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  1. I'd say Mortal Kombat X It's about the same difficuty as Mortal Kombat 9 but a lot quicker to get In terms of games you don't own specifically though I'd say go for Magicka 2. It's a really fun indie game and a quick platinum
  2. It's mainly hackers and it's the same with highly modded games like Black Ops 2. I've got a few mates on that game who don't even go for trophies but have the platinum due to being in a lobby with someone who gave everyone else 100%
  3. This looks like one of those really fun games but with a really boring trophy list. I admit Mein Leben was borderline unfair but at least there was a lot of satisfaction for completing it. Still really excited to play it though
  4. In my opinion this game is a lot better than Friday the 13th. A lot of trophies will come naturally from playing through the game so at first just focus on levelling up and enjoying the game before considering boosting
  5. In my experience, I found that player 1 should be completely fine. However for player 2 the occasional trophy will not unlock and also certain weapons and money can disappear. I believe if you're playing online this isn't a problem. It's only in split screen
  6. You only need 4 players for when you turn in. You can even do the mission yourself but not turn in then set up a public match and do other missions until you have 4 players in the lobby and then turn in
  7. If you're having difficulty you can do the side quest in the area 'Natural selection annex' which is available only a few levels later
  8. Ghost face probably isn't the best character for this trophy. I think if you use 'Prayer beads bracelet' on Spirit or 'Scratched mirror' on Myers it'll be fairly easy to do.
  9. I think we should just consider ourselves lucky there's no type of 'Cat Call' trophy again
  10. I don't think Trials Rising should be a purely difficult game. It needs to have the elements of fun and enjoyable maps and then a few more difficult ones for the experts. Although, I do agree the old Trials games formats were better and they should have put in an extreme track rather than having to do another one of those tedious stadium finals
  11. Thanks to everyone for entering. I'm sorry I don't have enough codes to give to everyone as I could only give away two. I randomly selected the names from a generator. The winners were ONLINEGAMR360 and TheYuriG. If you two add me on PSN I will give you the codes!
  12. I understand people weren't satisfied with me trying to sell off the codes but I still have 2 left and am willing to give them away. I was only trying to sell them as I am a 16-year-old student at a sixth form and only have a part time job so financially I'm not doing great. If you're interested just reply to this forum and I'll pick at random 2 people to give it to. Also, I should state that these are EU codes only. The codes will be given away in around an hour