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  1. I enjoyed it a good amount. I thought the trophies we're actually more annoying when it came to the dlc ones cause it took you out of the story, though not terribly long. I was very happy with the ending cause I expected it to get very "video gamey" at the end with the story and was pleasently surprised when it didn't.
  2. My backlog is, like many other peoples, several hundred deep (games I've started, my non-started is probably under a hundred). Something I've been working on besides participating in events where I need to clear my back log is focusing on my largest games first. RPG's have been more or less my sole thing this year.I stick to things I actually want to play, which is a portion of why the events don't go better, but that's beside the point. Another thing I try to do is when I'm not working on long games (in between them) I focus on the shortest games possible. My new goal for this is to just play one thing at a time and not jumping around as much.
  3. First completion update: Fallout New Vegas 1% Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 2% Psychonauts 2% Firewatch 100% Talos Principle 2% Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 1% Red Goddess 15% Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 6% The Mark of Kri 4% Celeste 12% Epic Mickey 2 14% Final Fantasy Type 0 HD 13% Dragon Fantasy Book II 91% Deadly Premonition 21% Darksiders 7% Costume Quest 2 4% Four Sided Fantasy 9% Quantum Conundrum 12% Tomb Raider Underworld 8% Army of Two: Devil's Cartel 23%
  4. Thank you. I've never played Vanquish and my time with Witcher 3 has been fairly limited so I'm stoked to see how bad I just set myself up (though I'm educated enough on them both to know it was pretty bad).
  5. Ok, we'll give this set a try. 1. It's Summer Time! - Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny 2. Asian Traditional - Kingdom Hearts 3 3. Blessing - Arc The Lad (Eat your fruits and vegetables) 4. Peaceful - Tearaway 5. Movement - Vanquish 6. Lady Songkran - Star Ocean: Till The End of Time 7. Spend time with Family - The Witcher 3 8. Play Together - Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3) 9. Release the Bird and Fish - Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) 10. It's New year, New you - Uncharted 4
  6. I really like this idea, count me in. I'll make my list in the next days.
  7. Wow I haven't been doing great on this. Finally got one (South Park) though, so hopefully I'll be able to clean this up a bit more before the end. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Eekeemoo 80.33% Ultra Rare El Shaddai 2.58% Platinum-Less Monster Loves You! Unpopular Masquerada: Songs and Shadows 198 DLC Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles Difficulty South Park: Fractured But Whole The Token Experience Speed Run Final Fantasy IX The Ultimate Sword MP Blood Knights Team Player/Oops I Did It Again, No Time To Sleep! Peripherals Use Your Words! Website Bad Rep Infinity Runner 45%
  8. So like a dope, I forgot Kings Tale was on my list and played it like crazy on Monday, pushing me to around the 60% mark before the competition started, so I guess that will be my switch out. Updated below.
  9. I'll update my bingo board proper later but I have two to add to it. As of now my board is as follows: N1 - Arcade, Rhythm or Puzzle - Amplitude N4 - Started But Never Finished - Final Fantasy X-2 N5 - Developed in a Foreign Country - Superhot (Poland) G1 - Player controlled Vehicle - Kingdom Hearts 2 G5 - Hype - Kingdom Hearts 3
  10. Alright my last two competitions have fallen by the way side, but I have more time now so this sounds like fun/doable. Here's my totally over zealous list, which I think is completely manageable, despite the odds being pretty heavily against me.
  11. Ok, so got Hype with Kingdom Hearts 3, so now on to making actual rows. N1 - Amplitude G1 - Kingdom Hearts II G5 - Kingdom Hearts III
  12. So a few things on this. IMO, Frozen wasn't that much of the game. Truth be told I thought it was longer than most worlds, but honestly, I spent the longest in Toy Story. So it's likely that you'll have a world that takes up much more of your time. I also didn't think it was particularly memorable or interesting. There's a section early on actually I outright didn't like and I'd call one of the games weakest moments. The gummi ship is...ok I guess. I think it controls rather poorly, and while exploring can be rather interesting, it's also annoying how they set up the fights (though I was able to change the settings and at least make the ship easier during combat). I disagree with the cutscenes being too long, I actually don't think they're too bad, but as someone else mentioned, they are longer earlier on (I'm almost at the end so I could be wrong). As for being easier, I'm not sure that's true across the board for me, but I will say everything seems a lot bigger than it is. A good example is how many of the bosses have an absurd amount of life bars early on. So while the bosses seem extremely buff, all of your moves due a crazy amount of damage (playing on standard, mind you). I think the point is to make you feel overpowered, but it could feel too easy. Overall I think it's worth the wait, but I'd also recommend a bit of caution with your expectations. Reason being is that each world, as I'm sure you know, has it's own gimmick. It's kind of like an anthology film, some parts are going to be weaker than others. Two worlds in particular were, I thought, really frustrating, while I thoroughly enjoyed two others, and the rest were kind of in the middle. It's definitely not a bad game, and I'd highly recommend playing it whenever you get the chance.
  13. Alteric is super irritating,and Save the Ninja Clan alludes me to this day. I just don't care enough about it to finish it on the PS4. One that I think I'll never get is Eekeemoo though. That game just sucks, imo, and my tolerance for bad games for trophies burnt out on Black The Fall. Eekeemoo has really bad combat, the world is extremely bland and the hit detection is a mess. Now, I've only made it half way through the first world, so for all I know, the rest of the game is operatic. I doubt it though. Sounds Shapes's stupid death mode is nonsense. I think I did one or two of them, but I didn't like the game enough to really bother getting good at it (see what I did there? I called the game nonsense because I had an issue outside of the game. What a card, am I right?)
  14. Can't seem to get that site to work (as soon as I log in it shows me the year in your whatever and then kicks me back to the login screen). I do get the emails however, or should, so once that arrives i suppose i'll know. Got it to work! Ok, so: 263 Total Games Final Fantasy XV - 73 Hours, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 - 44 Hours, Under Defeat HD - 38 Hours 1,654 Hours of Gameplay 2,393 trophies earned 50 Plats, 369 Gold, 556 Silver and 1,418 Bronze
  15. Maybe they'll have the difficulties as requirements in the Game Records (though I imagine this is just like the minigames from II, but idk), or certain enemies only spawn on higher difficulties, like the Schwarzgeist or whatever it's called. Or, it could be like alot of the newer Final Fantasy games( with the exception of 14 and some of the ports) that are just easier overall.