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  1. Finally wrapped one up. Got Jackbox Party Pack 3 done. Very easy but craaaaaaazy tedious from time to time.
  2. Below are my updated stats after the week. I realized I put down the wrong percentage for Jackbox Party Pack 3 when the event first started so thats my bad.
  3. Ok so I finally have something completed for this. I finished up Race The Sun using the bug from the guide here on the site. I had done all the others years back but I found the game very tedious so I went with it. I should have something else in the next couple of days. Also, sorry for the lack of posting. I have a calendar reminder on my PC now reminding me to do this at least once a month.
  4. Slowly but surely working on this. Knocked out some of Far Cry Blood Dragon but went and got myself distracted. Gonna work on that, then Braid and Dyad.
  5. Working on The Alliance Alive. After almost 13 hours finally got a trophy to pop. Good game, but it takes a bit (Chapter 8 as I recall) before you start making headway. Based on what I've seen this will run me into March so, with that being said, will run that through and then I'll knock out Star Ocean before The Last Remnant (definitely gonna be the hardest one).
  6. Just wanna give an update so I'm still actively involved. Ys Origins - Playing through this on normal at the moment. Hoping to get it done before the 26th. Very good hack and slash title. Harvest Moon - Oh my I don't know if I like this game or not. It's crazy boring, but I'm gonna work on it here shortly. Jackbox Party Pack 3- Doing this one this weekend. The other two will get done after I get through these.
  7. Nice, love seeing those top 3 every year. Dragon Quest XI - 170 hrs Final Fantasy 7 Remake - 90hrs Final Fantasy IX - 85hrs Total hours played - 1,469, 454 of which were in the Action/Adventure genre Played 283 days, mostly on Monday Afternoons 980 Trophies, 10 were plats, 70 gold, 186 silver, and 714 bronze The thing I'm most annoyed with and would like to resolve this year is number of games played, at 133
  8. I'm very interested. Below are my picks. Double Point : The Alliance Alive HD Double Point : The Last Remnant Triple Point: Star Ocean: First Departure R
  9. Ok, ready to crack down on this one. The only thing I am requesting is I would like to swap out Torment Tides of Numenara (did not like this game at all) with Ys Origin on the PS4. Ys Origin - PS4 - 2.65% - 0% Jumping into Harvest Moon starting tomorrow.
  10. Good on everyone for finishing stuff so fast! I'll be starting a bit later due to travel but I look forward to getting in the mix on the fourth.
  11. Specials Shout Out To The Plats That Got Away (and stuff from other systems) - I played a lot of games this year but I didn't plat all of them (and many of them didn't even have trophies) so I wanted to do a quick review for the games I played but didn't 100%. I did, however, finish the story in them all. I'll post a list of the stories I didn't finish at the bottom. Final Fantasy 9 - 8/10 Final Fantasy 7 Remake - 6/10 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - 7/10 Wolfenstein II - 8/10 Non-Playstation Games Super Mario Galaxy - 7/10 Katamari Re-Roll - 8/10 Titles I Didn't Finish
  12. Ok, I love the charity idea so I'm in. My list is below. 1) Star Ocean Till the end of Time (PS4) - Platinum Completion Rate - 2.48% - Current Personal Completion - 1% 2) Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (PS4) - Platinum Completion Rate - 3.94% - Current Personal Completion - 0% 3) Jackbox Party Pack 3 (PS4) - 100% Completion Rate - 0.88% - Current Personal Completion - 1% 4) Tales of Symphonia (PS3) - Platinum Completion Rate - 2.71% - Current Completion Rate - 1% 5) Torment: Tides of Numenera - Platinum Completion Rate - 1.58% - Current Personal Completion - 0%
  13. Looks like some minor changes ( 6 mounts instead of all of them) and there's two silvers (Magic Moments and the Saviors one) that are different I noticed.
  14. Not much to report, but to make sure I stay involved, cleaning up Ni No Kuni at the moment, about halfway through the story.