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  1. So last month, early in May, I finished Legend of Mana, and the damndest thing happened. I had no interest, at all, in platinumming it. In fact, I found myself uninterested in plattinuming anything at all. Hell, I didn't even care about trophies. And that feeling hasn't gone away. So, with that being said, I'm rededicating this thread to games, in general. Maybe I'll come back to the trophy hunting sometime in the future, but right now, I couldn't care less, and I wanna play whatever I wanna play. As long as I finish it, of course. With that being said... Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Hours: 61 Genre: Strategy RPG After playing through Three Houses last week, I decided I wanted to go out and expand on the remainder of the series. While title like Thraccia or Genealogy are harder to come by state side, Awakening was on sale, so I snatched it up. I also grabbed Sacred stones, which is an older GBA title, but I haven't put much time into it. If you aren't familar, the series is a Strategy RPG series. You move your units around on a grid, and attack enemies once you are within range. Three Houses adds a social component to it, which I really enjoyed, and frankly missed in Awakening. However, Awakening isn't a bad title in the end, just not one that lives up to it's potential. With a rather meh story (better than okay though, I will admit) it's lacking in the narrative department. Fortunately, it's made up for by being a really damn good game, gameplay wise. The maps are very well designed, and the difficulty is actually pretty even. The way the game uses the map layout to push the player into rethinking their strategy is very smart. I did find a few fights that were rough, and there's never been a genre that hit's as hard, imo, when you die as this one. Maps can take 45 minutes to get through, and thanks to the, frankly stupid decision, to have certain characters deaths end in complete defeat, you can die at the finish line and have to restart. In fact, that's the only time I ever really lost a battle. Your character and one other character can't die, or the battle ends in a game over. It's really annoying. Additionally, I can't speak to the permadeath, because I played on Casual Mode, Normal Difficulty. Classic features the permadeath, and I'm not sure I really have any interest. Despite the lackluster plot, I did like a lot of the characters, and I was not trying to sub them in because someone got taken down. Graphics - 4/5 Music - 4/5 Gameplay - 4/5 Story - 3/5 4/5
  2. Hey, so it's been awhile since I've updated...really anywhere. Had something of a break from trophy hunting that leaded to me just not caring about trophy hunting in general. However, I've still been actively playing, and since this forum isn't trophy focusers, I wanted to keep engaged on it. So here's a little update. Finished - Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS): This is a great game but doesn't hold a candle to Three Houses. The story is fine, but I didn't feel particularly grabbed by it. I did think the map design was top tier though, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to fill up their DS before the stores become a burden to mess with in August. Currently - Lost In Shadows (Wii on Wii U): If you like puzzle platformers and own a Wii U, snag this one up. It's slightly tedious at parts, but right now, I'm very much enjoying it. Basically, you play a young boys shadow, and all the platforms you use are actually the shadows of the other platforms in the game. I'm not selling it particularly well, but it's a great little title that I think takes a fairly unimaginative premise and handles it very smoothly. Okay, I'm going to try to post here more often, especially regarding the remainder of my list. I haven't touched any of those titles, but I'd like to get back into them shortly.
  3. Gonna be taking a little trophy break.  Getting a bit burnt out.  Gonna play games to play them and got trophy notifications disabled.  


    Starting by playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    1. kevao97


      I did this with Red Dead 2, played through the story with trophies turned off.

    2. MidnightDragon


      How do you turn off trophy notifications on PS4? I’d like to try that once.

    3. kevao97


      @MidnightDragon settings > notifications > pop-up notifications > disable trophies

  4. Hey I'd like to join up on this. I'm just a gnome, but I'm working my way towards Sylph. Arise - 11/48 - 16% - Currently Playing Berseria - N/A Zestiria - 5/56 - 8% Xillia - N/A Symphonia - 5/40 - 7% Symphonia DotNW - N/A Hearts R- 27/40 - 68% Not on Sony stuff, I'm working on: Vesperia - Switch/Xbox One Abyss - 3DS
  5. Count me in. Love this idea.
  6. Unfortunately, between Legends of Mana (fortunately) and work (BOOOO YOU SUCK!) I won't be getting anything done this month. Next month my plan is to burn through either Little Nightmares or Final Fantasy X. And I've been itching to play Resident Evil 7 a bit. So provided I have all the time in the world, I should be good!
  7. At just under 30 hours.... I Beat It.... The story for Legend of Mana is in the bag. I managed to complete the last few sets of stories over the past week, and now the main story is done. Unfortunately, I messed up the end of three of those, so I'm onto another playthrough. I adore this game. Honestly, I really do think this is the best of the four. Between the ridiculously unique world, the fun (if not a little underwhelming) combat and thoroughly enjoyable (if not a little underwhelming) side content (something I haven't seen this series try across the other titles, this is definitely one I highly recommend....with a caveat! I would recommend not using a guide for your first run. You will miss ALOT, but it's absolutely worth it. I am working through New Game + now. Basically I need to get to the three events (which I did mind you) and at the very end run home and save and do something very spoilerly (it's such a minor thing but i messed it up so I have to get to quest 49 before I can finish it). Other than that, grinding to level 99 (finished the first run at level 49, which made it kind of a joke) wrapping up the produce and encyclopedia stuff, and getting the rest of the little stuff (money is a big one). Next update will be the platinum, then I'll do one more as a wrap up. Byuah!
  8. Finally got another one, with Legends of Mana. Between this and Trials, one of them is my favorite in this series. This one feels really unique and diverse in terms of environments and structures. It definitely has some annoying 90's game tropes in it, but I'll save all of that for after I plat it. In general, if you like action RPGs, I can't recommend this game enough. It can be a bit confusing to find the path to stuff, and the guides online aren't very good. I'm gonna work on the plat starting tomorrow. I'm also gonna plough through Super Mario RPG over the next week or so. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Fire Emblem: Three Houses Trials of Mana Legends of Mana Super Mario RPG Bayonetta Crysis 2 Far Cry 4 Lost Odyssey Army of Two 40th Day
  9. Okay, so I haven't be crazy productive this month. But I am making progress on my last three (or two of them at least). Legends of Mana - I like this game quite a bit, but I'm getting burnt out on all things Mana. I'm over half way done with the quests, and I've been working on all the grind heavy stuff (produce, filling the encyclopedia, etc). I'd like to be done with this before May but I think it will be a bit after before I am. Little Nightmares - I set this aside for a minute to focus on Legend, which I have, if I do say so myself, done a bad job of. I think this is gonna be an easy enough 100%, aside maybe the 60 minute no death run. I think this or Legend will be my next completion. Final Fantasy X - This is gonna be the last one I work on. I loaded it up today so I'm ready when it's time. This is my favorite Final Fantasy (almsot tied with IX) but I'm very stoked to finally put it to bed. Love seeing everyone else's progress. Since we're about to hit the final month, good luck ya'll!
  10. I completely agree with you. I didn't bother finishing it (though I do intend to), but the base RPG experience (aka the parts we would have played on the 3DS, without RPGs) are hella boring half the time. How'd you like the transportation options? I hope that it gets better after awhile, because the two forms I had last I played suck. Mad props for finishing it off though.
  11. Itty Bitty Update! So thanks to the nature of this game, I got a little burnt out. This game requires either multiple playthrough's (I'd say a few to get used to the nature of the of the game) or religious adherence to a guide. Given my history with the game, I decided to adhere to the latter. Now, this works well because it means I get to spend time focusing on getting the missables out of the way. The problem is that, as anyone who has religiously followed a guide will tell you, it's easy to get burnt out. Fortunately, the guide I have on Steam is fantastic. unfortunately, I needed a break. The game is actually very, very deep in terms of mechanics. Fruit growing, monster taming, blacksmithing (my personal favorite cause it's much less hands on than the others), golem making, and the two I haven't gotten to yet, instrument making and elemental spirits. I do enjoy being able to do things at my house when I return to it, but for the most part, the extra bells and whistles feel like they are easy to ignore. Yes, the monster taming means you don't have to fight enemies alone (especially helpful during bosses) but I would argue it's not the most important thing to focus on. At least where I'm at (just under halfway through the game, at about 28 or 29 tasks completed out of 67). Speaking of the aforementioned bosses, this is the series hardest, but this is where I have been using monster taming for what I would expect is an unanticipated use of them. When you die, if you have a living party member, your dead character will start to fill a bar. Once this fills, they come back to life. If everyone dies before that bar fills, the game is over. Having a monster (or golems possibly, I haven't played much with the one I made) gives you a better chance if the plot doesn't provide you another party member. I also have some party members I can bring in whenever, so I have a small pool of 3 characters I can pull from, and this helps a lot, even though my monsters suck, currently. One of my bigger complaints is leveling. I don't really understand it. Basically, monsters drop gems....sometimes. When they die, they might drop gems, and these gems give you experience. Sometimes though, they drop items. Nothing is more annoying in this game than when the last monster drops a health item (candy or chocolate bars) instead of gems. Since you instantly refill your health at the end of every fight, this is pointless. Also, the way that collecting this gems and the way points get dispersed is kind of confusing. Frankly, the game does a poor job explaining all of it's mechanics. Fortunately, the mechanics themselves are great, even when they feel pointless, so I'm down. I'm taking a break, as I previously stated, and working on the RPG event. Currently I'm working on Nights of Azure, which is a little action RPG from Gust. I'm enjoying it so far, though I don't really know wtf is going on. I'll update that as a brief aside as soon as possible. I'm also doing a second, non-trophy game, in the form of Radiant Historia. That game is fanatic, and since it's dramatically different from Nights of Azure, I can play them simultaneously without getting anything confused. Nights of Azure is also fairly short, so I'll be back on Legends here shortly. I'd like to be done by the end of the first week of May, at the latest.
  12. Well, it appears I made a faux pas, and since I posted this in two different locations, it does reduce the validity of the poll since I also did a status update. I went ahead and added a vote for strategy since two of the status update votes were for that, and only one person voted for that. In the future, I'll just use the poll lol. Anyhow, since it's a bit easier for me to read now, I'm looking at a possible tie. Guess I need a rule for if that happens, huh? Guess I'll need to mull that over.
  13. Okay I think I have a good substitute for Bravely Default 2. I'm gonna drop it and sub in Super Mario RPG. Playing it on the Wii U. @Arethien Between this and Legends of Mana I should be able to get back out of the slump I'm in soon ish. Thanks for catching the point.
  14. I would yes (I didn't even realize that's how it worked, but thank you for clarifying).
  15. I totally agree with you, but I am curious about being stuck. I've been stuck in Bravely Default 2 now for about 5 months (early December) and just curious what I can do with that. Honestly, I have no intention of finishing it any time soon.