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  1. #11: Grand Theft Auto V I honestly never expected to get this plat because of how difficult it seemed but after getting convinced by a friend to start doing it with him it wasn't as bad as expected, the longest and hardest part is gta online if you haven't glitched rp from previous patches etc but i found myself having fun on almost all the trophies in this game, more time consuming than it is difficult imo but definitely worth it
  2. I completed this game so many times, it was so fun with the secrets and easter eggs it had
  3. Watchdogs I really need one song to get the platinum and i have looked for too long without any luck so it seems im going to have to find someone with that song if i ever want to get it
  4. Platinum #9 Dead or Alive 5 Last Round - DOA 5 Last Round Master I wasn't expecting this game to be as enjoyable as it was, difficult to get into being my first time playing anything from the dead or alive franchise but is a very good game, only problem being the dualshock 4 having a difficult time doing some of the combos for the various challenges within the game but satisfying once done. Most trophies were easily obtained, but some trophies can require a fair bit of time and work, also worked out to be my 1000th trophy Rating - 9/10 Difficulty - 7/10
  5. the drinking game one wasn't too bad for me actually, its just that one song
  6. Disk Space Full - Watchdogs Unlock every song with the SongSneak app horrible trophy based heavily on luck and my final song just wont show up, last song i need for its platinum, if anyone has this trophy or the song 'Blvck and White" i would appreciate some help
  7. plays a great variety of games and genres, old and new
  8. you can only do it on the second half I believe, the way I did it was through spinning as much as I can and grind switching, every 180 spin increases your total multiplier by 1 so you can get the multiplier up really quick on some jumps. Also try not to trick off your jumps, instead only ollie so you can do more spins in that jump, just keep trying at the second half and you'll get it, took me a good while to get it myself
  9. same thing happening on my end