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  1. Sorry I meant on the actual guitar, should have clarified
  2. Unfortunately I'm still unable to get it to work. The Guitar Hero guitars don't have sync buttons. Thanks for the response though.
  3. So I wish to use my ps3 guitar hero guitar for Rock Band 4 on PS4. According to the compatibility chart it should work (its a GH World Tour guitar), but I cant get it to connect. I have a dongle and I tested it on my ps3 and it works fine. The dongle doesn't light up on my ps4, idk if that matters. Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry if I'm not supposed to post this question here.
  4. Platinum #72 Bioshock
  5. 1. Persona 4 Golden 2. Velocity 2x 3. Danganronpa trigger happy havoc 4. Velocity Ultra 5. Killzone Mercenary 6. Hotline Miami 2 7. Uncharted Golden Abyss 8. Hotline Miami 9. Rayman Origins 10. Gravity Rush
  6. Weird... My resolution trophy popped after failing a challenge offline a few days later. I would suggest to anyone reseting your vita then going somewhere where your not connected (or airplane mode)
  7. I earlier had trouble unlocking story trophies but I found out how to fix it via the other forum topic, but the resolution trophy won't pop. I have all levels green and I did all of them twice all offline. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know a solution?
  8. There is a 99% chance i'll buy: Persona 5 Batman AK Uncharted 4 I know this is kinda cheating but there has been rumors of a new guitar hero and ill get my nipples very hard for that game, same with the above games.
  9. I platted Cod AW on Friday then transistor yesterday. Transistor was pretty good, a short and easy platinum.
  10. I can confirm that the lines do NOT carry over, i got the trophy on the last line in the game "No, we came so far" (or something like that) but i got true ending both times so that line is unmissable.
  11. I have a few at ~90% Persona 4 Golden: saving one trophy (Read all books) from my 50th platinum because that game is fucking awesome. Portal 2: Just need to beat course 4 without dying, (coop). every boosting partner i and bailed and now i think the disc is broken Cod AW: Just need flip flop, so far two of my boosting sessions failed, but i have another now that i hope works. Madden NFL 15: Just waiting for servers to die down before boosting MUT. MLB 13 The show: gave up on this one, just the stupid ass luck-based trophies.
  12. rarity depends usually on dedication, usually requiring little to no skill. I like to earn rare trophies and i like to brag about my ultra rares, although mine are all either grindy or sports game platinums
  13. I've probably put over 75 hours into many games i just don't know the exact time, but ik for sure that i have put about 115 hours into Persona 4 golden
  14. Garchomp with aggron and tyranitar at a close second and third
  15. I always try to increase my percentage and other stats but at the same time i also like to collect games, whether or not the platinum is challenging. I have a horrendous backlog but i did manage to increase my percentage from ~40% to ~55% this year. It only increasing, but i often get burned out when I'm close to the platinum, which is why over 50 percent of my platinum took over 6 months. My problem is i play a game and I'm turned of because of something and i have a low percentage stuck there, where i never feel like going backhand playing (Ni No Kuni (2%), Dishononered (2%), Red Dead (1%) , Bioshock (8%) , Jak II (2%) .... Ik these are supposedly amazing games but i can't get into them...)