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  1. Just a small update. I'm at the end of Final Fantasy IX's first run. Need to mop up the grindy stuff and I'll be square for my first playthrough. May due the speedrun right after but I could use a break so I think I'll jump to Runner and The Witness.
  2. It gets a lot better and easier as time goes on. Honestly once I had the mountain chocobo, it's becoming much easier. I'm personally biased towards chugging on though cause this is like my favorite Final Fantasy chocobo related quest. However, if you find it to be too tedious (I totally get why a lot of people feel like that), then yeah, skip it. No loss.
  3. I liked the dlc quit a bit, espiceally what seasons of infamy added to the main game. Alot of it is batmobile cars and those are whatever. The story dlc is pretty good too.
  4. Oh no! Welp, I will see, but thanks for the heads up, a little forewarning always softens the blow : ).
  5. I didn't even realize Mario had that. I got burnt out on moon hunting around 200 though so I'm not surprised I didn't lol. Yeah I'm not looking forward to that one, I'm gonna give it a try legit but I'm not going to remove the possibility of using the controller trick.
  6. Ok so just an update to keep me engaged. Finished all the dlc for Spiderman ( I know it's not counted for this but since I bought it and not the main game it was nagging at me). I'm one disk in to FF9. My favorite of the psone titles and not a bad romp so far. Honestly, the worst part has been getting the ragtime mouse to spawn but since I can hold off on it I'm waiting till later to wrap it up. Otherwise I haven't minded following guides for the missables, been a lot of fun.
  7. Marvel's Spider-man: The City That Never Sleeps - Without trophies, this would be pretty ok - PS4 The meat of Spider-man is a pretty great open world adventure game, so the three part DLC, The City That Never Sleeps, didn't have to do much but give us more story, more combat, and more exploration. Well, it gave us some very ok story, more of the same combat (they did it!), and some significantly weaker exploration. In short, this is the DLC everyone wanted, but no one needed. Story and Gameplay - 4/10 Side Quests - 5/10 Trophies - 4/10 Score - 4/10 The City That Never Sleeps doesn't even come close to the main titles good points, and only really emphasizes the main game's weaknesses. A painfully boring way to end the main game, it's really a just so so package barely keeping it's head above water.
  8. Ok, long time since I've posted on this. I decided to sit down and just plow through the end of Bulb Boy. Game is a buggy mess, and trophies don't pop reliably at all. Missing one (from the second boss) and I'm going to try and get it on a new playthrough. Long story short, if it's in your backlog, and you'rew on the fence, let it go. Gonna continue Zombi starting next week and start getting more of these done.
  9. Just finished my first playthrough. It's still crazy buggy so I wouldn't hold my breath on it getting patched. It definitely seems to be a save issue. If the game doesn't save it seems to not unlock, though there's one instance where that didn't seem to be the issue. Normally I would just close and relaunch and the save before the boss died would be my most recent, so I could kill them again and be fine. But the drunken worm saved as the boss died, no trophy. So I couldn't reload and kill him again. Guess a short playthrough is in order.
  10. So Spiderman is about done, but I realized I had spent my stupid challenge tokens on gadget upgrades I'm never gonna use, so I'm gonna run through the DLC to get more and unlock the last few suits. Also chipping away at Crash Team Racing before I start Final Fantasy 9 later this week. For those who haven't played Spiderman, it's really good, but 100 each district gets a bit tedious towards the end. Good story though. Ok got one down. #GetReadyWithMe - Spiderman - Complete!
  11. Marvel's Spider-man - Almost Amazing Spider-man - PS4 Insomniac's take on Spider-man is, like many modern open world brawlers, heavily inspired by Rocksteady's Arkham games. However, this isn't limited to the combat alone. Fortunately, the title overall rises above it's obvious inspiration, and deserves all the praise it's ever gotten. Story - 7/10 Combat and Controls - 6/10 Side-Quests - 7/10 Graphics - 7/10 Trophies - 8/10 Score - 7/10 Don't go into this thinking of it as being like Batman. This stands on it's own just fine. It's a very good open world title, that will make you feel like your the web-slinging superhero. It's a little derivative of the game it will probably be most compared to (even containing a few scenes that feel like they could easily have fit in Asylum and Knight, because they felt like total copies), but that doesn't make the experience feel any less than a great title that manages to feel like the power fantasy you're looking for.
  12. Hello, I would like to join. I have 12 to start with. ~ . # A Walk in the Park (Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles) Big Game Hunter (Valley) C Don't You Have Anything Better To Do (Undertale) Every Trophy Accomplished (Black Mirror) F Gaia's Guardian (Final Fantasy 7) Hong Kong Legend (Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition) I J K Laundry List (The Deadly Tower of Monsters) More Powerful Than You Think! (South Park: The Fractured But Whole) N OCD (Day of the Tentacle) Pawlatinum (Catlateral Damage) Q R S Top Dog (Okami HD) U Virginia (Virginia) W X Y Z non-English
  13. Letter Quest Remastered - Good to pass the time, but a tedious grind - PS Vita I love word puzzles, and I am also fairly bad at them. Still, when I see a crossword puzzle or an interactive scrabble-like, I get really excited I also thoroughly enjoy RPGs, and Letter Quest Remastered marries the ideas brilliantly. Unfortunately, it leans on one of RPGs most maligned tropes, grinding. The grind isn't absurd or anything, but it runs just a little longer than it should. Gameplay and Controls - 8/10 Graphics - 6/10 Trophies - 4/10 Score - 6/10 If it weren't for the ridiculously tedious nature of the trophies, this would be an easy recommendation for trophy hunters. Don't get me wrong, there's far worse grinds out there, but it's a matter of context. Completing the main campaign only takes a couple hours, and the rest of an easily 10 hour 100% is repetition that while somewhat enjoyable, is ultimately obnoxious. For non-trophy hunters, this is a good distraction, but if you care about achievements, I'd let this one slide.
  14. Man I gotta read better lol. then I will give my last two a shot, thanks!
  15. I gotta check threads more often lol. I didn't notice the new category or the new start date lol. For Learnwithme, I'd like to add Final Fantasy XIII, since you have to max out the crystarium.