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  1. First you can start the game with Down+X to start an industry leading high contrast mode. From there the trick is to have the last “asteroid” you destroy be on the left of the screen and fly through the colon in “Score” for a bonus of around 1500 points per round. As you can see I got Plat by the end of the second level.
  2. Some logs don’t show until after you’ve reached certain story milestones. If you are playing on the latest patch you should be fine.
  3. 5 trophies didn’t pop for - kill 3 enemies with a lightsaber throw, kick an enemy to death, kick one of those goat things, scan all enemies (just had one bounty Hunter left) and defeat all bounty hunters plus platinum. They were all easy enough to mop up quickly. They really fixed up the bounty Hunter spawn rate since I last platted this at launch - spawned every time in the caves on World 1 no problem.
  4. It will come by the time you’ve grinded cache strong boxes and Hives. Just keep switching to characters that need to be leveled up as you go.