as well. Spent most of April on the PS4 and Vita, so not a ton of PS3 time.
  15. I'm in. Threw together a list of ten below. Once these are done (two of them are a gamble) I'll add more. Danger Zone - 28% The Girl and The Robot - 15% Metrico - 14% Another World - 42% The Fancy Pants Adventures - 23% Beyond Good and Evil HD - 4% Red Goddess - 14% Gravity Badgers - 23% Total Recoil - 9% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - 25%