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  1. I did rather poorly on this last time but I think if I set my goals a bit more realistically this time, I should find myself a lot more successful. With that being said, here's my list. I decided to change the theme of my picks a little and removed the Talos Principle and Superhot. I'm sticking to games that have difficulty based trophies, as I tend to suck at those. Fallout New Vegas Kingdom of Amalur Reckonkng Legend of Kay Uncharted 4 Rise of the Tomb Raider Bioshock (PS4) The Banner Saga Iron Crypticle
  2. Update: Little Nightmares 2% Earthlock: Festival of Magic 3% Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 7% - 15% Yooka-Laylee 27% Marooners 35% Tacoma 0% - 100% Forma.8 10% (Replacing Ninja Usagimaru 7%) Awkward 14% Okage: Shadow King 3% Lost Sphear 23% Linelight 2% - New Horizon Zero Dawn 3% - New
  3. I'm going to do one swap and add two more if thats cool @MidnightDragon. Little Nightmares 2% Earthlock: Festival of Magic 3% Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 7% (7% Increase) Yooka-Laylee 27% Marooners 35% Tacoma 0% Forma.8 10% (Replacing Ninja Usagimaru 7%) Awkward 14% Okage: Shadow King 3% Lost Sphear 23% Linelight 2% - New Horizon Zero Dawn 3% - New
  4. A lot is missable after certain points in the story, such as the GF's, CC Club and the Timber Maniac stuff. I don't know for sure if the Chocobo can be caught late game, honestly I never tried to catch one. Also, I know you can botch the Pupu side quest, and depending on their definition of completing it, that may be a point to be worried about as well.
  5. Idk, this all seems like, at worst, an eye roll kind of thing (aside from the green blood, thats just stupid. Why not cut the blood entirely if you're going to go to all the work of changing the color to make him look like....well I don't know, a plant? My analogy game isn't on point today I guess.). I'm wondering if the change to Siren was due to ratings boards, and Rinoa's cleavage was just another step to appease them before they could say something about it. Then again, it seems like the boards are less strict now then they used to be, or maybe animators are just better at making things look nasty or sexual without crossing into that dreaded AO region. I do remember a few years ago some Nintendo game came west and they had to change a lot about it because it was overly sexualized or something along those lines. Idk, I'm not super worried about what are essentially minor character tweeks. I do get the idea that this could snowball into something worse in terms of censorship, but I think it would be more worrisome if they were going back and censoring things in older titles (not sure they can, but idk) instead of in the re-releases. I think it just shows more awareness of the current social climate then a specific goal to censor.
  6. This sounds fantastic I'm in. Below is my list (the only letter I have to substitute is Q). A - Adr1ft B - Bloodborne C - Conan Exiles D - Dead Rising E - Extreme Exorcism F - Fallout Shelter G - Grow Home H - Hollow Knight I - Infernium J - Just Cause 3 K - Knack L - Lords of the Fallen M - Maize N - Not a Hero O - OnRush P - Portal Knights Q (Substituting for D) - Darksiders Warmastered Edition R - Ratchet And Clank S - Sleeping Dogs T - Timothy vs The Aliens U - Until Dawn V - Valkyria Chronicles W - Wild Arms 3 X - XCom 2 Y -Yasai Ninja Z - Zombi
  7. I've dropped the ball of the last few of these I've joined but I think I have a manageable list I can knock off in time. Little Nightmares 2% Earthlock: Festival of Magic 3% Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 0% Yooka-Laylee 27% Marooners 35% Tacoma 0% Ninja Usagimaru 7% Awkward 14% Okage: Shadow King 3% Lost Sphear 23%
  8. Any auto runner style game. Jetpack joyride, canabalt, I believe race the sun only uses the joystick, but I kind of remember a boost button, idk it's been awhile.
  9. The controls are also difficult to get a grasp on first, which I think puts some people off.
  10. Maybe they weren't syncing correctly? I know if I play on my vita and don't sync it for a while, and play a lot on my PS4 in the meantime, when I do sync my vita it moves up a lot. Not the exact same situation but it could be similar.
  11. I actually use it to force myself to get the most of my money. I found once I started buying digital back in 2011 and began building up my backlog, I became very quick to just jump to something else. I have close to a 1,000 games across all my backlogs, and I'm at a point now where I've had to all but stop buying new games (knew this day would come so it's been a precautionary string of purchases over the past 3 years whenever I saw things on sale to make sure once I had to stop I had plenty of things to play). Anyway, I find that if I use the trophies as an indicator to how much of the game I've played, I can more accurately track that not only am I playing the things I've purchased, I'm giving them a good honest try. With that being said, when games don't have trophies, I still try to get the most out of them (spent alot of last summer on my Wii U for instance), and a lot of games that do offer trophy support aren't good for tracking how much effort you've put into them. However, it's still a good way to ensure I'm actually playing things and not just playing them for a couple hours and then never playing them again. That being said, I don't force myself to platinum things anymore unless I actually like them. I did last year and it burnt me out a bit. Now I just try to set goals for myself to get through the stuff I have to play and if that doesn't happen, oh well. Sun comes up tomorrow.
  12. Uncharted 4, though I'm currently playing Arkham Knight.
  13. Albedo - Eyes From Outer Space: Just awful gameplay and the trophy list wasn't particularly well designed either. The voice acting was horrendous and the puzzles were more irritating than engaging. Fortunately, you don't have to finish the game so it doesn't rank higher on this list. Funk of Titans: This game is a mess. I ran into hit detection issues fairly often when jumping to ledges, so instead of climbing onto them, the avatar would just slide down them. There's also a glitch where the in game achievements, which you have to do for trophies, will change their value. So for instance, say you have to beat 50 enemies. Well, it can get mixed up with the value of another achievement, and when you turn the game on, it will have changed to beat 5,000 enemies. Fortunately, if you transfer your save between the PS4 and the vita, it will completely change the goal you have to perform, which makes it easier if the game glitches. Twin Robots: This game is just really buggy and boring. The premise is neat I guess but the execution is very basic and theres issuess with collision detection that will often make completing a level far more difficult then if it worked properly. Even worse, eventually the trophies stopped popping when I'd actually meet the requirements, and instead only popped when I met the requirements and then restarted the game. However, my actual time spent playing was pretty short so it's probably the third worst. Black The Fall: I just didn't like it. I don't really like games like it, such as Inside (I liked Limbo far more than Inside or Black the Fall, but still not a lot), so I'm not sure what I thought was going to happen. It's just a poor man's Inside. Worse, when I died in Inside or Limbo, I knew it was my fault. Here, it felt more unfair then anything else. Trine 3: Man the physics in this game are bad. Again, this is sort of on me cause I didn't really like the second one, but I found this one so much worse. I remember it being fiarly buggy too but honestly the gameplay was just awful and the physics, especially when rope swinging, were terrible I thought.
  14. Ok got 7 more. 6) First Day: Get Off My Lawn - Firing Blanks / Last Day: Another World - Escape Water 18) Get Off My Lawn - Legend 20) 1) Uncharted 4: Take a Note - 60) Get Off My Lawn - Killary Clinton 29) Uncharted 4 - Charted! - Light 30) Another World - Survivor 36) Batman: Arkham Knight - A Courtship of Razors, The Laughing Fish, A Fire In The Heavens, A House of Spun Glass 37) Batman Arkham Knight - All Snug In Their Beds, Weird War Tales
  15. Alright 5 more, including number 27 as previously called out. So I'm up to 10. 1. Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Investigation - Hairy Beast 7. Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Investigation - Stretch Goals, Cake Plate Quest, Wrong Number, Wizards Only Fool, Sweet Sweet Magic 17. Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Investigation - Lump Support 27. Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Investigation - New To Ooo 40. Genre: Adventure First Platinum: Alice Madness Returns Qualifying Trophy: Binding of Issac - The Book of Sins