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  1. I'm definitely pumped for the collectathon this game is often made out to be. I will say after the last couple, I'm excited to get one with a lot of gold bricks (Lego Movie 2 did have a good amount but like meh). I'll definitely keep that in mind. 30% is kind of high but mad props for going back and finishing it. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Early Impressions - Lego City Undercover - Game of the month I've been on something of a LEGO kick this year. Started back in September with Lego Ninjago which I firmly loved. Then I platted Lego Movie 2 which I firmly did not (did that one to raise money for cancer fighting and what not). This is definitely more Ninjago than Movie. So far, I'm about 4 hours in, on Chapter 5, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. There's a bit of needless grinding for super builds I'm not the biggest fan of, but otherwise, I do thoroughly enjoy this. I seem to have preferred the open world games this month, and I'm interest to see if this is better than Assassin's Creed Valhalla when all is said and done. It loads faster, and the only bug I've encountered so far has been visual only, so here's hoping it comes out on top. Would I have boughten a Wii U for it back in the day? Probably not. But I do own a Wii U, so I guess the console wasn't the issue. See ya'll Tuesday for the final review.
  3. I've seen sun that's were freezing and lives that were through... Genre: Platformer/Schump Trophies: 6/42 Time Played: 2:42 minutes per the in game counter, but idk if that counts deaths, cause it feels like a lot more Recommended: Not really As I said before, Rive is a game I should love. Unfortunately, I'm on chapter 2 of 12, and the last two chapters since my first update have been monumental b*llsh*t. Visually, the game looks good, but isn't particularly astounding. The sounds are much better, and between the hilarious dialogue and the badass soundtrack, I really liked the audio design. Enemy design is a mixed bag, most because they introduce interesting enemies, and use them in ridiculous ways. Most of the combat is about throwing wave after wave of enemy at you, keeping you panicked. While it is easier once you gain your composure and remain calm, it's followed mere SECONDS later but another wave you have to learn the patterns for. This has to do with some pretty lackluster level design that is only held up by slowly moving from one room (and one challenge) to the next, dealing with ludicrous amounts of enemies that tend to swarm you before you realize they are there. Sometimes it's fun to figure out how to approach these situations, and sometimes it's terrible. On second has you outrunning rising lava, while gunning down enemies, and my heavens, it's the least fun I had the whole game. Eventually I got to a checkpoint, then died a bunch, before skating by and getting through the end of the section by the skin of my teeth. I didn't feel accomplished either. I felt drained. The later chapters seem to just harp on the earlier chapters innovations, instead of just ending the game two chapters early. I died well over a hundred times during my run, and while it started off feeling like a learning experience, it eventually felt like a tremendous slog to get through. I'm mad too because I'm almost at the end, but I have no inclination to see it through. Graphics - 5/10 Soundtrack - 9/10 Level Design - 4/10 Gameplay - 4/10 Final Score - 5/10 Final Game - Lego City Undercover!
  4. Just got another one down. Outland! Not sure if you still can, but if you can, I highly recommend picking this one up on the PS3 PS4 - 1/16 PS3 - 1/4
  5. Ok, got that first orange down!
  6. Ok, got number 4 from tier 1, with Outland! Not very difficult, just tedious. The last boss is kind of a pain, but I was glad the grind for Millionaire wasn't too long. Jackbox Party Pack 3 - 100% Metrico - 100% Jackbox Party Pack 7 - 100% Outland - 100% Super Monkey Ball Blitz HD - PS4 - 14% Batman Arkham City - 59% -> 60% I'm gonna keep working on Batman, but realistically I'm probably not gonna finish it or Monkey Ball this year. It's been very inspiring though and I have 100% already committed to this event next year. Glad I was able to make the progress I did.
  7. Before I get too excited (gonna finish it regardless), could the gradient in the Outland logo count as orange. I'm cool either way just curious.
  8. Didn't knock anything out but I wanted to make sure I'm staying up to date on this. You have earned my respect, whatever that's worth. I first played SMB back in 2010 on Steam and I've been a huge fan since. So seeing someone (actually multiple people over this event) knock this bad boy out. Huge props. I've worked on every one of these in the past week, and I think I know which one if going to mess me up. Outland - This is just grinding, which I've been working on. I kept dying during the last boss, so I decided to finish, at least, the little pick ups to make the last fight a joke. Then I'll endlessly grind the last 600 or so thousand coins I need. Should be good before mid-December. Batman - I'm about halway done with the Riddler trophies, and I just need to go back and get the balloons in the Harley Quinn DLC. My toes are in the water for the medals, but I'm saving them for last. Also, The AR challenges can bite me. Why do I do this to myself - Super Monkey Ball - The issue here is the Time Trial runs for me. The grinding of the Time Trial and Decathalon are stupid, but they are just grinds. However, beating every level in the game (a long with every boss) is going to be stupid. I didn't notice the trophy when I first listed this, so that's on me. Jackbox Party Pack 3 - 100% Metrico - 100% Jackbox Party Pack 7 - 100% Outland - 52% -> 90% Super Monkey Ball Blitz HD - PS4 - 0% -> 14% Batman Arkham City - 40% -> 59% Side Note - I already have my list prepped for the start of next year. Bunch of stuff I don't wanna swap in now cause it's going to be long. I've begun a spreadsheet to cover the various reasons I failed this year, and I think I have a solid Tier 1 for next year. I'll post another update beginning of Dec/When I finished something.
  9. Not much new to report, but in the interest of staying engaged, wanted to leave some thoughts on some of what I've been playing from my list. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - I put this down for a bit cause I'm trying to run through some other stuff, but I love this. The combat is smooth, the platforming is great. I wish the environments looked a tad more distinct, as I often forget which planet I'm on, but otherwise, big fan! Plan to plat Ghost of Tsushima - This one, on the other hand, I'm a bit less into. It's very early though, so I'm holding back my judgment. If it gets better and more engaging, will plat Mortal Kombat X - Lol I'm so bad at this game, I have no idea why I put it on the list. Fun as f*ck though. Lol probably won't but I'm gonna try Tales of Xillia - This is one of the reasons I put down Star Wars. I'm currently stuck on a boss, but I thoroughly enjoy this game. The web skill tree (can't remember the name off hand) is AMAZING, and while I'm not looking forward to balancing it once I have more characters, I currently have 5 and I think it works fine. Upgrading shops is fantastic as well, and about my only complaint so far is some of the dungeons aren't laid out particularly well (specifically a forest I passed through) so it's really easy to get turned around. Plan to plat
  10. First Look I've always been interested in trying as many genres as possible, and thanks to a childhood love of Galaga, schumps have always been on that list of beloved ones. I especially like twin stick shooters like Resogun, Mamoruken Curse, and now, Rive. This game is f'ing great. It's funny, chaotic and really hard (even on normal). Great trophy list to boot. My only complaint so far is that the game uses a sort of wave structure to it's battles, and it's a bit repetitive. Fortunately, it's also fairly short. I'm almost two hours in and I'm on mission 7 of 12. Still, digging the difficulty, and while I've got no intention of hitting "Single Credit" mode, which I just unlocked, I do think I'll be exploring this one thoroughly before moving onto Lego City Undercover next Weds.
  11. Many times I've tried to tell you, Many times I've cried alone Genre: RPG (Turn Based) Trophies: 2 Time Played: A Little Over 3 Hours Romancing Saga, a sub-chapter/spin off/new arch? of the SaGa series, is a weird duck indeed. I feel like, given my work week this week, I won't be able to give it the time it needs to really grow on me, but it also feels like a super slow burn. I spent about 2 and a half hours on Thomas' story, and an hour on Katrina's, and while I think I have something of an idea of what the overarching plot is, I don't think it's particularly important. SaGa games, or the couple I've played now, seem to be more about the smaller tales taking place in each world. Given how you can pick one 8 characters (and you can further pick their classes), there's a lot of story to dig through. The meat and potato's of SaGa games, and this one doesn't appear to be any exception, is the combat. Given how little direction you are given as time goes on, you'd hope the combat is good. Thankfully, it is, but I doubt it will be everyone's cup of tea. Basically it's more Dragon Quest VIII than it is Final Fantasy X. Everyone's moves are selected, then attacking commences. Missing or dealing 0 damage is common place in the battles, and I gotta admit, it's frustrating, though not in a way that makes you dislike the game. More so a way that makes you want to plug the holes in your offense. At least for me. After battle, instead of getting experience points, random stats for each character level up a bit. This is kind of cool, but having so degree of control over which stats increase might be nice. Anyway, you fight, if you die, you lose a life point, of which you have a finite amount available. You can recharge them at inns, and I believe you can revive characters who still have life points, but I didn't find the item to do so. Each character has multiple types of attacks they can use, and if you equip them with multiple weapons, they'll be able to learn skills during battle for each weapon type. If you've played The Alliance Alive (which I can mostly recommend), it got it's combat system from the SaGa games, so this felt really nice. And like I said, you learn new moves mid battle, randomly, based on the weapon you're using when you learn it. And when I say mid-battle, and randomly, I mean it. You'll learn them as soon as you execute a pre-selected move, and it doesn't appear there's a way to boost this (though I'm sure the savants will tell me otherwise, at least of some setup I could've used or an item I hadn't found yet). You'll go around recruiting random folks to join your party, and that's where most of the games trophies come in. I recruited two, and from what I can tell, they were the easiest. There's also other people you can recruit who would otherwise be in your party if you had another main character, but they don't have trophies for them. My Katarina party consisted of Sarah, a goofy girl and a bard. Unfortunately, my party with Thomas was virtually the same, but this leads to my one major gripe with the game. Aside from the opening mission on both characters (one being much better than the other), your quest is kind of vague. You are expected to go around and speak0 to people to get clues to where to go next, but not all of those clues will actually benefit you on your journey. I ended up at a beach resort with Thomas, dying in a treasure cave that I thoroughly suspect had nothing to do with anything. Well, at least not at where I was in the adventure. Katarina made it to Pidona (very early in the adventure), until I realized I was running in circles. It's crazy how little guidance is offered, and before you say "Games back then used to be about exploring you know!", I'm not saying it's a BAD choice for narrative, but I am saying I personally wish there was a guy at the front of the town waiting for me and syaing "Hey! Let's go to Blarth Garlum's house in Davenport!" Ya know. The trophy list is kind of chaotic, and I like it. Basically, finish every characters story, recruit a whole bunch of people over multiple playthroughs, and defeat some (from what I can tell) big bad bosses. The SaGa games all follow a pretty typical trophy list scheme, and I think it works at getting you to explore (if the access to everything right off the bat and no guidance wasn't enough). Gameplay - 7/10 Story - 6/10 Trophies - 8/10 Final Score - 7/10 I'm actually gonna go back to this and probably try to finish one of the paths (if not a few to get a better feel for the story). I wish I had given it more time, as I feel like this requires at least 10-15 hours to really get the feel of. Unfortunately, with work this week being as it is, it's a bit too much. Had I known that up front I would have pushed this off to next week. Oh well, if my mind changes I'll update this review. Next Up - RIVE!
  12. Romancing Saga 3 - Preview So I'm two hours in and I'm equal parts fascinated and thoroughly annoyed. If you aren't familiar with the Saga series, they sort of function like the opposite of the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games. They don't hold your hand, to a fault. I am currently past the character I picked's prologue, and I genuinely have no idea what to do next. You're supposed to walk around and talk to people and while that's nice and whatever, it does take some getting used to. You also have a big focus on recruiting party members, but that is also a gamble. I actually got someone, and then lost them less than 10 minutes later when I decided to travel. Oh well, I'll be back in a few days with a review.
  13. For whom the bell tolls, time marches on...and on...and on... Time played: 10 hours Trophies earned: 3 I was beginning to think I had hit open world fatigue. I just wanted someone to point me to the next objective, and once I hit the final act, I could go back and survey the land for optional content. Also, given my history with the Assassin's Creed franchise, I didn't have high hopes here. Fortunately, all my hopes were exceeded. Graphics - 7/10 This game is really pretty, but not particularly mind blowing. While the landscapes are beautiful, the characters faces look dead. In fact, it gives me distinct Dragon Age Origins vibes a lot of the time. The main character does have some liveliness to her (in my case, you may get a him) mug, as did her childhood friend. However, most of the characters emote about as much as a half eaten bowl of jello. Fortunately, the landscapes and buildings make up for it most of the time. The buildings are especially pretty, and while they lose their variety a tad when you first move past the opening credits (which took me about 6 hours to get to), they pick up considerably not too long after. I really enjoyed scavenging the environment, finding little details in fantastically built environments. Gameplay - 7/10 I thoroughly enjoyed this games stealth and combat, but I did have issues with some of it's finer details. The stealth is fantastic, and while you aren't locked into using it, it's a lot more fun than running in guns (or in this case, axe) a-blazing. The skill tree in the game is entirely too big and frankly not necessary, but it's not so imposing it makes it hard to play. Just feels needlessly tacked on. The primary issue I have with the gameplay is the navigation system, which shows a plethora of icons but only defines the distance of the one you have pointed directly in front of you. This causes confusion when multiple goals are stacked on top of one another, or even near each other on the navigation wheel IT's also a pain differenitating which icon is which at first, though you get used to that after awhile. This is obnoxious when you consider how often new optional objectives pop up on your map, or how long it takes to navigate from one place to another. I enjoyed travelling by boat or horse, but on foot, it's a real pain in the ass. Glitches/Bugs: 4/10 Open world games (especially by Bethesda and Ubisoft) are famous for their bugs, but I've never had them actively prevent me from enjoying myself. Sometimes the navigation is wrong. Sometimes enemies flop around after death like cart wheeling dolphins. I previously posted a video where I suddenly got transported to a nimbus cloud and fell to earth. No damage, unlike the time I got stuck between a fence and tent and shook until I randomly died. Given the games obnoxious load times, this death was annoying. Fortunately the load times are much worse when you start it (seriously, it spends 3 minutes checking for updates or addons....I'll f'in tell you when I buy them, damn!), but they are still enough to make you sprint like a mad man from any fight you are kind of close to losing. Trophies - 5/10 Most of these are story related, actually. I don't mind them, but they aren't going to excite you if you find the average rigmarole very interesting. Final Score - 7/10 Up next - Romancing Saga 3!
  14. Ok, got number 3 down. Jackbox Party Pack 7 is much easier than the others. You still need to play into luck a bit, especially with Secret Schmitty. Overall, not a terrible list though. I will say while some of the Jackbox's have ridiculous trophies in terms of number of participants (Split the Room back on Jackbox 4 I think it was comes to mind), I didn't need more than 4 this time, which is very nice. I'll be using one more swap, but only because the PS3 I was playing Fancy pants on got wiped, and I'm not going through all that again right now just for the couple I have left. Jackbox PArty PAck 3 - 100% Metrico - 100% Jackbox PArty PAck 7 - 100% Outland - 52% Fancy Pants Adventure - 80% - Super Monkey Ball Blitz HD - PS4 - 4.50% Currently at 0% Batman Arkham City - 40%
  15. Preview Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Forecast - Snowy with a chance of getting loss There are three ingredients to making a huge AAA title these days. 1) A ridiculously large skill tree. 2) The ability to use some sort of "sense" to see important environmental clues. 3) Squeezing through rock passages and the camera moving behind the characters head so you can follow them to become more "immersed". I'm only 2 and a half hours into Valhalla and I've gotten all three. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it, but it does play into a lot of the tropes big AAA open world games use nowadays. Fortunately, I don't mind them, though I don't think they are particularly indicative of a special game to come. The setup is also pretty by the books, but I wasn't expecting anything too interesting there either. Honestly, I'm mostly surprised but how well Assassin's creed has been blended into the open world formula. I've never much cared for the way the older ones played, what with the various input wheels in the upper right hand corner. I've always considered Assassin's Creed to be one of them ore...sticky games in the genre. I just wanna jump down to the street, but first my character has to jump[p to that window ledge, then to a rope between the buildings, and just...GAH, let me aim and jump to where I wanna go!. This one still seems to have that problem, but thanks to a lackluster navigation system, now I can get lost on my way to that rope! Hooray! Okay, I apologize, it's not as bad as I'm making it sound, and I'm only 2.5 hours in. I am hoping it get a bit easier to navigate around, but we'll see. Put in 2 more hours, it's gotten a bit better. However, I have noticed some technical issues. Below is perhaps the most obvious one so far.