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  1. Not much to report, but to make sure I stay involved, cleaning up Ni No Kuni at the moment, about halfway through the story.
  2. Ha yes thank you, knew I should've walked the 10 feet to my games and confirmed the name.
  3. Wanna get this in before the event starts. I've been thinking about doing something like this anyhow so this would be a good excuse. Got the full backlog up now, so I'll start chugging away on these tomorrow. Started but never platted/100%: Not Started:
  4. I Am Setsuna - Old School to a fault - PS4 As far as old school inspired JRPGs go (whatever that term means now), I Am Setsuna is pretty on point. It definitely feels like a prettier version of something you would have seen on the SNES or even early PS1. Unfortunately, that's mostly to it's detriment. Story - 6/10 Gameplay - 5/10 Graphics - 4/10 Music - 7/10 Trophies - 4/10 Score - 5/10 I would recommend this as a first time JRPG, but that's honestly about it. There's a point where nostalgia no longer provides a good enough excuse for a games short comings. While I can definitely see why someone would enjoy this game, it's definitely not for me, and I will likely never revisit it.
  5. Nice, thanks.
  6. 12% of 39 original 41% of 489 new
  7. It's rolling out a little funny. My PS3 shows the change but not my PS4. Assume it'll all be the same in the coming days.
  8. Yeah my sentiments exactly. Literally the only two I gave a damn about and now I see no reason to even bother buying this.
  9. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Yeeeeeeeeeeees Queen - PS4 Possibly my favorite genre, I hadn't played a good turn based JRPG in sometime that wasn't something I had already experienced. Sure, I could play Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 or 10 again, but I needed something new. And boy howdy did I get it. Having never played more than a few hours of a Dragon Quest game before, I wasn't really sure what I was going to get, and I'm glad to say it was mesmerizing. However, it took a very long time to realize how much I'd miss it once it was gone. Story - 7/10 Characters (Narrative) - 7/10 World Design - 10/10 Character Design - 8/10 Crafting - 8/10 Combat - 8/10 Side Quests - 6/10 Side Content - 9/10 The Casino, BABY! - 4/10 And Just a Healthy Dose of...What's This....oh....gross...sexism... - 3/10 Trophies and Accolades - 9/10 Score - 7/10 I thoroughly enjoy this game, but it is rough around the edges sometimes. If you can get past it's occasional pacing issues, juvenile treatment of women and ridiculously annoying casino, this a must play JRPG, and possibly one of my favorites of all time. It's definitely my favorite world of all time in an RPG, that's for sure. Puerto Valor forever!
  10. Yoku's Island Express - Frustrating in all the best ways - PS4 As someone who doesn't really care for Metroidvanias, but loves pinball, Yoku's Island Express was a compromise for sure. However, it turned out the exploration is what I loved, and the pinball, eh, not so much. Story - 6/10 Gameplay - 5/10 Graphics - 8/10 Wickerlings, Treasure Chests and Scarabs - 6/10 Trophies - 6/10 Score - 6/10 Yoku's Island Express is fun for a short while, but the frustration that comes with playing the game is in direct contrast to it's zen like nature. It's still worth a look, and has a pretty easy platinum to boot.
  11. I'd say Online, but I don't down right hate them. I just don't do them. Grindy trophies, specifically the type that say "Kill 200 enemies with the Moss shotgun" or "Beat 500 enemies with Magic" (damn you Kingdoms of Amalur) drive me crazy in a "what are you doing my guy? What is that proving?" kind of way. I've always said the Uncharted series has some of the worst trophy lists around, and they thrive on this stuff.
  12. To be honest Uncharted 4. I normally get bored towards the end of Uncharted games and never finish them. Find them very repetitive. But 4 was just really good beginning to end imo.
  13. Shiny - An unpolished turd - PS4 There are certain things we as gamers understand to be universal. R2 is to accelerate a car. Headshots are the body shot of choice. And platformer heroes have a weight to them that dictates how good or bad their game ultimately is. Shiny fails to realize that (and pretty much every other staple of modern game design), and comes out like a mess wrapped so tightly in on itself that it's bordering on exploding. It's not the worst game ever made (or even on the PS4), but my god, it's still very, very bad. Story - 4/10 Graphics - 3/10 Controls and Gameplay - 2/10 Trophies - 2/10 Score - 3/10 I'd recommend just not bothering. Trophies don't pop, the graphics suck, and the gameplay is extremely underwhelming. If you are interested, getting the 39 available trophies isn't very difficult, seeing as all the hardest trophies are broken. Oh well, guess it's not so shiny after all.
  14. So it does appear to be educational. Unfortunately, if it costs what it does on the play store, it will not be free. 9.99.
  15. Concrete Genie - A Pleasant Distraction - PS4 Concrete Genie is a pleasant title that borrows from the right places, and only manages to stumble when it forgets who it is. Story - 8/10 Graphics - 9/10 Gameplay and Controls - 7/10 Trophies - 7/10 Score - 8/10 I really enjoyed my time with Concrete Genie, even if it didn't always feel like there was a clear vision beginning to end. The story is well realized and the unique visuals make up for the occasional snag in the gameplay and trophies.