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  1. Yes! Just found about it thanks to Con Air! great weekend everybody! LOL! I finally got it! But almost passed me by if not for you guys! Thanks!
  2. Hi Genesis!


    What a great ultra rare collection do you have!  Saw your 100% trophies on Chaos Code, you have my respects! By any chance would you want to share with me  any tips or what were your settings to get the Deadly Blow trophy (getting hit by Celia boss sword ultimate)? 


    I have tried difficulty 3 and 4, using Vein (guy with sword), managing many times to deplete her life bar to red while I am still full life but no luck (selected 5 round matches to better odds)


    i really liked this game and will try to complete it because of that but Im losing my patience with this boss fight


    Thanks again man and keep on hunting!

  3. Yes, this is also my last trophy to complete it. I didn't realize the hacked example you describe but seems on point. I will keep on trying daily logins and if I find the servers back I can give you a shout Thanks anyway man! I think is a great underrated puzzle game
  4. Hi, for the game Stealth Inc 2 (great little puzzle game series), includes the trophy CONNOISSEUR CLUB which you obtain by playing a community level but Im unable to connect to the servers; thought they were offline but I see players still obtaining it Does anyone knows how to get this trophy? 🤔 Thanks again and keep on hunting!
  5. Hi Entropy; congrats for your trophies collection


    I saw that you recently got the community trophy for Stealth Inc 2; could you please let me know the method to do this? I tried both on vita and Ps4 but  I thought the servers are offline


    Anyway, take care and be safe on this COVID times!



  6. Thanks Dermarx! Didn´t thought of searching there after I couldn´t find it on the HK store, but it seems the game doesn´t appear when you search the words "King of fighters" and filter by Games category Kudos!
  7. Hello everyone I saw that there are 6 owners of this game, but I can´t seem to find it on any PSN (Mexican, US or Hong Kong stores) Could someone please help me out to confirm where is available to purchase? Thanks!
  8. This is my second Acount and Im sure as hell I will not reach 100% for some games that I refuse to keep on grindin´ Example: GTA 6- I bought it as a Gift for my nephew and someday he played it on my account and left the mark there =( STEALH INC. - Damn those Gold medal tests and DLC! Vanquish- I know the platinum is a pain! And all those Multiplayer trophies (Tomb Raider, TLOU, GTAV, Red Dead, etc! But Kudos for those who are on track for 100%
  9. For me it´s something like the OP. I have a good PC, Dualshock 4 compatible and a lot games on steam (most of them from Humble bundle); on PC I play games that are not on PS or Bethesda games (mods of course!) but I keep going back for trophies. Right now Im trying to play Witcher 3 on steam but Im pretty sure I will buy it for PS when the GOTY it´s on sale
  10. Hi I would like to join! Loved the series since the ps2 era, already have 4 out of 5 platinums ( I just need Forgotten Sands) My favorite is without a doubt WW, I know its not perfect but the story and combat system are great!
  11. One of my favorites have to be Drakengard´s Growing Wings - Amazing song!
  12. Confirmed that totally works Thanks again! Now to 100% the game! Saludos!
  13. Wow! thanks for the suggestion! Never ocurred to me that Amazon also sells them! I will try it out and will post the outcome! Thanks again Saltye! Hahahaha! I will probably do that
  14. Hi! I really liked this game (made me fan of the graphic novels and movie) I already 100% the game and the Knives DLC ( bought them years ago) but I have the misfortune of not buying the Wallace DLC before it was delisted) I only know one online store that supposedly sells them ( Gamestop) but as Im from México the site does not accept my paypal nor card. Im not looking to acount sharing or anything like that, but does any of you know of an alternate way to: buy at gamestop or any other safe online site that sells them and accepts Paypal? Thanks for any info!
  15. Thanks for your reply! I always liked how Jak story grew and matured The first one was still a happy easy going platfomer, but since the beginning of 2, I was amazed with the atmosphere changed and background story ( The only Jak game I didn´t played was the PSP one; Last Frontier I guess?