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  1. So after hitting 80 plats between Jan. 1st. 2018 and Jan 1st. 2019 (an increase of 51), I'm slowing down and not giving into the temptation to just drive through a ton of easy completion.  I'm planning on focusing on games I really enjoy, and are perhaps a bit harder, this coming year, leading up to my 100%, which I'm aiming to be Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

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    2. willythom88


      Thanks @ihadalifeb4this and yeah I had to be super finicky with it.  I stopped mindlessly plodding forward a few times just to enjoy stuff but I definitely played some things I didn't care for (Black The Fall and Dying: Reborn come to mind), but fortunately nothing too time consuming unless it was good.

    3. starcrunch061


      Good luck on Till the End of Time! Very proud of that plat myself. I scratched a lot of itches that I've had since the PS2 version.

    4. willythom88


      @starcrunch061 Thanks.  Arguably one of my top three favorite PS2 games, so I'm super stoked.

  2. I'm interested, sign me up. My current completion is 33.3, and I'd like to get up to 40.00 by years end.
  3. Sign me up please! I don't have any yet but I'm currently working on KH2 and I'll go from there.
  4. Sign me up please and thank you! I have the following: Batman: The Enemy Within Game of Thrones Tales From The Borderlands The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: Michonne The Wolf Among Us Also I've platted Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. Couple things. One, I forgot about this: *Yes, games previously started can be used for the challenge assuming you haven't completed the story/story equivalent. Trophy clean-ups aren't eligible, even if it requires an additional playthrough.* So @XX_FTW I fear my Defense Grid 2 completion doesn't count ( I finished the main story for that months ago), so I'll be scrubbing my board clean and throwing something else at that when I have a chance/remember to. Also, just in general, I wasn't going to do a "tentative list" (cause I forgot), but hey why not, might help me stay motivated. I've listed it below. I may be wrong on Chariot being a Metroidvania, and if so I'll swap it out later.
  6. Finally able to get the image to work (and by finally able I mean finally remembered to) and cleared of Isometric View with Defense Grid 2
  7. Defense Grid 2: Master Strategist
  8. Ok, I don't think I'll be able to get anymore synced before the end of the first round, but I was able to get a good chunk done for 2064: Read only memories since 7EST last night. Already got the next one picked out if I advance.
  9. Final update. Overall, I'm ok with what I ended up using. Hardest was probably between Energy Invasion (I don't remember what the mode was called, Linear I think, but it was just messy) or Embers of Mirrim, and the best game was A Way Out. Anyhow, fun event, on to the next one! (0) - Knee Deep (1) - Tetra's Escape (PS4/NA) (2) - Energy Invasion (3) - Adam's Venture: Origins (4) - Chaos On Deponia (5) - Cat Quest (6) - A Way Out (7) - Black Mirror (8) - Contrast (9) - Embers of Mirrim
  10. Apotheon works for both of these. For Metroidvania, I'd also recommend Forma 8, Guacamelee or Hollow Knight. Rogue-likes I don't much care for, but Iron Crypticle is pretty great. For Historical Fiction and Mythology, any of the God of Wars. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, Assassin's Creed (any) and really any WWII shooter.
  11. I'm still messing around trying to figure out why the Image from URL option won't take my link (probably something stupid), Anyways, here's a link to my board in the meantime. https://bingobaker.com/play/1867308/b3b2c6ac0be1cb1771d7e25a19c14699
  12. @eigen-space Thank you for clarifying. Also, you didn't miss anything, I'm a dope and edited my original post with the question instead of asking else where. Anyhow, thank you again, and here's my list. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Eekeemoo 80.33% Ultra Rare El Shaddai 2.58% Platinum-Less Monster Loves You! Unpopular Masquerada: Songs and Shadows 198 DLC Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles Difficulty South Park: Fractured But Whole The Token Experience Speed Run Final Fantasy IX The Ultimate Sword MP Blood Knights Team Player/Oops I Did It Again, No Time To Sleep! Peripherals Use Your Words! Website Bad Rep Infinity Runner 45%
  13. This sounds great, count me in!