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  1. I'm going to add my list when I get somewhere with better signal, but I'm totally back in.
  2. That's a shame. Thanks for hosting the event it was a blast.
  3. @Toogie53 sweet and np stuff happens. @donut_plz much appreciated thanks!
  4. Hey just wanted to verify changing the witness for lone survivor and adding funk of the Titans for the put on a show category was alright. I know you've been swamped with the whole profile thing @Toogie53 so I figured I'd double check.
  5. Level 30 - - Toet - Ms. Paul didn't get to be PA to the AD by making a spectacle of herself
  6. Ok, so at this point, I don't think The Witness is something I'm going to be able to tangibly finish by August 19th. Also, I really like it and I find myself rushing it and I think I'm going to slow the pedals on it. Soooooooooooo, with that being said, I will be swapping it out. However, in an act of contrition, I'll be adding another category I previously didn't have, if that's alright. Put on a Show - - 9% (Stages are all centered around various types of music and you "put on a show" during boss battles) Be a Hermit - - 1% (Not sure about the amount of puzzles, but there's definitely a pervading feeling of loneliness and isolation throughout the game)
  7. Alright just wrapped up my first one with Catlaterral Damage. Not much fun after the 8 hr mark but it's done. Also, just platted Virginia, so that's 2 down. Won't have much to update for the next few weeks but I'll throw out what I can.
  8. Update for Cabin 9. Finished Touch My Katamari, so my bonus is done. I'll work on the other four at a more leisurely pace now since I have just under 2 monthes.
  9. I think in terms of one that kept me from the platinum, it would be the one for finding all the items in Katamari Forever. However, if it was one I put a ton of time into and still never got, it would be the one for the regular time attack in the Shadow of the Colossus HD collection back on the PS3. I got almost all of them, but like many others before me, the third Colossi ruined it all. Must have tried 10 plus times to get just the glitches in the battle to work. Figured if I couldn't do it on normal, hard wasn't super likely. Meh, life goes on.
  10. I like the sounds of this one, count me in. Here's my starter pyramid. Goal is January 1st of 2019. I changed one out already, so if you already saw it and it looks different that's why. I'll stick with this pyramid, sorry about that, just realized the one I had there was probably too lengthy for a first round "easy" one.
  11. Another one for Cabin 9! So glad to see Trine 3 behind me gah. Welp, onto finish rapture and valley!
  12. @Toogie53 and @donut_plz I honestly can't even remember if I hit submit on this post or not when I originally wrote it, but can I please add Touch my Katamari for my Bonus round. Bunch of summer related stuff in it. - 25% Also, huge thanks to everyone for the help the other day with Yonder's Fishy Collection. I was able to get it. Edit: Alright yonder is done! So that's one more plat for Cabin 9.
  13. I think that might be one of the few oceansides I didn't check. I'll take a look tonight, thank you!
  14. The last one is the gilaflex or something like that. I ended up buying the prince fish but now I can't seem to find that one. Any help would be fantastic!
  15. *Gasping for air as my head emerges from the water* Wow, getting trophies and mastering overreacting is exhausting. Sorry for the lack of an update, no new plats, BUT I have made some good progress. Just trying to make sure I'm still engaging. Here's my little progress (should have a second one done by next week). - 94% (this would be well beyond done if it weren't for that stupid fishing trophy) - 27% I'll update again once I finish Yonder.