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  1. I did and I slotted it next to the circuit breaker and the door shut (also, not a stupid question, because power cell was the word I was looking for lol).
  2. So there is a segment in chapter 6 where there is a large Brute you have to fight in a room. After fighting him you need to power a circuit breaker with an energy block or node or whatever they are called. You need a key card from a near by room, filled with poison gas. The issue I'm having is that even after doing everything the circuit breaker won't turn on. You can interact with it, but you can't actually enabled it (you're trying to disable gravity). I looked it up and some pc players found out they had to us a different button then is customary for some reason. So I tried that. I hit all the triggers, I hit everything on the dlad and all the other buttons and nothing happened. Has anyone else hit this issue and if so how'd you go about fixing it? I'm too tired to keep messing with it tonight but I'm going to mess with it in the morning and see if I can crack this walnut.
  3. Okay, got another of the beautiful spectrum down with... Grey - toem Orange - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart - Light Blue!
  4. My continued pursuit for OCD....continues....with Cat Quest II. This is a little harder than I remember the first one being, but overall not too bad (took me like double the ETA in the guide though that's likely because I didn't follow a guide). Okay, the difficulty is picking up. I think I'm going to stick with Soul Hackers 2 as I'm genuinely enjoying it (however, it seems much maligned so I'm waiting for it to start sucking; hopefully not though). Easy Peasy 1/10 - toem 2/10 - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart 3/10 - Cat Quest II! - https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/cat-quest-ii-trophy-guide/ Oh no...this looks tricky 4/10 5/10 6/10 Ok, reel it in now 7/10 8/10 9/10 Who's this even for, tho? 10/10 @Rebourne07 I'm sure you've already answered this, but I wanna make sure 100%'ing non-Platinum games won't break my OCD streak. I'm also in the UR Event and I prefer shorter (QUOTE UNQUOTE) for that but I don't want to break this streak. I assume it won't but I wanna make sure first.
  5. I'm gonna put together one of them thurr charts like everyone else has, but I didn't want to forget where I was at, so I have a second one down. Grey - toem - Orange
  6. Alright, my hunt for the OCD badge continues with Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart at number 2 (dropped Edith Finch for the time being). Definitely one of the better Ratchet games, and honestly probably my favorite PS5 exclusive so far. I don't think I'll be doing Biomutant (at least not right now) so I'll be swapping out my number 3 (and number 4, so I can fit Team Sonic Racing in here and the Ultra Rare event). But for now, 1 and 2 are done! 1. Toem (PSNProfiles) 2. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PSNProfiles) 3. Who knows!
  7. Just a heads up. I remember hearing the servers were either shut down or getting shut down for this. Also, for an Ultra Rare for your Bingo Challenge, I'd recommend Bleed, Assault Suit Leynos, or Slain: Back from Hell . I was doing similar research yesterday which is how I found the latter 2 (I've never played Assault Suit so maybe it's not good) but I spent quite a bit of time with Bleed last year. I was ass at it so someone who gets the mechanics a bit better may be able to wrap it up in under 20 hours (where I stopped). I don't personally like Slain but it may be up your alley. I just know these three all have fairly quick plat times per their respective guides.
  8. You're fine, computers will computer. Also, love the choice, ty!
  9. First one down, with toem! Using this for grey. Grey - toem
  10. First one is down! And it's toem. I really enjoyed this game, and will miss it's simplicity around 5-6. - toem - Difficulty: 1
  11. You aren't wrong, the last puzzle is really neat. And yes! Framed is what I was referring to. Thank you.
  12. Ok, almost comp time for 2023, so here's the last few games I've beaten for the year. Tales of Symphonia fell through for personal reasons, so here's the others! Lost Words: Beyond the Page PS4 Platinum So this game is good, but definitely a mixed bag. Long story short, you play as a young girl who is writing about her fairly distressing event in her journal, while also playing through a story she is writing. During the journal segments the levels are 2d platformers where the platforms are the words in her journal, which is fairly fun and inventive. The story is a bit more traditional, with 3d characters in a 2d plane. There's really no combat, and this falls into more of a more inventive walking simulator then it is a traditional platformer. This is also driven home by the fact you can't die. The more inventive mechanic is using words on screen to effect the environment. You get a small list of words you can conjure whenever you want, but the more fun component is the words you find throughout each level. You drag these around the screen and when you place them over the environment, it impacts it. Moving the words can be ab it cumbersome, and you can definitely see how this would work better with a mouse. Additionally, the trophy list is piss easy. Finish the game. Grab stuff you would've been grabbing anyways, since most collectibles aren't well hidden (might be by design, not trying to talk shit). The one thing I'll point out if that when you grab collectibles, it doesn't auto-save them. If you are just doing a clean up, make sure after you get any missing collectibles, you keep going until the level saves. Otherwise, you'll be like me, and have to reply a level again to recollect it cause you jumped out like an idiot. Score: 4/5 The Pedestrian PS5 100% So here's the deal. I love tthis games concept. I loved the first few "worlds" and this game is gorgeous. I think it kind of takes a shit around the halfway point though with a mechanic where you start layering panels. So the basic concept is you play the little figure on the Womens restroom signs, and you have to move between various signs in the environment. You have to connect signs and move them around in order to move between them. There's an old iOs game where you do this with panels to rearrange a story. The name escpaes me but it was something like panelled or something like that. Like the name had the mechanic somewhere in it. Anyhow, most of the twists on this formula are pretty interesting, but there's one in the middle I can't f*cking stand. I won't spoil it but it incorporates stacking panels and it gets ridiculous. However, I'm not great at puzzle games, so I'd still recommend this. Scorre: 3/5 Brave PS3 Story Finished I'm gonna be brutally honest. I had every intention on platinumming this. However, I hit a wall, and my give a damn busted, and here we are. Here's the thing. It's not so much that it's hard. It can be but nothing too brutal The issue is it's very hard to see during certain segments. So the spot I got stuck on was near the end of the fourth level, I believe. You have to be propelled to a platform where you get absolutely swarmed by enemies. The ones that made life the hardest were the ones that throw rocks. See normally, they wouldn't be a problem, because you can go to another platform. However, the arena here is not only small, but there's no other platforms to jump too. So you get a few enemies on top of the rock throwing prick, and it's difficult to maneuver around the platform. On top of that, there's smaller giants chucking rocks at you (I believe, I couldn't tell), exploding monsters running at you, boars running at you, and portals dropping enemies at you like mad. I think the idea here is to get rid of the big guy first, buit charging a shot is difficult, and even though getting hit doesn't interrupt the shot, you are taking huge amounts of damage in the meantime. One or two hits is enough to clear you out. I'm sure this is just a me thing, and honestly I really liked thee game until then. I did clear up some other trophies (and two I still need to clear up)but I'm giving this plat a hard pass. Final Score: 4/5 (it's actually a pretty solid movie tie in). Next update will include toem and at least one other title with a difficulty of 2 (should be Edith Finch but who knows).
  13. Either Dark Green or Green, red if you really want to use the hands.
  14. Ok @ExHaseo Lost Words is in the bag. Platted it; if anyone is curious, it's actually a pretty solid game. What's next??
  15. @ExHaseo I'm gonna need to veto Ghostrunner. I dislike this game ALOT. Mostly hard to play visually but that might just be me.